The Way of the Empress - Chapter 98

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"I'm sorry, my mother's situation is a bit abnormal, Xiaohuangshu, we have to take a step first, but please bear with me." After the medical team arrived, Zhuo Yang and Feng Bai were not in a mood to continue the banquet, just to follow up directly. Dein says goodbye.

Diyin Changdiqing was obviously frightened, but he still said in a polite manner: "It's okay, your royal concubine, you can go ahead and do your job first. It is more important to be optimistic about Hanqin's illness."

With the understanding of the host of this banquet, Zhuo Yang didn't want to stay longer, so he followed the medical team and Tan Yuzhi and left.

Diyin Changdiqing looked at their backs, but his heart sank inexplicably, just at this moment, his communicator suddenly rang. Dein frowned calmly and walked to the corner and opened it. He didn't know who sent the message. It showed a mess of garbled characters, as if someone was playing a prank with him.

However, after seeing this string of garbled characters, Diin Changdiqing suddenly became very difficult to read...

Tan Yuzhi quickly controlled her emotions and fell into a drowsy under the comfort of the medical team. Zhuo Yang and Feng Bai watched her settle down and fell asleep. They breathed a sigh of relief, but at the same time they felt unstable for her mental state. The condition became frightened.

"Uncle, why, why..." At this moment, Tan Yuzhi in his sleep didn't know what was going on. He seemed to have had a terrible nightmare. He shed tears in his sleep and murmured.

Zhuo Yang gave her a shock, and immediately approached her and asked, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

"Han Qin, what's the matter with you?" Feng Bai also approached Tan Yuzhi worriedly.

At this moment, Tan Yuzhi seemed to be shocked by something. His voice was louder, but he asked clearly: "Uncle, why? Why are you harming my mother? Don't you like me the most?"

Before Zhuo Yang heard what Tan Yuzhi was saying, Feng Bai had already grabbed Tan Yuzhi's hand and asked nervously, "Han Qin, who are you talking about? Who is going to harm your mother?"

"Uncle, why are you harming me and my mother..." But Tan Yuzhi couldn't answer anything, only murmured and repeated such a sentence, as if he couldn't hear what they said.

Feng Baihong asked, "Who is uncle? Who will harm your mother?"

Seeing that Tan Yuzhi was in bad condition, Zhuo Yang quickly called the medical team over. With the help of the medical staff, Tan Yuzhi quickly woke up and returned to normal, but she didn't remember anything about what had just happened or what she had said...

Who is the uncle? Who is going to harm her mother?

Why did Tan Yuzhi become like this after meeting Chang Diqing? What was said in her dream, was it the mark left by her when she was Xue Hanqin, or after she became Tan Yuzhi?

The mother who was killed by the uncle, referring to Feng Chu, or her adoptive mother, has become everyone’s biggest doubt...

"Is my granddaughter's lost memory and restricted mental power really unable to recover?" Feng Bai had too much confusion in his heart, so he had to ask the attending physician in charge of Tan Yuzhi's physical condition.

The attending physician shook his head slightly: "In theory, it can be possible, but there are certain risks..."

"How do you say?" Zhuo Yang asked immediately.

The attending physician said: "If Mrs. Tan’s mental condition has never been stimulated, with our current medical technology, she can try to restore her mental strength and the memory of being artificially deleted. This is not difficult... because the wife was deleted back then. Memories, the people who limit her mental power are obviously very concerned about her physical condition, and they are not using strong medicine..."

"But the lady's mental condition has been stimulated, and she even had a mental disorder... the brain and nerves are very sensitive and fragile. If the lady has never had a mental disorder, the brain will be stimulated and healed, but since I have been insane for so long, if I stimulate the brain again at this time, it may restore the original mental power and memory, but it may also be stimulated to fall into a state of insanity again, and it is not known that I can’t recover anymore... this kind of attempt There is a certain risk. You need to be psychologically prepared before deciding whether to restore your mental energy and memory..." The attending physician's words are very cautious.

Zhuo Yang and Feng Bai originally hoped that Tan Yuzhi could restore their mental power and memory, because of the Xue family’s massacre, she was the only survivor and the only person who knew the situation at the the Xue family There are too many mysteries and puzzles in this case that need someone to answer.

But now that after learning about the stimulation to restore mental strength and memory, there is a certain risk to Tan Yuzhi herself, which may make her mentally disordered from then on, Zhuo Yang and Feng Bai both hesitated.

"If we don't do it, we won't do it. Han Qin's mental power and memory don't need to be restored." After hesitating for a long time, Feng Bai finally made the decision.

Even if he wants to know what happened that year and how his daughter died, he can't take his granddaughter who is still alive to risk...

Zhuo Yang also had no objection to this.

