The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3673 Chapter 3673: the family of Wang Ba (asking for a monthly pass)

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Hei Xinjiu was desperate. She took out a piece of eggshell and said, “Let us out now. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance to be reborn.”

Unfortunately, there was no reaction.

At that moment, the big rocks on the roof of the Hall started to fall. If Hei Xinjiu had not released her spiritual energy barrier, she would have been smashed into a meat patty.

The guy had no choice but to tell Mao Qiu, “Ask Xiao Jingjing to take me in. When the collapse is over, ask Xiao Hei to dig a hole out.”

Then, Hei Xinjiu heard the news that shocked her. “Master, Xiao Jingjing said that you used too much power of lightning before, so she can’t take you in for the time being.”

Hei Xinjiu:”…”

At this moment, her heart felt like it was being cursed by a dog! She had never expected such an ending! If she had known this would happen, she would not have touched the last ten-thousand-year-old mysterious iron chain!

Now, it was obviously useless to regret or complain about the great void mirror. The most important thing was to find a way to leave this place.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was having a hard time, she heard the voice of the little black bird through her spiritual sense. “Master, curly hair said that the little bastard has a way to bring us out of here.”

The reason why the Nightmare Beast did not tell Yun Chujiu directly was that it was not Yun Chujiu’s contracted beast, so it could not communicate with her through spiritual sense. The reason why Meng Yanshou did not tell Yun Chujiu directly was because it was not Yun Chujiu’s contracted beast.

At this moment, Yun Chujiu could not care less about the strangeness of this sentence. If the little bastard had a way to leave, the little bastard could have just told her himself. Why did the nightmare beast have to say it through Xiao Hei’s mouth?

She immediately let the little bastard out. The little bastard looked confused and aggrieved. “Master, I have no choice! Curly hair is talking nonsense!”

Hei Xinjiu was also desperate, she said fiercely, “Black Tortoise is a bastard, and you are a bastard too. Besides, maybe you are related to black tortoise. Maybe you can! Hurry up and try, or we will really be buried alive!”

The Little Bastard was about to cry!please visit panda(-)

How could it know how to get out? ! In desperation, it took out the thumb-sized turtle shell that Hei Xinjiu had given it and started to make seals with its claws according to the chant it had used to use its mother’s turtle shell..

However, there was no response.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was about to put the little bastard away and leave the stone platform to hide in a corner, the thumb-sized turtle shell emitted a dazzling white light.

An idea suddenly appeared in Hei Xinjiu’s mind. As expected, all the bastards in the world were related by blood..

When Hei Xinjiu regained her sight, she had already arrived at the square of the Divine Hall of the North Xuan Kingdom.

Di beiming and the others were still waiting there. When they saw Hei Xinjiu come out, they were all pleasantly surprised.

pAn,D a-n0ve1,c-o-m

Di beiming and the other two had a rough guess. Xue Wuji couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Little Sister Jiu, your hair…”

Before Xue Wuji could finish his sentence, he was glared back at by Hei Xinjiu. It was as if she would end their friendship if he continued to spout nonsense.

Xue Wuji had no choice but to swallow his words. Just as he was about to say something, a gust of wind blew from somewhere.

The scarf on Hei Xinjiu’s head had loosened a little due to this ordeal. Then, everyone — Emperor bei Jing, Prime Minister Sima, and a few hundred guards… saw Hei Xinjiu’s shiny new hairstyle..

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