The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3551 Chapter 3551: Pretty Boy is my little cutie

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Hei Xinjiu finally let out a sigh of relief when she saw Tower Master Luochen leave.

“Oh my God! I was scared to death! How did this Lan Luochen turn into a psychopath? !”

The Little Black Bird in the spirit beast bag said slyly, “Master, isn’t the Pretty Boy also a psychopath? Why aren’t you afraid of Him?”

Hei Xinjiu raised her eyebrows. “Can Lan Luochen compare to the pretty boy? ! No matter how crazy the Pretty Boy is, he won’t hurt me. This Lan Luochen is gloomy. I always feel that he is in danger.

“Besides, a gigolo is my little cutie. I like him no matter how crazy he is!”

Xiao Heiniao almost vomited! His master was also developing into a crazy person!

At the mention of di beiming, hei xinjiu frowned, she took out a voice transmission talisman and said, “Lan Luochen has brought me to the guest house. There are many guards here. Why Don’t you wait for me near the female toilet next to the North Peak’s Spirit Beast Garden Tomorrow, and then we can sneak out?”

Soon, a voice that sounded like someone was gnashing his teeth came from the voice transmission talisman. “I have my own plans. Just you wait!”

Hei Xinjiu did not have any hope of di Beiming’s meeting. After all, it was embarrassing to have such a pretentious person hiding near the female toilet, not to mention a crazy person who was obsessed with cleanliness.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was about to put away the voice transmission talisman, the voice transmission talisman vibrated again. The guy wondered if the pretty boy had changed his mind?

After she sent her spiritual sense in, di Beiming’s cold voice was heard, “Don’t Sleep Tonight! Cultivate!”

Hei Xinjiu:”…”

Was he crazy?

Why didn’t he sleep at night and cultivate?

Hei Xinjiu ignored the crazy guy and closed her eyes to sleep.

However, every hour, a certain guy would send her a voice transmission talisman with the same content, “Get up and cultivate!”please visit panda(-)

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Hei Xinjiu was so angry that she almost crushed the voice transmission rune into pieces. She shouted at the rune, “Pretty Boy, are you crazy? ! I want to sleep. Shut Up!”

However, it was useless!

The voice transmission rune still started to vibrate on time. In the end, hei xinjiu had no choice but to get up and cultivate. She hated the certain someone and prepared more than a hundred kinds of torture to punish him.

After the sun came out, the voice transmission rune disappeared without a trace.

Hei Xinjiu gnashed her teeth in anger. Although it was not a problem for cultivators not to sleep for a few days, this guy had always been eating, drinking, and sleeping well. He was extremely unhappy that he did not sleep at all.

At this moment, Xing Yu’s gnashing voice came from the door. “Lin Chuchu, the pavilion master wants you to help him wash up. Come Out Now.”

Killing intent flashed in Hei Xinjiu’s eyes. “Get lost! I’ll kill you if you keep shouting!”

Xing Yu:”…”

The other handmaidens:”…”

Has This Lin Chuchu gone mad?

Xing Yu came back to her senses and sneered. She didn’t knock on the door anymore. Instead, she went to Tower Master Luochen’s bedroom and said respectfully, “Tower Master, I went to pass down your order just now, but that Lin Chuchu told me to get lost. What do you think?”

“Come in and help me wash up!”Tower Master Luochen’s cold voice came from inside.

Xing Yu’s slightly swollen face suddenly revealed a smug look. That Lin Chuchu was really courting death. She would have a good time!

After Xing Yu went in, she saw Tower Master Luochen sitting by the bed in his undergarments. Her heart couldn’t help but beat violently. Even if she could see tower master every day, she would still be amazed by tower master’s stunning appearance.

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