The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3545 Chapter 3545: You Pretend, I pretend

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Hei Xinjiu glanced at xing yu and said, “Yes, I know, sister Xing Yu.”

Seeing that Hei Xinjiu was sensible and afraid that tower master Luochen would be anxious, xing yu snorted and said, “Go in later and tell him that you just arrived. Do You Hear Me?”

Hei xinjiu nodded and said, “Yes, I understand.”

Xing Yu then brought Hei xinjiu into the courtyard and said gently, “Tower Master, Lin Chuchu is here.”

Tower Master Luochen glanced at Hei Xinjiu and didn’t ask anything. He only said indifferently, “Let’s go. Lead the way.”

Hei xinjiu nodded and the group left the guest house.

After returning last night, Hei Xinjiu had figured out that LAN Luochen must have recognized her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone to the canteen to check her pulse when he saw that she was hungry.

However, since he didn’t expose her, she was happy to continue acting. Why not pretend to be someone else? !

Along the way, Hei Xinjiu dutifully introduced them. Tower Master Luochen rarely spoke. He only listened to Yun Chujiu’s chattering, and there was a hint of affection in his eyes.

The morning passed without a ripple. At noon, Tower Master Luochen said indifferently, “Yesterday’s lunch was pretty good. Let’s go to the canteen.”

Xing Yu was stunned, but when she thought of what Tower Master Luochen had said yesterday, she could only swallow her words and looked at HEI xinjiu with an unfriendly expression.

Because she had already fed da Hua, hei xinjiu was not very hungry today, not to mention that this guy had eaten four big meat buns in the morning.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m However, it was good to go to the canteen to rest. She had been kissing for the whole morning and her mouth was dry.

Therefore, this fellow brought Tower Master Luochen and the others to the canteen. This fellow thought that when the people in the canteen saw Tower Master Luochen coming again, they would be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic.

As expected, when the people in the canteen saw Tower Master Luochen coming again, they were all very excited, especially those female disciples. They wished they could jump into tower master Luochen’s arms and beg for his favor.please visit panda(-)

However, apart from these voices, Hei Xinjiu also saw many people pointing at her. “Look! Look! That foodie came again yesterday!”

“It’s true. She ate five men’s meals last night. She can really eat! I bet she can eat six people’s meals today!”

“How can six people be enough? ! I Bet Seven!”




Hei Xinjiu:”…”damn it, did these people treat her like a pig? ! Didn’t she just eat a little too much yesterday afternoon and evening? Did these people have to look at her like that? ! !

Since it was like that, the food in the canteen was free and the taste was pretty good. She wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences!

Therefore, when the Tower Master Luochen ordered them to eat, this guy ordered enough food for ten people.

Now, not only the servants in the canteen paid attention to her, but some disciples of Chaotian sect also paid attention to Tower Master Luochen.

Hei Xinjiu didn’t take these gazes seriously at all. She picked up the food she liked and ate some. Then, she packed up the rest of the food, including the plates and plates of the canteen.

This fellow mocked himself. There was nothing he could do! She was poor now! She could save as much as she could!

The handyman in the canteen was instantly dumbfounded!

Although the disciples of the Chaotian sect occasionally packed things up, this person had packed too much, right? And she even packed up their cutlery?

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