The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 4 - Slap That Thing to Death and Refine It Into a Medicinal Pill

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"Dharma Protector Feng, where did the supreme lord go?" one of the men in black asked his leader tentatively. 

The leader of the men in black could not help but grimace. "There's a waterfall not far from here. The supreme lord is definitely taking a bath!"

The men in black grimaced in unison, and one of them asked with a puzzled expression, "Theoretically, everyone in the Qingxuan Continent should be no match for the supreme lord, so how… how did this…?"

"Hmph! That perverted woman must have taken advantage of the fact that the supreme lord was in danger and r*ped him!" one of the men in black said, fuming.

"How do you know that it was a woman? For all we know, it could have been a man."

The rest of the men in black were taken aback when they heard that hypothesis. 'Oh God, our pure and untainted supreme lord may have been… R-worded by a man?'

All of them immediately felt that they had committed a grave crime. How could they have allowed such a thing to happen to their supreme lord? They should be killed as a punishment for their sins!

After a short while, Supreme Lord Di Beiming returned, exuding a gloomy aura. 

The leader of the men in black, An Feng gulped. He then bit the bullet and asked, "Supreme Lord, weren't you… weren't you trying to get the Exquisite Sunset Fruit? Why did…?"

"While I was executing Sword Control, a celestial lightning bolt suddenly appeared above me. Since my cultivation base is suppressed, I was caught off guard, and it hit me."

Di Beiming's expression was dark. Why did a celestial lightning bolt appear out of nowhere? Not to mention, it was a purple celestial lightning bolt! Those were incredibly powerful! It was just too strange!

An Feng hunched his shoulders and tried to ask a question to get some information. "Supreme Lord, did you manage to get the Exquisite Sunset Fruit, then?"

"Yes," Di Beiming replied flatly.

Feeling excited, An Feng said, "That's great, Supreme Lord! As long as we refine the Exquisite Sunset Fruit into a Scorching Yang Pill, we'll be able to temporarily suppress the cold poison in your body."

Di Beiming snorted coldly, and the men felt as if they were about to freeze over. "Someone else has eaten it!"

The men in black followed Di Beiming's gaze and saw the core of a fruit lying nearby on the ground. Not a shred of flesh was left on it. 

Everyone immediately speculated on what had happened. 'Oh, God! Not only did that gutsy pervert r*pe the supreme lord, but whoever it was also ate the Exquisite Sunset Fruit?!'

"Investigate this matter! Find that thing, kill it, and refine it into a medicinal pill" Di Beiming hissed through gritted teeth. 

An Feng clenched his teeth, braced himself, and asked, "Supreme Lord, is that thing a male or female? Are there any special characteristics that we should take note of?"

"It should be a woman, a lowly, shameless, obscene, greedy, and perverted one! She even stole my Snow Silk Brocade Shirt! That's all I know. Figure out the rest on your own. Don't return unless you've found her!" 

When Di Beiming recalled what Yun Chujiu had done to him, his expression became tremendously dark. Even though he was practically deaf and blind at that time, he had not lost his sense of touch.

'That thing even dared to strip me naked! On top of that, she… That's the one thing I cannot forgive her for the most! She deserves to die!'

Even though Di Beiming had washed himself multiple times under the waterfall, he still felt weird all over.

An Feng and the rest of the men in black were dumbfounded when they heard what Di Beiming said. 'It "should" be a woman? Could it be that there's actually a possibility that the supreme lord was really, truly, r*ped by a man?!'

"...Forget it! I will personally slap that thing to death and refine it into a medicinal pill!" Despite fuming over what had happened, Di Beiming was actually a tiny bit curious. 'Who on earth would dare do such a thing to me? How impudent!'

Yun Chujiu had no idea that she had become the target of a murderous man. Right then, the moron was cursing her original persona. She wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Her original persona's reputation was so bad that it was off the charts!

After she left the forest that was infested with monsters, she encountered a few groups of people. No matter how she begged them (shamelessly), no one agreed to give her a lift.

All of them looked at Yun Chujiu the way people looked at piles of dog poop. Their expressions were full of disdain.

"Scram, trash!"

"That's right! It's one thing that you're an ugly piece of garbage, but you just had to follow Young Master Moyu around?! Shameless!"

"The Yun family is super unlucky. They actually raised such an ungrateful, traitorous b*tch!"

"I heard that it's the death anniversary of Yun Zhangqing and his wife today. Why isn't Yun Chujiu worshipping her dead parents at home? What on earth is she doing here?"

"She's obviously here to disturb Young Master Moyu again. How shameless!"


The miserable Yun Chujiu had no choice but to walk back to Ye City.

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