The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3563 Chapter 3563 was so powerful (monthly ticket)

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Everyone was stunned by this unexpected turn of events!

The Jimo sect master was the person with the highest spiritual power in the Chaotian sect!

How could he be so easily taken hostage by that man?

Hei xinjiu, on the other hand, was grinning from ear to ear. Her gigolo was indeed smart. He would first catch the leader of the bandits. Let’s see if this bunch of Chaotian Peppers still dared to stop them!

This guy said in a domineering manner, “See? My Man is so awesome! It’s not that I’m bragging, but we don’t even care about that damn thing of your Chaotian sect. We don’t want it even if you give it to us for free!

“Now get out of the way, or else you will be eager to see the Jimo sect master die so that you can usurp the position of the sect master!”

Although the Jimo sect master was stunned and frightened for a moment, his expression soon recovered. He said coldly, “It’s not a pity for me to die. Don’t worry about me. Catch them.”

Hei xinjiu clicked her tongue and said, “You old man, you are quite shrewd. I know you are lying. You just want to take the opportunity to see who in Chaotian sect is truly good to you and who is scheming against you.”

The Jimo sect master was stunned. Even if he continued to explain, most people would still believe what this little girl said. This little girl was really difficult to deal with.

Di beiming dragged the Jimo sect master closer and closer to the mountain gate. The people of Chaotian sect were afraid that di beiming would kill the Jimo sect master, so they had no choice but to retreat.

Tower Master Luochen frowned. He had gone through a lot of trouble to design this and made little nine hate him. If he let di beiming leave just like that, wouldn’t the loss outweigh the gain? !

Thinking of this, he flew in front of di beiming to block him.

Di beiming glanced at him, his cold and bone-chilling gaze made Tower Master Luochen feel his blood surge. It was no longer the same as before, their statuses were completely reversed. This di beiming was still so arrogant, what right did he have? !

Tower Master Luochen said coldly, “Let go of the Jimo sect leader now, and accept the body search, or else, HMPH!”please visit panda(-)

Yun chujiu was so angry that she gritted her teeth, pointed at tower master Luochen and scolded, “You ingrate! Get out of the way!”

p-n0ve1、com A trace of hurt flashed across Tower Master Luochen’s eyes. He clenched his fists and ignored Yun Chujiu’s words, instead, he looked at di beiming even more fiercely, “If you don’t let go, I will have to force you to stay.”

Di beiming’s clear voice rang out, “Threaten me? You are not worthy!”

Tower Master Luochen’s face turned extremely ugly. He couldn’t care less about the Jimo sect leader that di beiming held, so he swung his palm at di beiming.

“Tower Master Luochen!”The people of Chaotian sect exclaimed. This Tower Master Luochen had gone too far! ! Wasn’t he afraid that the man would use the Jimo sect master to block this palm? !

What shocked everyone was that the man didn’t use the Jimo sect master to block this palm. He didn’t even Dodge it. He only waved his sleeve, and Tower Master Luochen was forced to retreat more than ten steps.

Tower Master Luochen looked at di beiming in disbelief. No, this was impossible! ! How could he be so powerful all of a sudden? !

Di beiming glanced at the crowd. “Aren’t you guys going to move?”

The Jimo sect leader could no longer maintain his calm expression. He said in a trembling voice, “Withdraw the sect protection formation and let them go!”

This person had such terrifying strength. Even if Chaotian sect could keep them in the end, they would definitely suffer heavy casualties. The loss outweighed the gain!

Moreover, with this person’s level of pride, he would not dare to lie. That pearl should not have been taken by him.

“Hold on! That thing is of great importance. We can’t let him go.”Tower Master Luochen led the people of the nine pavilions to block in front.

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