The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce - Chapter 1504 - 1504 Still Alive

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1504 Still Alive

Xia Xibei didn’t care if this matter had anything to do with Qi Zhiqiang. She just wanted to see Qi Zhi’an immediately.

“How are they doing now? Is the car accident serious?” she asked, pushing down her anxiety.

Qi Zhiqiang gave a tsk, “Don’t worry, they are all alive.”

Although the injuries were quite serious, they were still alive.

As long as they were alive, there was hope, and this also made Qi Zhiqiang feel sorry.

How come they didn’t all die together?

If all three of them had died, the family leader’s position would have been his.

It was a pity!

Xia Xibei heard his regret. She was angry, but also less worried.

Qi Zhiqiang was unhappy, indicating that Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao’s situation was not lethal.

As long as no lives were hurt, then it was fine.

Just how did they get into a car accident?

With their status, didn’t they have to have their vehicles checked before every trip?

It should have happened if it were that easy to have an accident.

Moreover, Qi Xin also had an accident.

This made her suspicious.

She was not prejudiced against Qi Xin, but this matter was too strange.

“How are they doing now?”

“They won’t die.”

Being asked again and again by Xia Xibei, Qi Zhiqiang was not in a good mood, and the tone of his answer was not good.

However, remembering Xia Xibei’s talent and strength, he couldn’t go too far.

After all, Xia Xibei did not depend on him for a living.

On the contrary, he still had to rely on Xia Xibei!

If not, he wouldn’t be so patient saying these words to Xia Xibei.

“It’s just that Qi Xin is a little more seriously injured. Both of them are fine.”

Speaking of this matter, Qi Zhiqiang could not help but tsk twice.

What a pity!

However, Qi Xin cared about her parents. When something happened, she protected them first.

Otherwise, the couple would be the most seriously injured now.

Thinking of this, Qi Zhiqiang could not help but feel saddened.

How come other people’s daughters were so good, and his daughter was so ungrateful?

“Qi Xin is more seriously injured?” Xia Xibei’s brow furrowed, “What happened?”

“I don’t know.” Qi Zhiqiang grunted in displeasure. “It should be because she’s protecting her parents, that’s why.”

These words made Xia Xibei’s face even more gloomy.

Qi Xin protected Qi Zhi’an and Ling Xiao?!

That sounded… More problematic!

However, she didn’t ask too many questions. Everything had to wait until she saw it with her own eyes before she could have a definite conclusion.

“I’ll go over there now!”

Qi Zhiqiang was a little bitter, “No need to come over. They’re fine! I’m just telling you about it.”

Xia Xibei wouldn’t have come over to see him if he had been injured!

Thinking about this, he was in a bad mood.

“I’ll go over and check it out. I’ll see you guys, by the way.”

Xia Xibei’s words made Qi Zhiqiang’s face darken.

What did she mean by looking at them, by the way?

Were they not important?

Qi Zhiqiang was upset but couldn’t stop Xia Xibei from taking action.

After hanging up the phone, Xia Xibei told Qiao Yanjue what had happened.

Qiao Yanjue was also surprised, “They had a car accident?! Such a coincidence?”

The two of them looked at each other and had the same thought.

Yes, how could it be such a coincidence?

To say that there was no problem here, none of them would believe it!

“I’m going to take a look,” Xia Xibei said. “You help me check other things.”

Qiao Yanjue nodded, “Okay.”

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