The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3482 Chapter 3482 followed this king to rob

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With Xuan Yuanzhuo and Deng Qianyuan taking the lead, another eight slightly older children walked up and killed the remaining eight people.

The old man’s expression did not change. He only ordered the guards in charge of recording to deduct ten points from everyone except Xuan Yuanzhuo, and then left.

After the old man left, many children sat on the ground paralyzed. This was the first time they had seen a killing scene, so it was difficult for them to get used to it.

Perhaps to give the children some time to recover, there were no other classes scheduled that day. The head of the guards let the children make their own arrangements.

The Little Fatty and the others staggered back to the dormitory, their faces full of fear. They were really afraid that Xuan Yuanzhuo would take revenge on them. Moreover, among the eight children who had killed, several of them were from the same dormitory as Xuan Yuanzhuo, they were also the people who had been beaten up by them.

Yun chujiu narrowed her eyes. She had planned to play a little trick and take Xuan Yuanzhuo’s lackeys as her own and then isolate Xuan Yuanzhuo.

But now, it seemed that Xuan Yuanzhuo was cruel and merciless. It was best to kill him to avoid future trouble.

However, this plan had to be planned more carefully. It was most suitable to kill someone by borrowing someone else’s knife!

That night, Hei Xinjiu waved her little paws and said, “Little ones, let’s go and Rob with this king!”


The Little Fatty and the others were dumbfounded. What was this little pervert trying to do? Why was he robbing them all of a sudden? ! Did he think that he had not caused enough trouble?

However, they did not dare to disobey her, so they could only follow Hei xinjiu out of the room.

A certain someone did not intend to get involved, but when he saw Hei Xinjiu leaving with the others, he thought for a moment and decided to follow her.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu kicked open the door of Xuan Yuanzhuo’s dormitory, then whipped the ground a few times and said fiercely, “Hand over all the good stuff on you, or else I’ll kill all of You!”

The Little Fatty and the others were about to cry. This little pervert actually wanted to rob Xuan Yuanzhuo and the others? There were quite a few people who had killed people in this room! ! Wasn’t he asking for a beating? !

Xuan Yuanzhuo was first stunned when he saw Yun Chujiu and the others. Then, he laughed sinisterly. This wretched girl was really asking for death. Since she had delivered herself to his doorstep, then don’t blame him for being ruthless!

Since there was a rule against killing people, then he would cripple her limbs and Dantian. He could use her to establish his authority.

Just as Xuan Yuanzhuo was thinking about it, he heard the little girl shout, “What are you all standing there for? ! Attack together! If anyone doesn’t attack, I will whip him.”

Hei Xinjiu took the lead and whipped a child who had killed people today. The child was hit by the Whip and a bloody scar appeared on his face. He could not help but become angry out of humiliation, he took out a treasured sword and fought with Yun Chujiu.

“You dare to use a sword? What a B * Tch! Little Ones, he has already used a weapon, what are you waiting for? Use your weapons!”Hei xinjiu shouted shamelessly.

This guy did not even think about it. She was the one who had used the whip first, but now she was accusing the other party of using a weapon first.

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 While the Little Fatty and the others were still hesitating, Xuan Yuanzhuo’s followers summoned their weapons and rushed towards them.

The dormitory was originally small, and now that they had used their weapons, it was instantly in chaos.

Seeing that no one was going to deal with him, and seeing that Yun chujiu and that child were fighting so fiercely, a trace of viciousness flashed through Xuan Yuanzhuo’s eyes. He raised the sword in his hand and stabbed it towards Yun Chujiu’s back.

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