The Pioneer of the Rebirth Era - v2 Chapter 1972 Confused again

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Yang Dongxu achieved financial freedom a long time ago, but the older generation did not.

For example, on the side of Yang's father and Yang's mother, although they don't want Yang Dongxu's money. However, the income of pig farms, the income of growing Chinese herbal medicines in the fields, and the income of homestays are now easily a few million yuan.

They can spend all of this money, because whether it's for retirement or getting sick in the future, they don't have to worry about running out of money. Everything is supported by this son, Yang Dongxu.

But they have been adhering to this previous living habit is very economical. Don't forget the places you can't see, the places you see always want to save some money.

For example, when it comes to staying in a five-star hotel, Yang Dongxu never discussed with them, nor did he tell them how much it would cost to stay a night. He only said that the grandparents, grandparents, and grandparents are older, and living in a better environment would make traveling more comfortable.

Although Mom and Dad Yang can afford five-star hotels now, they also understand that it is good for the elderly. But it still hurts to hear the price of a five-star hotel.

Therefore, when traveling, accommodation and transportation costs are generally ignored. Not only did they not ask about this, they also didn’t ask about Yang Dongxu’s houses in the city, houses in Hong Kong, or car prices.

Otherwise, it always feels that millions, or even hundreds of millions, of buying these things are not worth it at all.

The hundreds of thousands of pickups at home have been driven for so many years, and now they can still drive them, and they feel that it is worth it. After a few years of driving a few million dollars, they will need to replace them because of functional upgrades. They think this is very bad. Behavior.

Private jets cost at least tens of millions every year. They only work for a few years to keep the plane for a year. Knowing this, they will definitely worry about sleeping well, even if their son is rich, these costs are only a drop in the bucket.

So Yang Dongxu seldom said about this, and they seldom asked.

But you still need to ask about the costs that you can see. For example, after walking around Erhai Lake, Yang Dongxu wants to buy some Pu'er tea to send to relatives and friends.

It's a bit unreasonable to bring so many elderly people on a trip out with great fanfare. For example, auntie, after returning home from the second aunt's house, you always have to check it out, don't you think?

But after hearing that a box of tea costs thousands of dollars, Ma Yang hesitated.

It's not too extravagant to salute at Yang Dongxu's hometown.

As for the rising price of betrothal gifts in rural areas, this one in Yangjia Village does not have this problem. Because everyone knows that Yangjia Village and several nearby villages have a good life.

When a daughter is married, she enjoys happiness, not suffering, so if you want to give a betrothal gift, you only need to think about it. It's enough to give more gifts to my husband's family during the festivals to make their faces bright.

As soon as the woman opened her mouth, it was like selling her daughter for hundreds of thousands. If she married Yangjia Village, she would be stabbed in the spine. She said that the woman's family did not pay attention to drinking the blood of her son-in-law's family, and even her daughter could not raise her head in Yangjia Village.

After all, the matter of marriage is about two families helping a new couple to build a new home, not the targeted poverty alleviation by the son-in-law's family to the father-in-law's family.

At the same time, the reverse is also true. The woman did not pay attention to the bride price and got married. If the mother-in-law is stingy, she will be told.

Therefore, the atmosphere near Yangjia Village is that no matter what kind of wedding or funeral, as long as the meaning is there, it will be fine, and the more important thing is to get along and get along with each other more.

So if you say that a few cousins ​​and cousins ​​have given birth to a baby, it won't hurt to send more than 100,000 golden pigs as gifts from Mama Yang's side. This is for children.

When she was a member of the family, Yang's mother, who was an aunt, would at most give it to the past. This is if there is anything wrong with the Yang family after the gift, the other family will also pay it back at this price.

In short, it is a gift, and it does not need to be returned. The gift is the meaning of congratulations.

So when you sell it now, you get thousands of gifts. What do you bring when you let others come to your house?

Dozens of dollars of fruit, you don't mind that the other party is also a little embarrassed. I will also give you a few thousand things, which may be a burden to other families. How can this relative move around?

"Well, anyway, my cousins ​​occasionally come to sit with me, and buy these teas first. When they drink well, I will give them some when they leave.

As a gift to bring home, pick those hundreds of specialty products. "Yang Dongxu obviously knew his mother's character, so he said.

"That's good, so choose!" A smile appeared on Yang Ma's face immediately.

She is not a stingy person, mainly because she is afraid that sending things will not make the relationship more harmonious, but will bring a burden to others.

For example, it is said that when people come to Yang's family to visit relatives and take their children in the new year, they will give 50 of the New Year's money and absolutely not much, so when Yang Dongxu takes the children to visit relatives, the other party will also give 50.

But buying things for children and buying food is hundreds of hundreds of dollars without blinking at all.

"I'll buy a few boxes of tea to take back first, um...let's take four boxes." The aunt next to him said.

Yang's mother was hesitant about how to send it, and the little aunt asked for four boxes, not because she wanted to treat her sister-in-law to be ugly.

But two boxes are good for old people who take back and honor their parents. This stuff can lower blood lipids and cholesterol. The other two boxes are going to be brought to Dong Yao's house. The things you bring to the door for the first time must not be too shabby. UU reading

And this is the first time I brought home a gift that was too arrogant and arrogant, but it was shabby and I was afraid that others would look down on other people's daughters, so this tea became a good choice, elegant and decent.

After taking a few boxes of tea leaves, the group came out of the tea shop, and saw that there were quite a few stalls on the side of the road not far away, Yang Ma Yanjing lit up.

"You put your stuff back in the car, let's go for a walk over there."

Compared with the high-end tea shops, roadside stalls are Yang Ma's favorite. Not only Yang's grandparents, grandparents, grandparents, they also find it more attractive there.

"Okay, let's go over there." Yang Dongxu walked over to the car with his things, and his colleague gave Zhou Ya a wink.

At first glance, this large group of Wuyangyang is obviously a fat sheep. Yang Dongxu is rich, but he doesn't want to be regarded as a big idiot with a lot of money.

Although Yang Ma and others are also masters in bargaining in their hometown, but they are in their hometown after all, and they don't know much about the prices here, so the bargaining is definitely not accurate.

Zhou Ya is different. She is a big boss who has been trained from a roadside stall. She doesn't know much about the routines of this small business and hawker.

So Dong Yao felt confused again after being at a loss that the Yang family would not struggle with how to adapt to money.

In her opinion, Zhou Ya, who has such an elegant temperament, is very kind, but she is more ashamed than Bai Qian. An existence like a goddess aloof, it should be that the human world that stays on the altar is not worthy of the other party at all.

As a result, Yang's mother started bargaining when she bought something, and Zhou Ya began to bargain actively. The language was soft, but the knife she wielded was more ruthless than the other, and she would be cut to the bone.

The vendor who saw it was stunned, and Dong Yao couldn't help but open his mouth.

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