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The jagged sea boar saw that the giant winged birds were attacking them like crazy, and they had already achieved their goal, so it was in a stalemate for a while before it escaped into the sea.

The giant winged birds finally vented their anger, and their resistance toward Yun chujiu lessened.

Yun Chujiu was eager to return, so she naturally didn’t want to waste any more time, so she said, “Let’s go, let’s Go!”

Thus, under the protection of the flock of birds, this fellow set off happily.

With such a huge flock of demonic birds, naturally no blind demonic birds would dare to come and look for trouble, so the journey was very smooth.

Yun Chujiu let the demonic birds enter the spirit beast pouch to take turns to rest every now and then. This not only did not affect the journey, but also ensured that the demonic birds had time to rest.

At first, this fellow was still sitting on the chopping board. Later, in order to experience the bird King’s scenery, he simply sat on big hairy’s back. It was simply wonderful!

“Little ones, this king is very annoyed. Change the formation for this king and let this king be happy. Come, one line long Snake Formation!”

“Another two dragons swimming formation!”


Those giant winged birds felt as if their hearts were bleating!

They had never done such a shameful thing in their lives, and they even changed their formation?

Was it okay for them to go back on their words now? This little girl was simply a pervert!

In addition to changing their formation, these demonic birds were also responsible for hunting for this fellow. From time to time, they would go to the sea to hunt sea fish and small sea beasts for Hei Xinjiu’s tooth sacrifice.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu ate and drank all kinds of food and drinks every day. If she was not worried about di beiming and the East Phoenix Country, this fellow felt that it was okay to wander around for a few more days.

The speed of the shadow skimming bird was very fast. In just a few days, it had already flown over 10,000 miles. Hei xinjiu counted with her fingers. According to this speed, even if the vault of Heaven Sea was very large.., they would be able to reach land within half a month.

On this day, Hei Xinjiu was lying on big hairy’s back and leisurely humming a little tune. Suddenly, big hairy’s body fell rapidly. Hei Xinjiu suddenly sat up. The shadow skimming birds in front of her also fell one after another.

Before Hei Xinjiu could react, she fell into the sea. The guy stuck his head out of the water and cursed angrily, “Are you still birds? Can’t You Even Fly?”

Big hairy said aggrievedly, “Little fairy, it’s not our problem. It seems that flying is forbidden here.”

It was also very aggrieved. Although it was a sea-born demonic bird, it was still very scary to fall from the sky, okay? !

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Yun chujiu frowned and tried to summon the chopping board. As expected, it was forbidden to fly.

The first thought that came to this fellow’s mind was, f * ck, I’ve suffered a great loss!

Although these giant-winged skimmers were sea-born demonic birds, their fighting strength in the water was greatly reduced.

They relied on the speed of diving down from the sky to attack the sea fish and small sea beasts. Now that they were forbidden to fly, they basically couldn’t help her much. She still had to painstakingly help them find a place to build their nest, the more she thought about it, the more she lost money!

This fellow secretly cursed his bad luck, but he still summoned a large ship. He only left big hair on the deck and kept the rest of the shadow skimming giant winged birds into the spirit beast bag.

Hei xinjiu frowned. There must be high-level sea beasts here. Although da Hua was still considered powerful, if they encountered high-level sea beasts, it would not be enough.

There were cracks on the bastard’s shell. He could not use it anymore as he had no other choice. It would be terrible!

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