Just when several people decided to end the conversation, Tan Yuzhi suddenly opened the door: "No, I have to do this operation. I want to restore my mental strength and memory."


"...Han Qin." Zhuo Yang and Feng Bai opened their mouths at the same time, and both frowned in disapproval, trying to dissuade Tan Yuzhi from dismissing the idea.

But how do you know that Tan Yuzhi, who has always been weak, has a firm attitude this time...

Tan Yuzhi burst into tears and opened his mouth: "I want to know how my parents died, and only I know. If I can't recall these things, I won't be able to feel at ease in my entire life."

There is an obsession in her heart that tells her that she must do this.

The biggest mystery about the death of her parents lies in the memory of her being deleted by her mother.

Feng Bai and Zhuo Yang took turns to persuade them to no avail, but they could only compromise in the face of Tan Yuzhi's persistence. Zhuo Yang couldn't do anything else, so he could only arrange for the best medical team in Osphia to perform this memory and mental recovery operation for Tan Yuzhi.

At the same time, Moodys and the others are also following the clues left by Duke Andrew to investigate the truth behind the injustice of the Xue family’s killing of the door, and investigating them actually involved a lot of things. The more Shen actually noticed that the Anti-Imperial Society not only participated in and led the Xue family’s unjust case of killing the door, and even now there are people who are doing the human experiments of Prince Hannibal’s extinction of humanity in the past, but they have only moved from the light to the dark, and Right at Emperor Star...

The problem involved in this discovery was very serious. Moodys immediately stepped up the investigation and thoroughly investigated it. After following the vines, he went down to investigate, and unexpectedly captured a high-level figure in the anti-imperial guild for them...

All relevant information was transmitted to Moody's personal terminal as soon as possible. Before Moody's had time to read it, his personal terminal communicator rang.

"His Royal Highness..." Gu Che was looking for him.

Moodys got to the point: "What's wrong? Are there any new discoveries?"

"I found some things, and I may need to meet you in person and report to you." Gu Che's tone was unusually solemn.

Moodys frowned slightly: "What?"

Gu Che was silent for a while before speaking: "I suspect that the one we caught is not the real anti-imperial organizer. The real anti-imperial organizer may be deeply involved with the royal family, and even came from the royal family... "

"I'm going to look for you now." Moodys's tone immediately followed and became solemn.

As soon as Moodys cut off the communicator on this side, Gordon on the other side wandered indiscriminately with a cigarette in the Changdiqing mansion of Emperor Star.

He was very annoying. Diyin Changdiqing asked him, but he didn't know why he didn't show up on time, so he just left him here...

Everyone in the emperor star said that Diin Chang Diqing had a deep love for him, a lover who was a few dozen years younger. He wanted the stars for the stars and the moon for the moon. There was never anything against him, but Gordon knew it in his heart. Chang Diqing's feelings for him are detached, not at all deep enough...Although he'loves' him, he is also limited in'love', and it is more like taking him as a substitute for someone.

Gordon was spinning around the Changdiqing mansion, but suddenly he turned to the door of Changdiqing's bedroom.

After interacting with Chang Diqing for so many years, Gordon has never entered Chang Diqing’s bedroom. Even if they had **** in another room, Chang Diqing never let him in, and he was curious to ask Chang Diqing about him. Whether there is something shameful in his room, Chang Diqing just smiled but never answered him, and never let him in.

It's not that Gordon didn't try to open the door, but the door of Chang Diqing's bedroom was always locked, so he just let it go.

Turning to the door of this bedroom again, Gordon immediately became curious and pushed the door of the room without hope.

Unexpectedly, it was opened this time.

Gordon was driven by curiosity and walked into the door of the room, only to see a man lying on the bed. No, it was a corpse to be precise. The corpse of a male sentinel with a pretty handsome appearance, well preserved, lifelike, and somewhat from the side. Like Gordon.

Gordon was taken aback. He didn't understand why Chang Diqing would keep such a male corpse in his bedroom.

Is this an obscure hobby?

"...Xue...Xue Zhanting?" Gordon glanced at the corpse again, but suddenly recognized who the corpse was.

He was so young that he had never dealt with this imperial marshal.

Isn't Xue Zhanting dead for sixty years? Isn't Chang Diqing his friend?

Why is his corpse here? What does Chang Diqing do with his corpse?

Gordon twitched in his heart, as if he had broken some great secret, he subconsciously wanted to grab the door, restore everything to its original condition, close the door, and pretend that he will pass here from the future.

"Since you entered the door and saw my secret, do you still want to leave?" At this moment, the bedroom door in front of him suddenly closed, and there seemed to be a dark room open in the bedroom, and a very familiar voice came from Passed from behind him.

He was very familiar with the owner of this voice, and was so familiar with him that he had crossed his neck, but then he was trembling when he heard the voice...

