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Youzhou, Sany Hutong.

Xuanyuan Wushang cautiously pushed open the window, looked in Annan's direction, dazed, as if thinking of something.

Xing Tian, ​​whose stature is even bigger than Della Tu's, walked around Xuanyuan Wushang a little anxiously, and his shape was constantly changing, with a huge writing brush, imitation of complex structure, thick and Great books, mighty strong men, charming beauties, innocent children...

His appearance is constantly changing, and occasionally even turns into some strange messy things.

"Your Highness, are we still going to make a move?"

Xing Tian repeated the question he had asked many times.

Youzhou is not only thousands of miles away from Annan, but standing here, the two of them can clearly see what is happening in that banquet hall now.

They saw Li Tianlan disappear suddenly after walking out of the lounge.

Then following the location where Li Tianlan disappeared, Xuanyuan Wushang and Xing Tian could even directly see the space that theoretically does not exist at all. They also saw Li Tianlan's identity changing from Chen Shaoqing to Hemerocallis to Pan Sen. Seeing what he was going through, seeing that Dela Tu took away Li Tianlan's martial arts strength.

All this is not because of how awesome Xuanyuan Wushang is.

but because...

Delato did all this, and some of the loopholes were so big that Xuanyuan Wushang was speechless.

What is this feeling like?

Delatu seems to be using something that he is not familiar with to make the layout. After one operation, he thinks that everything he has done is perfect, but in the eyes of others, there are loopholes everywhere. At a glance, those loopholes add up. There are too many to count.

Xuanyuan Wushang admired all this with relish.

Finally, after Xing Tian repeated the question just now, he touched his chubby chin and murmured: "What an idiot..."

"Your Highness, are we still going to make a move?"

Xing Tian asked again.

Now he has turned into a cute little boy, his face flushed with anxiety.


Xuanyuan Wushang was not polite at all, he slapped Xing Tian on the head, and said cursingly: "Shoot? Shot? Shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot, shot your sister... looking for death? You know a hammer."

Xing Tian was slapped into a five or six-year-old little girl, covering her head, grinning pitifully at her master.

"If you don't do it, it's over!"

Xing Tiantian, who looked like a little girl, shouted: "You idiot, if His Majesty Li Tianlan loses his strength, everything will have to start all over again, no time, no time!!"

Xuanyuan Wushang got a headache from her troubles, so he gave her a hard look, and said angrily, "Change back for me!"

The image of Xing Tian's little girl disappeared immediately, and she turned into a small miniature interstellar warship, the artillery at the bow was turned on at full power, and the light spots of the cannonballs the size of rice grains kept hitting Xuanyuan Wushang's fat face: "You idiot! You idiot!"

"I'll make you change back!"

Xuanyuan Wushang was a little upset.

Then Xing Tian turned into a Rubik's Cube and put it on Xuanyuan Wushang's head, and turned into a hat again, which was so green.


Xuanyuan Wushang gritted his teeth and took off his hat: "You are playing me a monster, believe it or not, I threw you into the little black room?"

The hat trembled, and then Xuan


Xing Tian's voice was dull, and the change in image brought about a logical change in his entire personality. His voice was dull and steady: "His Majesty Li Tianlan needs help very much."

"You know a hammer."

Xuanyuan Wushang had no external interference, and continued to watch the play with great interest.

"Once he loses his strength in martial arts, given his current situation, it will be very difficult for him to even survive."

Xing Tian continued: "You should know what the consequences are."

How many enemies does Li Tianlan have now?

The Continental League can be said to hate him to the bone.

Xingguo also regards him as a serious problem.

After the Tiannan Treaty was signed, Annan now knew the inside story and wanted to eat it raw.

Even without mentioning these things, within Central Continent, the Beihai Wang Clan and the Prince's Group were just as eager to cut Li Tianlan into pieces.

In the face of Li Tianlan who has no strength, it is impossible for the academics to continue to support him like this.

At that time, Li Tianlan will face a situation that is countless times more dangerous than when he just entered the WTO. He has reached this position. If he loses his strength, he will almost be dead, even worse than death.

"It's my fault."

Xuanyuan Wushang sighed helplessly: "Because of my personal experience, there is such an ignorant thing as you."

He pointed to Fang Fang and asked, "What do you say that is?"


Xing Tian's tone was a little puzzled.

Xuanyuan Wushang laughed angrily: "I don't know you, sir. If it is really unknown, the other party doesn't need to do anything at all. It's just an idea. In less than one tenth of a second, with the City of Miracles as the center, the nearby count Tens of thousands of galaxies, most of the star clusters will be completely shrouded in chaos, it’s still so unknown, are you crazy?”

"If this thing wasn't scary, it wouldn't have been able to attract the God of War's sword in the first place when the incomplete unknown appeared here.

What appears in Annan now is just a little breath left after the unknown has completely disappeared, understand? It’s like I’m dead, but a little bit of my smell still remains in this world. When the wind blows, the smell disperses, but it doesn’t mean it’s gone. Just a little bit, almost non-existent smell... This is Annan’s that thing. "

"Well, doesn't that sound like a fix? Shit! Even if it's a smell, it's an unknown smell, and that **** doesn't know how to use it yet, so we can watch a show here.

But in fact, don't look at my current strength? The gap is not even what we can imagine, you still let me make a move, are you asking me to die? "

Xing Tian opened his mouth, but was speechless.

"So you need to say a few words about BB."

Xuanyuan Wushang warned: "Big Brother is alive there because he is Huang Xi, to be exact, because he has a brand of authenticity.

This battlefield looks childish from a distance, but when you get close, it's not like that at all. The only person who is qualified to get close is the Eldest Princess. "

Xing Tian pursed his lips: "Princess, it's inconvenient now..."

Xing Tian nodded and hummed.

When Xibai's soul fragments woke up, Xuanyuan Wushang also felt it.

The existence of Xibai can be said to be an orderly creature that maintains the thinking of the human race.

And it is a very pure order creature.

Order and chaos, to human beings, are equivalent to poisonous.

Feng Qingwu can resist this kind of poison, but after all, there is still a gap in strength. After barely accompanying her mother for a while, she will also be troublesome when she comes back, and now she has no time to worry about him.

So now face the breath of the unknown.

Li Tianlan can only rely on himself.

But he lost his martial arts strength.

Xuanyuan Wushang rubbed his chin, he didn't seem to be too worried: "I suddenly thought of a sentence my elder brother once said..."

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Xing Tian scratched his head.

Xuanyuan Wushang thought for a while, then slowly said: "I remember he once said...he doesn't like martial arts very much, although he created the current martial arts...but...he just doesn't like it and is very resistant. ..”

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