The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 7 - Pretty Boy, We Are Eternal Enemies!

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It took great effort for Yun Chujiu to suppress the storm raging in her heart. 

'Motherf*cker! I'm a human! A living human being! I'm not an herb!

'Refine me into a medicinal pill? How about you refine my foot!

'F*ck you! If only I were strong enough to defeat you, I would have beaten you up so badly that your face looks like your a**!'

Yun Chujiu cursed him internally for a short while before she put on a sorry expression and pitifully said, "Prince Charming, I'm just a dark-skinned girl with internal organs and stuff. If you refine me into a medicinal pill, the end product will definitely be very ugly and disgusting. You'll definitely have trouble swallowing it, don't you think so?"

As expected, Di Beiming scowled and sized Yun Chujiu up in disdain. "There's no helping it. The Exquisite Sunset Fruit is extremely rare. Worse comes to worst, I can just rinse my mouth with some water. It's not unendurable."

Yun Chujiu killed Di Beiming in her mind over and over again. 'Motherf*cking bastard. I'll have to die to be refined into a medicinal pill, and you have the audacity to complain about something that I have to sacrifice my life to make?! It's a shame that I can't defeat you, or I would have strangled you to death!'

She quickly thought about the situation at hand. 'What should I do now? It looks like the stupid fruit is extremely important to this pretty boy. If I had known this beforehand, I wouldn't have eaten it. It didn't even taste good. Even carrots are tastier!'

Di Beiming raised his hand again. Even though the little thing with dark skin was rather interesting, suppressing the cold poison within his body was more important. 

Yun Chujiu could practically sense the shadow of death descending on her. She hated the feeling of being on a chopping board, waiting for other people to cut her up. She wanted to become stronger. She had to become stronger!

The more dangerous the situation was, the more Yun Chujiu was able to stay calm. Her mind raced to come up with a solution. All of a sudden, she bit her index finger until it bled.

"Prince Charming! Drink my blood! My blood will definitely be able to suppress the poison inside your body, and it will certainly be more effective than a medicinal pill!"

As the situation called for it, Yun Chu decided to just hastily shove her finger into Di Beiming's mouth.

The taste of Yun Chujiu's blood was extremely tantalizing to Di Beiming, and he started sucking on her finger without realizing it.

The men in black who were hiding in the shadows were bewildered when they saw that. 'Supreme Lord, what about your germaphobia?'

'Supreme Lord, what about your decency?'

'Didn't you plan to kill the dark-skinned girl with a slap and refine her into a medicinal pill?'

'It's one thing that you let the dark-skinned girl hug your thigh and cry for a long time, but now, you're… sucking her finger?'

Yun Chujiu's face was deathly pale. 'What the f*ck?! Is this pretty boy a vampire? He's not willing to stop even after drinking so much of my blood! Am I going to die from blood loss?!'

A long while later, Di Beiming finally let go of Yun Chujiu's hand with a satisfied expression. He did not expect her blood to be even more effective than medicinal pills refined from Exquisite Sunset Fruits. If he were to drink her blood periodically, the cold poison inside his body should be eliminated completely.

Di Beiming was incredibly fond of Yun Chujiu right now. He had tried all means and methods, but he never managed to eliminate all of the cold poison inside his body. It never occurred to him that he would find the solution on this trip to the Qingxuan Continent.

"Dark-skinned Thing, you've come up with a pretty good idea. What do you want as a reward?"

Yun Chujiu saw that Di Beiming was flashing a slight smile, and she immediately became vigilant. When someone began to show kindness for no apparent reason, he had to be up to something evil. Why was this pretty boy suddenly being so nice?

"P-Prince Charming, this is what I should do. I don't want any reward." Yun Chujiu held her breath so that a red tint would show on her dark face. 

When Di Beiming saw the enamored expression on Yun Chujiu's face, he felt a little pleased with himself. It seemed that the dark-skinned thing was not lying to him. She was truly in love with him!

Even though it was impossible for him to fall in love with such a dark-skinned being, he decided to help her out because of her good taste in men.

"Come over here!" Di Beiming glanced at Yun Chujiu.

While Yun Chujiu was suspicious of what he would do, she smiled fondly and went up to Di Beiming like a stupidly loyal dog, wagging its tail at its owner while waiting for orders to serve him. "Prince Charming, is there anything you need?"

Di Beiming slapped Yun Chujiu's chest, and she passed out. As her consciousness slipped away, there was only one thought in her mind, 'Motherf*cker! Pretty Boy, we are eternal enemies! I won't forgive you even if I die and become a ghost!'

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