The Substitute Madam Amazes the World Once More - Chapter 348 - Another Unforeseen Event

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Chapter 348 Another Unforeseen Event

After saying this, and after Huo Xuan nodded in agreement, Mo Zhu carefully helped him to the small courtyard outside the old mansion.

Unexpectedly, before the two of them could get into the car and leave, the people from the Dark Forces who were fighting in the house were suddenly sent out of the Kang family one after another.

Everyone was struck in the chest by a mysterious force. They did not have the time to wait for help and died on the spot.

Mo Zhu watched this scene from afar. A few seconds later, she seemed to have thought of something and her expression changed drastically. She brought Huo Xuan along and quickly took a few steps forward. She raised her hand and called Mo Jiu to help her support Huo Xuan. Mo Zhu glanced in the direction of the Kang family’s old mansion and said coldly, “Take Huo Xuan and leave first!”

Just as she finished speaking, a few more people were sent flying out of the house and landed at Mo Zhu’s feet. She squatted down and roughly checked the injuries of the man in black. She quickly took out acupuncture needles from her pocket and inserted them into a few acupuncture points on the injured person. Then, she protected Huo Xuan and Mo Jiu as she retreated and said, “The Kang family has an expert. Let’s go!”

In that instant just now, Mo Zhu acutely sensed danger. Although she did not know why the Kang family had a top-notch expert who could kill with one strike, after a simple check of the black-clothed person’s injuries, Mo Zhu could conclude that this person had used internal energy and his strength could not be underestimated!

In the blink of an eye, before the three of them could run a few more steps, a young man in a black robe walked out from afar.

As he walked, he casually dealt with the men in black from the Dark Forces who were blocking him. He killed everyone one by one without any effort.

Although the black-robed youth’s palm strike was casual, under careful observation, every palm landed accurately on the injured person’s heart without any errors!

When Mo Zhu saw this, she frowned tightly. Seeing the distance between her and the young man shrinking, she lowered her eyes and instructed Mo Jiu, “Hurry up and leave with Huo Xuan. There’s no time!”

After saying this, before Mo Jiu could agree, Huo Xuan suddenly grabbed the girl’s hand and said firmly, “I’m not leaving. Xiao Zhu, I can’t leave you alone to face such a strong opponent!”

He had noticed this mysterious young man the instant the black-robed man appeared. Although Huo Xuan hadn’t fully recovered from the poison and his reaction speed was a little slower than before, from his previous experience against so many enemies, this person was definitely not a simple character.

Furthermore, the Dark Forces was a force that he had nurtured for decades. Every subordinate in the Dark Forces was personally nurtured by him and Xu Huan after careful selection and elimination.

To be able to kill the people from the Dark Department with one palm, no matter what background this person had, he was extremely dangerous. He would definitely not let go of Mo Zhu and let her face such a powerful opponent alone!

Even though he knew that he might not be able to defeat the black-robed youth in front of him, as the girl’s fiancé, he had to fight to the last moment to protect Mo Zhu!

“No! Don’t worry about me. Leave quickly…” Before Mo Zhu could finish, the black-robed youth had already killed everyone who was hiding in the old mansion of the Kang family. He didn’t stop and was targeting Huo Xuan next.

When Mo Zhu saw this, her pupils constricted slightly. Her expression changed drastically as she quickly took two steps forward to block Huo Xuan. She raised her hand and forcefully received the black-robed youth’s powerful palm strike.

The girl’s figure moved slightly. Before everyone could see how she moved, Mo Zhu had already taken a few steps and arrived in front of the young man.

She raised her hand and retaliated according to the script. Mo Zhu sneered and said, “You’re overestimating your abilities!”

As if he did not expect Mo Zhu to still have the ability to counterattack after receiving his palm strike, the black-robed youth’s eyes instantly widened in surprise. He was stunned for a moment before taking two steps back and subconsciously raised his hand to receive her hit.

The moment their palms met, their blood was unstable from the other party’s internal energy. They lowered their heads and spat out a mouthful of blood.

When Huo Xuan saw this scene, he anxiously took two steps forward. He didn’t expect that just as he touched the girl, he would realize that Mo Zhu’s face was red and her body was burning. More and more blood was seeping from the corners of her lips.

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