The Great Genetic Era - ~ Happy Spring Festival everyone!

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Today is New Year's Eve, Zhu San is here to wish you all a happy Chinese New Year, auspicious, healthy and safe Year of the Rabbit!

I also wish all the bosses a wealth of money and a lot of laughter.

I also wish all parents good health and good luck!

I also wish Zhusan himself health and safety!

Well, it's New Year's Eve!

Actually, at Zhu San’s age, I don’t like Chinese New Year very much, mainly because Chinese New Year is too tiring, I have to do all kinds of things, and I have to prepare the New Year’s Eve dinner, and I have to spend a lot of money. Chinese New Year is the kind of exhaustion.

Rest, there is no such possibility.

However, this year still has to pass.

Because the old people have thought about it, and the children have thought about it too, Zhu San has to work hard to live this year well.

I understand everything!

Finally, let’s talk about the update during the Chinese New Year. Zhusan will try to update it. If it cannot be updated, it will issue a chapter explaining it.

Finally, at the end, Zhusan wishes all the bosses always be in the grass beside the nest, and the dreams in the distance are always fulfilled!

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