The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3553 Chapter 3553 flew away

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When Xing Yu heard Tower Master Luochen’s words, she immediately threw the grievances of the past few days to the back of her mind!

At first, she thought that the tower master had some feelings for Lin Chuchu, but she didn’t expect that not only did the tower master use her as a cover, but he was also planning to frame her. She had really misunderstood the tower master.

“The tower master is indeed clever. However, Chaotian sect is heavily guarded. Can the person you mentioned save Lin Chuchu?”Xing Yu asked uncertainly.

Previously, she really thought that Lin Chuchu was a member of Chaotian sect. It wasn’t until the pavilion master asked her to find someone to investigate that she realized that many people had never seen this Lin Chuchu before. They were brought back by someone who had gone out for the trial by accident.

However, the Pavilion Master was afraid that Chaotian sect would be embarrassed, so he didn’t expose it. It was a good opportunity to use her to deceive the world.

Tower Master Luochen’s eyes revealed some mockery as he said coldly, “Wouldn’t it be better if we can’t Save Her? !”

Xing Yu was stunned at first, then she smiled and said, “Tower Master is right. If that person can’t save Lin Chuchu, then we’ll think of a way to kill them. Then we won’t be able to prove it!”

Tower Master Luochen nodded, his eyes flashing with a dark and obscure look.

He didn’t want to put Yun Chujiu in danger, but in order to clear all the obstacles, he had to do this. He had enough confidence to ensure her safety.

Moreover, this way, Xing Yu would not suspect his intentions toward Yun Chujiu, so that the people behind Xing Yu would not find trouble with Yun Chujiu.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m While Tower Master Luochen was thinking, the black bead in his hand flew out of his palm. It was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had broken through the window.

Tower Master Luochen and Xing Yu were stunned when they saw the hole made by the bead on the window. Then, they turned pale with fright. Tower Master Luochen opened the door and flew out without saying anything.

He thought that the bead had flown far away, but he didn’t expect that the bead was wandering around the courtyard and even in the side room.

“Seeing”tower master Luochen coming out of the house, the bead flew out of the courtyard with a whoosh.please visit panda(-)

Tower Master Luochen subconsciously ordered the guards outside, “Catch that bead! Don’t let it run away!”

As soon as he said that, he knew that something was wrong!

If they mobilized a large force to catch that bead, wouldn’t it be a confession? The people of Chaotian sect weren’t fools, and it wouldn’t be easy to end things by then.

But it was already too late!

The guards of nine pavilions rode their swords to catch that bead. Even if he wanted to revoke the order, it was too late. Many people of Chaotian sect must have seen this scene.

Tower Master Luochen gritted his teeth. This opportunity was going to be wasted. The most important thing now was to clear his name. As for the bead, he would come and get it in the future.

Tower Master Luochen thought about it as he chased. He finally thought of a plausible reason. After all, he had the evidence of his alibi. The Chaotian sect disciples should believe him.

At this moment, Chaotian sect was in an uproar!

The disciples of Chaotian sect naturally saw the people of nine pavilions chasing after a bead with great fanfare, and the news quickly reached the ears of the Jimo sect master and the others.

The Jimo sect master, the north and South Peak Masters, and several elders immediately panicked. A black bead? Could it be the bead sealed in the forbidden land?

Why did it fly out of nowhere?

There was no time to think. The Jimo sect master first activated the sect-guarding formation, and then everyone joined the team that was chasing after the bead.

Because of the sect-guarding formation, the black bead couldn’t leave Chaotian sect. This made the Jimo sect master and the others feel a little relieved. Although the bead was slippery and hard to catch, as long as it didn’t leave Chaotian sect.., they had a way to catch it.

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