The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 5 - The Pretty Boy’s Arrival

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Yun Chujiu stood before the main door of the Yun family's home. When one of the guards saw that Yun Chujiu was back, he still went forward and bowed before her even though he secretly looked down on the young woman. "Ninth Young Mistress, you're back!"

"Yeah, I'm back. Thanks for your hard work. Take this money and have some tea." It pained Yun Chujiu to do so, but she dug out a small chunk of silver and tossed it to the two guards.

The two guards were so shocked that their mouths were wide open. Even after Yun Chujiu had left for a long time, it did not seem like they would be closing their mouths anytime soon.

'Am I seeing things? Has the ninth young mistress gone mad? She usually puts on airs as if she's superior to everyone, so why is she suddenly being so friendly today? She even gave us silver?!'

Yun Chujiu was about to sneak back to her room when a teenage girl grabbed her and dragged her to a corner.

"Yun Chujiu! How could you be so shameless to come here?! You're such a… You're really an ungrateful, traitorous b*tch! Grandpa's treated you so well, but you repaid him by stealing the Soul-Gathering Pill?!

"It's your father's death anniversary today, for God's sake, and you… You actually did something like that?! Are you a pig?! No… you're worse than one! You better hand me the Soul-Gathering Pill now, or else, not even Grandpa's going to forgive you!"

Yun Chujiu hunched her shoulders. The fuming teenage girl before her was wearing a pearl white outfit, and she looked like a gorgeous rose with thorns.

The teenage girl was Yun Chuwu, Yun Chujiu's cousin, who was also her eldest uncle's daughter.

"F-Fifth Sister, I'll return to my room to get changed first. After that, I'll return the pill to Grandpa immediately." Obviously, Yun Chujiu would not dare tell Yun Chuwu that the Soul-Gathering Pill had been given to Bai Moyu. The latter would probably swallow her whole if she did so.

After Yun Chujiu finished speaking, she sped back to her room, ignoring Yun Chuwu who continued rebuking her with a hiss. 

"Oh, my goodness! I'm going to have a heart attack! She's already so fierce without me telling her that the pill's already been given to Bai Moyu? If I really tell her the truth, she'll probably skin me alive. What the heck should I do now?" Yun Chujiu entered her room and plopped onto a chair.

"Yun Chujiu, oh, Yun Chujiu, tell me, are you an idiot or what? Are you a friggin' idiot?!

"Take a look at your residence. Take a look at the furniture in your room. Everything's so friggin' exquisite. The Yun family treated you so well, and you actually repaid them by doing such a heartless thing! Now, I have to clean up your mess."

While Yun Chujiu was grumbling, she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine, and all of the hairs on her body stood up. She sensed danger! She sensed a murderous aura!

There was a loud bang, and Yun Chujiu watched as the room became a pile of debris. The entire residence shook as if it would collapse at any moment. 

'What's going on? Is this an earthquake or are the Yun family members here to beat me up together?'

Just as Yun Chujiu was baffled by what had just occurred, her body was suddenly frozen, and she was unable to move at all. Then, with a whoosh, she was sucked into the courtyard by an invisible force!

Yun Chujiu was shoved violently onto the ground with a thud, face-down.

She was totally bewildered. Even though she knew that the people in that time and space cultivated spiritual energy or whatever it was called, this was something straight out of a fantasy novel!

Someone snorted coldly, and Yun Chujiu was able to move again.

She got back on her feet and took a good look at the person before her. When she realized who he was, she was so frightened that her legs became jelly, and she plopped back down on the ground.

Yun Chujiu put her palms together. "Spirits of the sky, spirits of the earth, please protect me… Pretty boy… No, I mean handsome boy, I know that I've stolen your clothes, but I wasn't the one who killed you! I mean, your hatred should be directed to your enemy alone, you know? You should exact revenge on the one who killed you instead. You know what? In the future, on the first and fifteenth day of every month, I'll burn some joss paper for you.

"Handsome boy, I can tell from the way you look that you were a rich, prestigious, forgiving, and kind person when you were alive. You wouldn't want to lower yourself to the same level as a pitiful person like me, would you? My life is a real sob story, and if you were to hear it, you would definitely tear up!

"Just take a look at me. Not only was I abandoned at birth, but I'm ugly too. But that's not all, I'm also a piece of trash who can't even become a cultivator. And that's not all! I'm also stupid, and I got cheated by a scumbag! I only borrowed your clothes from you because I was at my wit's end. If you want it back, I'll take it off for you immediately!"

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