The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3537 Chapter 3537 finally saw her again

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Finally, they arrived at the guest house after many twists and turns.

The guards of the nine pavilions stood outside the courtyard. They were probably worried about the people of Chaotian sect on one hand, and trying to show off on the other. Of course, Hei Xinjiu added the last one herself.

Seeing elder Zhuge Bringing Hei Xinjiu here, the guards immediately went in to report and let the two in.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m Tower Master Luochen was sitting on a chair and drinking tea. When he saw the two of them, he said indifferently, “Thank you for your trouble, elder Zhuge.”

Elder Zhuge understood the meaning of the song and immediately understood that this was to send off the guests. He tactfully took his leave.

However, he was also very puzzled. Why did Tower Master Luochen take a fancy to that Lin Chuchu? In the beginning, he did not know that the little girl and his old friend had the same name. It was really strange!

After elder Zhuge left, Lan Luochen only slowly sipped his tea and did not speak to Hei Xinjiu. He left her on the spot like a dried salted fish.

The handmaidens of the nine pavilions were originally a little jealous of her. Now that they saw that the tower master had left Hei Xinjiu on the spot, they immediately gloated over her misfortune.

The handmaidens who lifted the curtain of the carriage for Tower Master Luochen looked at Hei Xinjiu contemptuously. They thought that the pavilion master looked at this stinky girl in a different way, but it turned out that it wasn’t the case at all!

It was probably because she was dressed differently from the others that the pavilion master let her be the guide.

They didn’t expect that this stinky girl was so unlucky to have the same name as the pavilion master’s old friend. Moreover, it seemed that the old friend might be someone that the pavilion master disliked. Otherwise, the pavilion master wouldn’t have left her on the spot like this.

Hei Xinjiu naturally noticed the gloating gazes of these maids and cursed in her heart. This Lan Luochen might have been a little unhappy in the past, but at least he was still normal. Why was he acting like a lunatic now? !

Could it be that they had mobilized a large number of people to call her here just to leave her hanging?please visit panda(-)

This fellow’s heart stirred. or could it be that he was taking revenge on her? Taking revenge on her for not responding to his feelings back then?

Just as Hei Xinjiu’s thoughts were running wild, she heard tower master Luochen coldly say, “Let’s Go!”

Hei xinjiu subconsciously thought that tower master Luochen was chasing her away. This fellow immediately said eagerly, “Since tower master doesn’t need me, then I’ll take my leave!”

Tower Master Luochen frowned. “I’m asking you to lead the way and go somewhere else. Why? Are you very unwilling to be my guide?”

Hei Xinjiu realized that she had misunderstood. She laughed dryly and said, “No, I was just a little nervous and misunderstood tower master’s intention.”

Tower Master Luochen’s eyes darkened. He didn’t say anything and stood up from his seat.

Hei Xinjiu had no choice but to learn from the experience and introduce him as she walked. Fortunately, this guy was good at lying. Even if he didn’t know some parts, he still managed to deceive her.

Tower Master Luochen looked at Hei Xinjiu’s smiling face and his eyes deepened. After waiting for so long and setting up so many chess pieces, he finally saw her again.

Although her appearance had changed, he would never forget her pair of crafty and intelligent eyes.

Initially, he was still uncertain, but after seeing her clearly unwilling but pretending to be a lackey and Lin Chuchu’s fake name, he was even more certain that this was the person he had been longing for.

Although his plan was a little off, he didn’t expect her to arrive in the northern continent ahead of schedule, but at least he would be able to get along with her for a few days.

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