The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3528 Chapter 3528 he could not escape from little ninth sister’s grasp

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An Feng, who was standing beside Xue Wuji, saw this and moved closer to Xue Wuji and asked, “Young Master Wuji, what did you say? Ninth miss was treated as a divine beast?”

Xue Wuji managed to stop his laughter with much difficulty. “Yes, little ninth sister said that she accidentally entered the firmament sea and was treated as a divine beast by some sect disciples who wanted to bring her back to the sect.”

An Feng:”…”

Although ninth miss was a little freakish, she shouldn’t be taken as a divine beast, right?

Seeing that an Feng was confused, Xue Wuji smiled and told him what Yun Chujiu had told him.

An Feng suddenly understood, then, he said worriedly, “According to ninth miss, she probably went to the northern continent of towering sky continent. Ninth miss was caught because she was unfamiliar with the place. This, this, there won’t be any danger, right?”

Xue Wuji curled his lips. “Don’t worry. Didn’t that facial paralysis leave in a hurry? He must have rushed to save little ninth sister! “Let me tell you, let alone sealing seven emotions and six desires, even if that facial paralysis seals his brain, he won’t be able to escape from little ninth sister’s palm.”

Although an Feng did not dare to agree with Xue Wuji’s words, he agreed in his heart. Not to mention other things, their venerable one had to seal seven emotions and six desires again every time he met ninth miss. What did this mean?

This meant that their honored master could not withstand ninth miss’charm at all!

Putting everything else aside, even if ninth miss turned into a baby, she could still provoke their honored master to break the seal. Their honored master could be considered to have been eaten alive by ninth miss!

Yun chujiu chatted with Xue Wuji for a while, and her mood became brighter and brighter. She counted on her fingers and waited for the pretty boy to save her.

However, before di beiming arrived, the flying spirit tool landed.

The sound of someone talking came from outside. It was probably senior brother Wang and the others who had already arrived at the sect and were chatting with the disciples guarding the gate.please visit panda(-)

“Senior brother Wang, why didn’t you put the turtle shell into your storage ring? Why did you use someone to carry it?”A person asked curiously.

p-n0ve1、com Senior brother Wang and the others probably didn’t want to cause any more trouble, so they said vaguely, “This turtle shell is a little damp. Bring it out to see the Sun.”

After senior brother Wang finished speaking, he hurriedly brought his people into the sect.

The few disciples guarding the gate looked at each other, their faces full of confusion. What did they mean by bringing it out to see the sun? Could it be that these people had gone out for a trial and damaged their heads?

Senior brother Wang and the others were afraid that there would be more complications, so they carried the eight shells of the big king and ran to the Spirit Beast Garden within the sect.

When the disciples guarding the Spirit Beast Garden saw senior brother Wang and the others, they frowned. “You can’t enter and leave the Spirit Beast Garden at will. Do you have a token or a document?”

Senior brother Wang pointed at the turtle shell that was being carried by someone and said, “Senior brother, we have found a rare spirit beast in the vault of Heaven Sea. We are going to bring it here to let elder Zhuge of the Spirit Beast Garden identify it and see what kind of spirit beast it is.”

The two disciples guarding the gate glanced at Wang Baka, they pursed their lips and said, “This is the savage dragon-blood turtle. Although it has the black tortoise bloodline, the probability of awakening the distant ancestor’s bloodline is very, very small. It is not considered a remarkable spirit beast. “You’d better hurry up and get rid of it. The Spirit Beast Garden doesn’t accept such low-grade Spirit Beasts.”

Inside the big king’s eight shells, Hei Xinjiu’s heart moved. This disciple’s words were exactly the same as what the gigolo had said. It seemed that the little bastard’s mother was the savage dragon-blood turtle.

However, senior brother Wang and the others felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on them. Their excitement instantly vanished into nothingness.

At this moment, senior brother Wang’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he said, “Senior brother, although the chances of the savage dragon-blood turtle awakening the distant ancestor’s bloodline is very small, it is still possible!

“This savage dragon-blood turtle can not be put into my spirit beast pouch. This means that its grade is at least that of an immortal beast.”

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