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As they were afraid that the Beast Hei Xinjiu would run away, those people stared at her day and night. Not only did they have the confinement talismans and beast-binding ropes, but they also made a large iron cage overnight to put the turtle shell inside.

Hei xinjiu secretly peeked through the gap to see the scene. She gave up the idea of running away and prepared to find an opportunity to escape after she got ashore.

As for the imprisonment talismans and beast binding ropes, they were all aimed at the eight shells of the great king. They did not affect her in the slightest, not to mention that this fellow also had a large kitchen knife in his hand!

What this fellow was more curious about was the identity of these people. From their words, Hei Xinjiu was surprised to discover that these people were not from the Li Hate Palace. Furthermore, from their words, it seemed like they belonged to a very large sect.

This was really strange. There was such a large sect on the towering sky continent? Why had she never heard of it before?

From what everyone knew, it seemed that the Li hate palace was already the ruler of the towering sky continent.

Hei Xinjiu thought back to when she had asked about her father’s whereabouts. The gigolo had said that it was a faction that she could not provoke. Could it be that there was a bigger and stronger faction outside the Li Hate Palace?

However, it was also true. The gigolo was so powerful, but he could only hide his strength and bide his time when facing his enemy. There must be an even more terrifying faction.

Hei Xinjiu suddenly felt that she was getting weaker and weaker. It was rare for this fellow to have the initiative. He sat inside the king’s eight shells and began to cultivate.

Just like that, nearly half a month had passed, and the big ship finally docked.

Senior brother Wang and the others put the eight shells of the big king onto the flying spirit tool, and everyone finally let out a long breath. This thing was a sea-born demon beast, and it would definitely not be able to escape this time.

Seeing that they had already reached the shore, Hei Xinjiu quickly took out di beiming’s voice transmission talisman. This guy told her about his situation in a short sentence.

Soon, di Beiming’s cold voice came from the other side. “Wait.”

Hei Xinjiu:”…”please visit panda(-)

It seemed that the pretty boy had already taken the antidote, because his voice had already recovered, and this line felt somewhat familiar.

However, did the pretty boy know where she would be taken? Could it be that he knew this place?

With di Beiming’s reply, Hei Xinjiu’s heart inexplicably calmed down.

This fellow thought of the matter of the East Phoenix Country again, and hurriedly took out prime minister Sima’s Voice Transmission Talisman, asking about the progress of the matter.

Prime Minister Sima said with an excited trembling voice, “Your Majesty, I finally have news of you! This old subject is worried to death! “Don’t worry, the star Sun Kingdom has already been taken down by our four Kingdom Alliance and is currently attacking the ghost gold kingdom and the winged fire kingdom.

“Although the situation is extremely advantageous to us, I estimate that we will need at least three months to half a year before we can take it down.”

Yun chujiu was very satisfied and gave a few instructions.

Then.., prime minister Sima said guiltily, “Your Majesty, the young prince has suddenly disappeared. “However, after young master di appeared and told me that he had taken the young prince away, I didn’t dare to ask further. This… This… You Won’t blame me, right?”

Yun chujiu almost laughed out loud. Since the pretty boy had already taken the antidote, the pretty boy had naturally disappeared.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m Hei xinjiu comforted prime minister Sima for a while before she finally felt relieved. At least, before the ghost gold kingdom and the winged fire kingdom were taken down, the Three Kingdoms of the Liu Earth Kingdom would not give up.

As long as she could return to the East Phoenix Kingdom within three months, it would not be a problem. The gigolo thought of Xue Wuji again, so he took out his voice transmission talisman and sent a message to Xue Wuji.

On the other side, Xue Wuji almost passed out from laughter after receiving Hei Xinjiu’s voice transmission talisman. “Haha, Haha. Little Sister Jiu has been treated as a divine beast! Damn, I’m dying of Laughter!”

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