The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3538 Chapter 3538 wasn’t the Sun

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Thinking of something, Tower Master Luochen’s eyes turned sinister. If it wasn’t for the fact that the time wasn’t ripe, he really wanted to bring the person in front of him back to the nine pavilions. This way, he could see this smiling nightmare every day, he was still somewhat alive.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was mumbling, she seemed to have sensed something. When she raised her head, she happened to see Tower Master Luochen’s deep and sinister eyes. She couldn’t help but be startled.

When she looked again, those eyes had already returned to their gloomy and deep appearance. This fellow was puzzled. Could it be that he had seen wrongly just now?

“How dare you! Our Tower Master’s identity is honorable. Is it something you can covet directly? !”The maid who lifted the curtain of the carriage reprimanded unhappily.

Hei Xinjiu’s heart was like ten thousand divine beasts whizzing past. Damn it, this Lan Luochen wasn’t the sun. Why couldn’t she look directly at him?


Pui! ! She was not stupid, why would she covet him for no reason? !

Hei Xinjiu curled her lips. “Sister, how did you know that I was looking straight at the pavilion master? Could it be that you were also looking straight at the pavilion master at the same time?”

The Maid was stunned at first, and then hurriedly said, “You’re talking nonsense! I, I’m Not!”

Yun chujiu could not be bothered with such an idiot. With such an IQ, even if her spiritual power was a hundred levels higher than hers, she would still be abused!

Originally, Yun Chujiu’s questions were full of loopholes. This maid only needed to answer that she had been watching Yun Chujiu’s actions, so she could have realized that Yun Chujiu was looking directly at the tower master. However, Yun Chujiu just had to admit that she denied it, there was simply no silver in this place.

Tower Master Luochen said coldly, “Xing Yu, that’s enough.”

Xing Yu, who was also the maid, heard the impatience in Tower Master Luochen’s tone. Her face immediately turned red and she bit her lips tightly, finally hating Hei Xinjiu.

Hei xinjiu naturally knew that she was being targeted. She became more vigilant and continued to be a competent guide with a smile.please visit panda(-)

Tower Master Luochen listened with a cold expression, but his eyes were less gloomy.

However, when he saw Xing Yu, a sense of disgust flashed through his heart. However, when he thought of some things, he forcefully suppressed this disgust in his heart.

When she passed by the North Peak Cafeteria, hei xinjiu smelled the aroma of the food and immediately felt that she could eat a cow!

She was woken up by Elder Zhuge in the morning and didn’t have time to eat breakfast. It was already noon, so how could she not be hungry.

Especially today. Perhaps it was because she had walked a lot, so she felt even more hungry.

This fellow blinked his eyes and said to tower master luochen, “Tower Master, this is the north peak cafeteria. There are a few special dishes that are very delicious. Why Don’t you go in and try them?”

Before Tower Master Luochen could say anything, Xing yu said with disdain, “Our tower master usually eats delicacies. Why would he go to such a lousy place to eat…”

Xing Yu’s words stopped abruptly because tower master Luochen had already walked into the canteen.

Xing Yu stomped her feet angrily. Although Tower Master Luochen had always been cold and indifferent to her, at least her position was unique among these maids. But today, she was ignored one after another. All of this was because of that Damn Lin Chuchu!

When Xing Yu entered the canteen, Tower Master Luochen was already sitting at a single table. The disciples who were originally eating in the canteen were suddenly overwhelmed by the favor and stood up.

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Especially some female disciples. They wanted to go up and get the attention of Tower Master Luochen, but they were also a little timid and shy, whispering to each other to encourage each other.

As for that Damn Lin Chuchu, he picked up a piece of meat with chopsticks and put it into his mouth. While eating, he said shamelessly, “Tower Master Luochen, let me help you taste the dishes, in case there are any bad things.”

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