Gordon trembled involuntarily: "Di...Dein..."

"Isn't it just here? What are you doing in such a hurry?" Dein walked out of the dark room slowly, and a robot dedicated to restraining prisoners came to Gordon mechanically, using the restraints that could control dozens of elephants. The belt restrained him forcibly, controlled his mental power, and dragged him to the wall.

Gordon was so frightened that he couldn't say anything, so he could only call his name constantly: "Dein, Dein..."

"Do you want to ask who is the person on the bed?" Dein walked to his side, raised his chin with his hand, and followed his eyes to see Xue Zhanting on the bed. The voice instantly softened: "I tell you, that is my love, the person I love the most in my life."

His voice was extraordinarily gentle, but Gordon only felt terrified.

Dein looked at Xue Zhanting on the bed gently and said, "But ah, he doesn't love me, he fell in love with another person, so I killed him... I am a person, I have a strong desire for monopoly, and I can't get things. , And it is destined not to let others get it. Even if it is the garbage I throw away or the things I have used, I will destroy him, and I won’t allow others to pick it up!"

"I'm loyal to you, I will be loyal to you all my life, be your dog, His Royal Highness..." Gordon sensed the danger in his voice, and quickly showed his loyalty to him and wanted him to let him go. Way out.

He thought that the most terrifying guide he had provoke in this life was Zhuo Yang, but he didn't expect that there was a more terrifying one lurking in the dark, but he didn't know anything before.

He also regarded the other party as a little white rabbit who could step on the upper position.

Dein smiled and patted his face: "What a smart boy, it's a pity that I'm leaving Emperor Star, but I can't take you away. You are also something I have used before, so as not to let other things happen in the future. People who use you, I have no choice but to ruin you."

"No, no, I am willing to follow you, I am willing to follow you desperately, I love you, I love you. His Royal Highness, I am willing to give up everything and follow you..." Gordon kept yelling.

Dein was enjoying his dying struggle, but took out an injection from the drawer and walked to Gordon's side: "I want to take you away too..."

Gordon kept trembling and struggling, but couldn't break away from this special restraint: "No, no..."

"It's a pity, my spaceship can't hold anything else. For the sake of you having been with me for so many years, I will let you die more comfortably, die like my love, and die with him. I will remember you, good boy." Dein ignored his struggle and firmly plunged the syringe into Gordon's body.

Gordon's face was grim, and his face was sullen and yelled: "No, don't..."

In a short while, the deadly toxin took his life, and his hand fell softly to one side in an instant.

Dein didn’t even look at this man who had slept with him for decades. He took his personal terminal directly from him, typed in and cracked the code easily, and sent it in the name of Gordon. Sent a message to Zhuo Yang.


At 8 o'clock in the morning, Tan Yuzhi underwent the operation for mental recovery and memory recovery on time, but Zhuo Yang did not show up for some reason.

Feng Bai stayed in the operating room for a long time. As soon as Tan Yuzhi got out of the operating room, he greeted him: "Hanqin..."

He didn't know what happened to his granddaughter, whether he had successfully recovered his mental power and memory or was completely insane.

"Xue Hanqin, I'm Xue Hanqin..." Tan Yuzhi cried as soon as she came out of the operating room and hugged Feng Bai. When she came out, the first sentence she said was: "Grandpa, Uncle Dein, it's Di Because Uncle... he ordered the people to fire, he looked at my mother viciously, wanted her to die, wanted to kill my mother and me..."

Feng Bai was shocked immediately: "Huh?!"

At the same time, Moodys finally found out the true identity of the man behind the scenes after a night of censorship. He didn't expect that his little emperor's uncle, Qing Diyin, would actually be the real organizer of the anti-imperial association.

"His Royal Highness, what should I do now?" Gu Che asked immediately.

Moodys immediately issued an order: "Arrest, immediately arrest the Chief Emperor Dein Bricania, and start investigating, detaining, and investigating the people who have had close contacts with him one by one."

"Yes!" Gu Che and Ding Hui accepted the order in unison.

But before they could pass on the order, someone contacted Moodys urgently. Moodys' eyelids jumped and accepted the communication, but his secretary Hathaway's hastily voice came from the communication end: "His Royal Highness, it's not good, Your Highness, the residence of Emperor Dein Chang was on fire last night. The entire mansion was burnt down..."

"His Royal Concubine, Your Majesty Winston, the Secretary General of Grand Secretary Geddon, and His Royal Highness Changdiqing are all missing and missing." Hathaway was anxious.

Moody's heart sank suddenly.

It was completely unexpected that when the Anti-Emperor Club was purged of the entire Emperor Star, Dein would still have the patience to take a step forward, and he also disappeared with Zhuo Yang and Winston.

This long emperor is so scheming.

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