The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3484 Chapter 3484, a certain person who was angry

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pA(nD)A no ve1 The next day, instructor Deng announced the decision of punishment. Although fighting was not prohibited, someone had died last night. Even if they had not killed the person directly, they could not escape responsibility.

As the leader, Hei Xinjiu was deducted twenty points, Fatty and the others were deducted ten points, and Xuan Yuanzhuo’s roommates were each deducted five points.

Then, this matter came to an end.

Yun chujiu once again realized that even a first-grade country did not have much status in the eyes of the Li Hen Palace. Otherwise, if a prince of a first-grade country died, it would not have been settled so hastily.

Perhaps it was because two people had died, but the following lessons were much more normal. It was nothing more than teaching the Li Hen Palace’s palace rules and some miscellaneous things.

After Xuan Yuanzhuo’s death, his followers had already become more active. They all wanted to replace him as the new leader and then compete with Deng Qianyuan.

For a time, there were endless fights, but none of them provoked Hei Xinjiu and the other four groups.

Yun chujiu couldn’t be bothered with these things. If Xuan Yuanzhuo hadn’t provoked her, she wouldn’t have set him up to die.

This fellow only had one goal now, and that was to stir up more trouble and deduct all the remaining points.

However, the trees wanted to be quiet, but the wind would not stop. On this day, Hei Xinjiu was secretly teasing a certain lord. The Little Fatty and the others ran back to the dormitory with bruises on their faces.

Immediately after, the dormitory door was kicked open and a boy who was obviously taller than the other children walked in with his men.

“Little Treasure, now that the ninth Prince is dead, I, Liao Yuan, am the new leader. Do you four groups want to submit to us or do you want to submit to Deng Qianyuan?”please visit panda(-)

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes. This guy was about to kiss a certain someone just now. Now that he was disturbed by these people, the unknown fire in her heart immediately burned up. She said coldly, “Get Out!”

Liao Yuan and his followers were stunned at first, and then they became angry out of embarrassment. This little thing really took themselves too seriously. He really deserved a beating!

Liao Yuan took a few steps and raised his leg to kick Hei Xinjiu. Before Hei Xinjiu could move, Liao Yuan flew out like a kite with a broken string, knocking down a few of his followers.

Yun chujiu looked at the expressionless man in surprise. She was puzzled. The gigolo usually did not participate in these things. Why did he change his attitude today?

The man looked coldly at Liao Yuan who was staggering up. For some reason, he did not like this Liao Yuan. He would not admit that it was because Liao Yuan… interrupted Yun Chujiu’s treatment.

Liao Yuan was so unlucky that he did not even know who had kicked him. He thought that it was Yun chujiu who had done it, so he was a little afraid. This stupid girl was really fast, but it was also because he was not prepared, he had to get back at her, or else he would lose his position as the leader.

Thinking of this, Liao Yuan pounced on Hei Xinjiu again, and was sent flying by a certain someone. If it was not because he did not want to cause trouble, he would have slapped him to death.

This time, not only did Liao Yuan see it clearly, but the other children also saw it clearly. This dabao was usually quiet, but they did not expect him to be so powerful.

Everyone immediately had the intention to retreat. They did not want to be abused, so they all stepped back and wanted to leave.

Hei xinjiu sneered and whipped the ground a few times. “You want to leave? Those who beat me up will be beaten up for nothing? Either let me whip you a few times, or obediently submit to me!”

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