The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3506 Chapter 3506 -- what other schemes does Empress Jiu have?

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pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m The situation was out of control. No matter how Xing Zhenyuan commanded, no one would listen to him. They all sought ways to protect themselves.

The army at the back saw this and jumped into the river in a panic. At least the river was safe.

Who would have thought that there would be countless large ships coming down from the upstream and launching an attack on them? On the ship at the front stood a beautiful girl! It was none other than Empress Jiu!

Xing Zhenyuan’s head was buzzing. He had fallen into another trap!

Previously, the female Emperor of Zephyr nation had deliberately given up the two cities in order to buy time and set up this trap.

However, he was puzzled. He had clearly surveyed the upstream and did not find any troops of the East Feng Kingdom. Moreover, there were cliffs on both sides of the river. How did these troops of the East Feng Kingdom suddenly appear?

How would he know that the East Feng Kingdom had a monkey-like Empress Jiu! After the three countries’allied forces had finished surveying, this fellow had used ropes to drag everyone up. As for the person who had spoken earlier, he was merely a soldier who was good at imitating people’s words.

Xing Zhenyuan was at a loss as to what to do at this moment, huo Mingye said from the side, “Marshal, the morale of the army is in chaos now. Moreover, the area of the poison blade trap set up by the East Feng Kingdom is quite large. I’m afraid that we won’t be able to pass through in a short period of time. Why don’t we turn back and capture the female Emperor of Zephyr? This way, the East Feng Kingdom’s army will naturally fall by itself.”

Jin haokui echoed, “That’s right! To capture a thief, we must first capture the king. It’ll be easy to deal with that slut once we capture her! Damn it, I didn’t expect that slut to be so good looking. If we capture her, I’ll definitely torture her properly.”

Xing Zhenyuan wished he could kill him with a single slash. At this point in time, he was still thinking about those things. What a waste!

Xing Zhenyuan immediately ordered the army to turn around and attack the East Feng Army on the river.

When the three-nation Coalition army jumped into the river and was ready to surround the ships of the East Feng Kingdom, those ships suddenly accelerated and instantly pulled a distance apart, hei Xinjiu stood on the deck and said with a smile, “A bunch of idiots! Come and chase us if you have the ability!”please visit panda(-)

Xing Zhenyuan was almost angered to death!

They only had a few ships in total, and it was impossible for them to catch up with the fleet of the East Phoenix Country by relying on manpower alone. They could only watch as the fleet disappeared without a trace.

Standing in the river, the Allied forces of the three countries felt that they were all idiots!

Ever since they entered the territory of the East Phoenix Country, they had not even fought a proper battle. They had been toyed with like grandsons by the Zephyr Empress!

What BULLSH * t Allied forces of the Three Kingdoms? If this carried on, they would be completely annihilated!

Xing Zhenyuan gritted his teeth. He had just brought his soldiers ashore and was prepared to go over after filling in the traps, then, he heard Empress Jiu’s wretched voice transmitted over. “Hey, Idiots, I’m Back Again! Come and Catch Me! Whoever doesn’t dare to come is a turtle bastard!”

Xing Zhenyuan had no choice but to bring his soldiers back to the water to attack the fleet of the East Feng Kingdom. Before they could even fight, the fleet of the East Feng Kingdom had already run away.

After a few times, when Empress Jiu provoked them again, Xing Zhenyuan did not order them to return to the river. Instead, he ordered them to do their best to fill in the traps.

Seeing that the provocation was no longer effective, Empress Jiu did not continue to provoke them. Instead, she crossed her arms on the deck and watched calmly as the allied forces of the Three Kingdoms filled in the traps in the distance.

Seeing this, the three-nation coalition army could not help but feel a chill in their hearts. This empress Fenghua had a belly full of evil water. Could there be a conspiracy waiting for them?

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