The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3511 Chapter 3511 vanishing into thin air (asking for a monthly ticket)

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There weren’t any pastries in the paper bag, but several small porcelain bottles. Di beiming didn’t need to open them to know that they must be Yun Chujiu’s blood.

In fact, after he was poisoned by the cold, Yun Chujiu had tried to use her blood to alleviate his symptoms a few times, but he had sternly rejected all of them.

He thought that she had given up on this idea, but he didn’t expect that she had already prepared all of this beforehand.

He recalled the last time when he fainted on the flying spirit tool, and when he woke up, he felt a little better. He thought that it was because his body had become smaller, but now that he thought about it, it should have been after he fainted.., little Jiu must have fed him blood..

When di beiming thought of this, a sharp pain surged in his heart, and then his limbs and bones were filled with pain.

He knew that because of the pain and guilt he felt at that moment, he had broken through the seal of the seven emotions and six desires. Therefore, the cold poison was even more intense.

Di beiming did not immediately seal the seven emotions and six desires again. Instead, he took out the voice transmission talisman for Yun Chujiu and said word by word,

“Little Jiu, the reason why I sealed the seven emotions and six desires is because I know that no matter what I become, as long as I have one breath left, I will fall in love with you again.

Therefore, no matter what the situation is, you must believe that I am in love with you.

“I know all the grievances you have suffered. Believe me, I will find a way to restrain the cold poison. At that time, I will be at your disposal.”

After di beiming finished speaking, he could no longer hold on. He sat cross-legged on the ground and re-sealed his seven emotions and six desires.

Not far away, prime minister Sima had a dumbfounded expression. What was the little crown prince doing? Why did he look so pained when he saw the item his Majesty had given him? Could it be that he missed his mother?

That’s right. He was left alone at such a young age. He would definitely feel terrible!

On the other side, hei xinjiu was running wildly. Although she noticed that there was a sound transmission talisman vibrating in her storage ring, she did not bother to look at it. This was because if she did not run quickly, heavenly lightning would strike.

Finally, they had passed the no-fly zone. Hei Xinjiu summoned her flying spiritual tool and flew toward a valley. The reason she chose the valley was to reduce the level of damage. She could not run to another city, right?please visit panda(-)

Wu Yun in the sky was chasing after her relentlessly. Thinking of what happened last time, it was so angry that it almost fainted!

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om This damn brat used it to break the seal of the Candle Sky Valley. She was playing it like a fool. How outrageous! She must be hacked to death today!

Hei Xinjiu landed the flying spiritual device in the valley and sat cross-legged on the ground. She said lazily, “Hey, my dear Xiao Yunyun, how did you know that I wanted to be struck by lightning recently? You came at the right time!

“This time, you must hack me properly! “I happen to want to reach the spiritual stage! “If you perform well, I won’t Scold You Anymore!”

Wu Yun in the sky was so angry that she was trembling!

Dear? Xiao Yun Yun?


Whoever loved this little pervert, she was its enemy! No, she was its mortal enemy! Today, she was dead for sure!

It was still a familiar formula and a familiar smell. Wu Yun struck fiercely as soon as it came in, wishing that she could kill Hei xinjiu right away.

Hei Xinjiu was not particularly flustered. After all, she had unlocked the new skill of walking thunder. As long as she did not end up in a no-fly zone, she could totally walk Wu Yun to death.

Therefore, this guy still had the leisure to tease Wu Yun in the sky. He said slyly, “Hey, Little Yun Yun, you did well! Keep up the good work. If you perform well, I will give you a title — vanish into thin air!”

Wu Yun:”…”

F * ck, I can’t live anymore!

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