The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1550 - 1550 Ambushed

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1550 Ambushed

After Qiao Yanjue understood the Wang family’s attitude, he was disdainful, but he didn’t think too much about it.

He did not have too much of a problem with them.

As long as the Wang family understood the attitude of Xia Xibei and the Qi family and no longer dwelled on this matter, then there was no need for him to cross paths with the Wang family.

If both sides fought, many people would be hurt.

Next, Qiao Yanjue and the others continued to talk and had a good chat.

Later on in the conversation, Mr. Elton had to leave for a while.

Qiao Yanjue nodded at him and then continued talking with the others.

After another ten minutes, a young waiter came over.

“Hello, are you Mr. Qiao?”

“I am.”

“Hello, Mr. Elton asked me to come to find you.”

“Find me?” Qiao Yanjue raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, Mr. Elton is meeting a friend right now and wants to invite you over,” the waiter said very respectfully.

“Okay. I’ll go over,” Qiao Yanjue nodded.

“Okay, please follow me.”

The waiter turned and began to lead the way.

Soon, Qiao Yanjue was led to a room that had a floral scent.

“Please wait for a moment. Mr. Elton and his friend are coming over.”


Qiao Yanjue nodded and sat on the sofa to wait.

Soon, his heart suddenly jumped, and his face changed slightly.

He sniffled and found that his head was a little dizzy and his heart was beating a little fast.

He followed the scent and soon found a bottle.

Inside the bottle was aromatherapy with some incense sticks stuck in it.

The smell was very fresh, and there was nothing wrong with it.

However, Qiao Yanjue immediately ran the qi in his body, his mind cleared for a while, and then his face changed slightly.

There was something wrong with this fragrance!

Qiao Yanjue didn’t have too much talent in medicine-refining and healing, so his strength wasn’t too good, but that didn’t mean he didn’t know anything.

Although he couldn’t distinguish the problem with these scents, he could tell that there was something wrong here.

This made his face unpleasant.

Who the hell did this?

Before he could leave, he heard a little noise coming from inside.

His face changed slightly, and he immediately stood up.

Opening the door that was ajar, he saw the inside of the room.

There was a big bed in the room, and on the bed was a svelte woman.

The woman’s clothes had been pulled apart, revealing her full chest, and her clothes were very messy, with a sense of her being ravaged.

The woman’s face was flushed, and she kept moaning.

This woman was Mr. Brown’s daughter Betty!

Qiao Yanjue’s face went ashen, and he immediately closed the door.

At this time, he smelled the fragrance again.

This time, he could feel a little agitation in his body.

He hurriedly mobilized his qi to suppress his restlessness.

He was ambushed!

Now that he had understood, he didn’t want to stay any longer.

However, when he went to open the door, it was locked from the outside!

At this moment, many thoughts flashed through his mind.

With his current status, if he were caught in the same room with Ms. Brown, there would definitely be a scene.

He didn’t know Mr. Brown that well, but if the crowd saw such a situation, Mr. Brown would definitely force him to admit to the matter.

Even if nothing had happened between them!

Thinking of this, Qiao Yanjue turned around and ran to the balcony.

The room he was in now was on the third floor, and the floor here was particularly high, with the first floor being five meters high. In other words, he was now ten meters above the ground!

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