The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3560 Chapter 3560: Princess Hug

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After Hei Xinjiu told a few interesting stories, tower master Luochen said indifferently, “Where do you think that bead is hidden? How did it disappear out of nowhere?”

Yun Chujiu’s heart skipped a beat. was he suspecting her?

How Smart was this guy? He could connect many things in an instant and almost guessed the truth with just a thought. She couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. This Lan Luochen was really a black-hearted person!

Previously, he used her as a cover to deceive the world, and now he suspected that she had taken the bead?

Although this guy’s heart was in turmoil, he said helplessly on the surface, “Tower Master, you think too highly of me! I’m just a little disciple. How can I find something that even the sect leader can’t Find? !”

Tower Master Luochen stared at Hei Xinjiu. Seeing that she didn’t look like she was faking it, he thought to himself, is he thinking too much? The bead did not fall into her hands?

Tower Master Luochen probed a few more times, but still did not find any flaws. On the contrary, hei xinjiu said with emotion, “Tower Master, you are really kind-hearted. It seems that you are also worried about the loss of something from our Chaotian sect!”

Tower Master Luochen’s face stiffened. He naturally understood the subtext of Yun Chujiu’s words. If translated into plain English, it meant that the dog was meddling in other people’s business!

Tower Master Luochen was not angry. After confirming that Yun Chujiu had nothing to do with the bead, he heaved a sigh of relief. If the bead was really with Yun chujiu, he would really be in a difficult position.

In the next two days, Hei Xinjiu would go to Tower Master Luochen’s place during the day to talk about some interesting stories about the sect. At night, she would go to the cafeteria to gather materials and, En, pack up the food.

Every day the sect-protecting formation was activated, it would consume a large amount of spirit stones. Sect Master Jimo and the others discussed it and decided that since they could not find the bead, there was no need to activate the sect-protecting formation anymore. Hence, they canceled the sect-protecting formation.

Hei Xinjiu was overjoyed. Once the sect-protecting formation was removed, the pretty boy would find an opportunity to come in and save her. Then, she could return to being the female Emperor of Zephyr!

That night, a certain figure that Hei Xinjiu yearned for finally appeared in her courtyard.please visit panda(-)

The certain figure was still dressed in white, and she wore a silver mask on her face. Under the moonlight, she looked as if she was cast by a god.

Although Hei Xinjiu was secretly ridiculing the certain figure for not being afraid of being discovered for wearing white in the middle of the night, she was truly stupid! However, the smile on her face was like a flower!

“Prince Charming, you are finally here! Seeing you, I feel that the dark night has become brighter. Even the wind has a sweet taste,”hei xinjiu flattered him with her starry eyes.

The Lord’s face stiffened slightly and he said coldly, “Don’t waste time. Let’s Go!”

Hei xinjiu nodded obediently. She was not afraid of settling accounts. It was more important to leave this damned place first.

This guy took off his spirit-concealing ring and was about to follow behind a certain someone when a certain someone picked her up and jumped out of the courtyard.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Hei Xinjiu’s eyes were filled with pink bubbles. Oh My, he even said that his seven emotions and six desires had been sealed. What was with this princess hug?

She didn’t expect this gigolo to be so good at flirting with girls!

Well, if she knew that a certain someone only thought that her spiritual power was too low and that she walked slowly, this guy probably wouldn’t think that way!

Di beiming’s movement technique was like a ghost as he nimbly dodged wave after wave of patrolling disciples of Chaotian sect. He actually arrived near the mountain gate very quickly.

Hei Xinjiu could not believe her eyes. So Smooth? Wasn’t this a little too simple?

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