The Strongest Soldier in the City - Chapter 6820 amazing information

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"I'm afraid that after I told you, you don't even have the courage to go down this road. It is impossible for a person to do anything successful in endless despair." The Nine Lords sighed. Tone, stern.

"When I learned that my opponent was the Taishang family, I was equally desperate, but I still lived to this day, what else is there to be afraid of?" Chen Liuhe paused. said.

Jiu Wangye shook his head and said, "It's different, boy, you believe me, I don't know now, it's a good thing for you, and Monk Yingtian and I can't harm you."

Chen Liuhe shook his head firmly and said, "Old man, I will come here on purpose this time, so I can't come back without success. I want to know what happened back then, and I want to know what kind of place they are talking about on the mountain. , I want to know who my real enemy, my biggest opponent, is!"

After a pause, Chen Liuhe said again, very sincerely expressing the true innermost voice in his heart: "If I don't figure it out now, I'm afraid I won't figure it out for the rest of my life, just like you said, in case one day , I burped as soon as I kicked my legs."

"I don't want to die when I don't even know who my real enemy is." Chen Liuhe said.

These words made Jiuwangye and Guigu both look shocked.

Guigu said gloomily: "Boy, don't say such unlucky words, you have always been very confident, and there is no difficulty that can defeat you."

"I was just joking, did you take it seriously? What? Don't you even have the faith to kill yourself?"

The Nine Lords said sharply: "A few days ago, you fought against Wenren Hongye and Ruimu Xunxian in Zhanhai. You can survive, so what are you afraid of? Could it be that your confidence was destroyed in that battle? Yet?"

Chen Liuhe's face was serious, and he slowly spoke out about his cooperation with Wenren Hongye and Ruimu Xunxian.

This time, the atmosphere in the entire tea room suddenly became dignified, to the extreme.

Neither Jiuwangye nor Guigu are fools, but extremely smart people.

They all knew immediately the danger involved, and cooperating with the Ruimu family and the Wen family was scheming with a tiger for skin.

Chen Liuhe said again: "Now, do you know why I must know those things?"

"You can imagine how dangerous the war will be in a month. Neither the Ruimu family nor the Wen family is a good bird."

"While cooperating with them to destroy the Taishi family, they will also think about how to get rid of me together. Everyone is always dead, and some things are tacitly understood by everyone!"

Chen Liuhe said sternly: "So, it's hard to say whether I can survive that battle. It's not a matter of confidence."

"Take 10,000 steps back, even if I can succeed in that battle and I survive, it will not end well in the end."

Chen Liuhe said, "I know these things better than anyone else."

"You said, I can't even control my own life and death, can't I know the truth of the matter?" Chen Liuhe smiled miserably.

"You can refuse this cooperation. They must not sell any good medicines in the gourd. This is too dangerous, and there will be nine deaths." Guigu said hurriedly.

Chen Liuhe shook his head: "I have no choice. If I don't cooperate with them, the three of them will join forces to kill me, and I am not an opponent either."

"If I don't cooperate with them, there is no way for me to save Xian'er. This is something I will never allow."

"Only by cooperating with them can I survive. If I can get rid of the Taishi family, it will be of great benefit to me. If I can withdraw, it will be even more profitable. Besides, in such chaos, I still There is hope that Xian'er can be saved."

Chen Liuhe took a deep breath and said, "So, in this game, I have to gamble no matter what."

Hearing Chen Liuhe's words, the two fell silent again. They wanted to dissuade them, but couldn't find any reason.

"I can wait, Xian'er can't wait, I will never watch her die." Chen Liuhe said sonorously.

"Doing inappropriate things at inappropriate times is too risky, and you will be killed by your character." The Nine Lords sighed.

Chen Liuhe didn't say anything, just picked up the teacup and tasted the tea slowly.

The tea is very fragrant, and the lips and teeth are fragrant, but after entering the throat, Chen Liuhe feels extremely bitter...  

"In this battle, you face more death than life." After being silent for a long time, Jiu Wangye suddenly spoke up and looked at Chen Liuhe very seriously.

Chen Liuhe was slightly startled, and looked at Jiuwangye.

The Nine Lords continued: "The Ruimu family and the Wen family are probably not as simple as you see."

"People who can endure and hide their clumsiness are often the most terrifying. This sentence is the same in the family." The Nine Princes said.

Chen Liuhe frowned and said, "What do you mean?"

"Old man, are you saying that in addition to Ruimu Xunxian and Wenren Hongye, Ruimu's family and Wenren's family also have supreme powers?"

"I can't guarantee this, but judging from the information I've learned about the sporadic pieces, it's very likely, and you have to be mentally prepared." The Nine Lords said.

Chen Liuhe was like a bolt from the blue, the whole person was stunned there, and his face became pale.

The news was too shocking for him.

If it is said that Ruimu's family and Wenren's family still have Wenren Hongye and Ruimu Xunxian's level of superpowers, what level of fear would they be?

Chen Liuhe didn't dare to think deeply.

That would be a very disappointing thing.

"If you say that, I only have a dead end?" Chen Liuhe took a deep breath, his back was cold.

"That's why I said, it's very dangerous." The Nine Lords looked at Chen Liuhe deeply.

"If this is the case, then the Ruimu family and the Wenren family are completely capable of destroying the Taishi family, so why should they cooperate with Chen Liuhe?"

Guigu on the side said: "The Taishi family has only two superpowers, one Taishi Yaoyue and the other Taishi Chimang. They can't resist the impact of the Wenren family and the Ruimu family."

"You're wrong again, the current supreme powerhouse of the Taishi family is only Taishi Yaoyue." The Nine Lords said.

Chen Liuhe and Guigu's expressions suddenly changed again. Chen Liuhe said, "Only Taishi Yaoyue? What about Taishi Chimang?"

"He's dead? Impossible. Last time I fought in Yanjing, I just broke his arm and injured him heavily. His injuries shouldn't kill him." Chen Liuhe said in shock.

Jiu Wangye said with deep eyes: "Tai Shi Chimang is indeed dead. In the case of serious injury and dying, he refined himself and helped Yu Xian'er to forcibly improve his realm strength..."

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