The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak - Chapter 770: Hidden faction

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Chapter 770: Hidden faction

“Not good!”

Alexander swiftly moved his body when he felt the energy of the mysterious man. He waved his hand and pushed the other people away. Yaniesvyl and Dream, who were closest to him, were hurled several kilometers away. As for Lady Heimbra and the four protectors, they were thrown several hundred meters. It’s up to them if they could survive or not.

100% [Sun Layer Barrier]!!

The mysterious man activated [Element Drive] to further boost the one hundred percent power of his attack. His energy level spiked up to the limit as the heat drastically rose.

“You’re probably the one who destroyed the Wingless Crow branch in Mine Valley so I’ll kill you right here right now!!”

The mysterious man roared as he waved his hand and the five rings on his fingers flew in the mid-air. The five rings release a bright light that illuminated the entire area.

“I’ll activate all of you to increase the power of my spell and hold the magic circle together!!”

Just like that, a powerful light shot upward. It was pure and condensed flames which were existed to cause destruction. It started with the mysterious man’s body before it spread out covering the area within a diameter of three kilometers.

“Feel my power! Hahaha!!”

It shot upward like a pillar of light, destroying everything within. It pierced through the clouds and continued to move upward without any sign of stopping. Eventually, it collided with the moon causing a huge explosion. Still, it continued to move as if nothing could stop it.

Yaniesvyl and Dream looked at it in horror. They looked up to see the ends of it but it seems endless. It felt like a huge spear of heaven had pierced this land.

They felt like an ant looking at an elephant. The disparity was like heaven and earth. They couldn’t even fathom what was happening right now.

“So you really know the Wingless Crow, eh? Good.”

The mysterious man saw a shadow of a hand through the light. The hand contained enormous power that offset his all-out attack. It moved and grabbed his face.

He felt an overwhelming force pressing him to the ground.

Voices whispers to his ears.

His body was shaking uncontrollably.

Various forces gripped his body tightly.

He saw a silhouette of a giant serpent directly looking at him.


Instantly, the pillar of light disappeared. Souta was gripping the mysterious man’s face tightly. Everything around them disintegrated. The power of the attack just now was too high to the point that Souta had to activate some of his aces instantly to counter it.

“It’s twilight so I’m a lot stronger than normal but to think that this guy could force me to use my release form for a second is beyond my expectation.” Souta narrowed his eyes. He slightly glanced at his surrounding.

Everything around was a mess. There’s no ground beneath him anymore. He was just floating in the mid-air. This mysterious man launched a super attack that almost turned everything into nothing. Alexander survived but he received heavy damage in exchange. If he could use his energy, he would have taken less damage.

Alexander even tried to save Lady Heimbra and the four protectors but they also died. They didn’t even leave any traces of their bodies. He wanted to protect them since the mysterious man wanted to kill the experts from the top faction to cause utter chaos in Spring Land. Luckily, Yaniesvyl and Dream were alive.

“Y-You!! You!! I…!!”

The mysterious man wanted to resist but he found that his body was numb.


He looked over, only to find that his four limbs were gone.

The instant he thought he repelled Souta, Souta used that opportunity to dismantle him. He activated most of his aces and sliced the mysterious man’s body while he was distracted.

Everything happened in less than a second.

“I know Wingless Crow. It’s a powerful underground organization but its main headquarters isn’t located in Hall Plains. It means, that some groups in this land are working with them. I just want to know for what purpose. You know them, right?” Souta asked calmly.

“Hahaha!! It’s true that the Wingless Crow in Hall Plains is just a branch but you shouldn’t think about them!” The mysterious man laughed madly. “They are looking at the people that destroyed the Wingless Crow in Mine Valley! You will die sooner or later! You shouldn’t antagonize them!”

“It’s not up to you if I’m going to die or not,” Souta said in a cold tone as his hand pierced through the mysterious man’s chest. “Tell me everything that you know or else I’m going to rip out your heart.”

“Hehehe! Wingless Crow is just a backup plan. They are helpful but needless in the end plan. Be careful, you might die without knowing it.” The mysterious man emitted a strange light as his mana started to go wild. “Our king is going to return! Oh lord of mine… Please forgive this lowly being.”

“Self-destruct!!” Souta narrowed his eyes as he directly ripped out the mysterious man’s heart to stop the unnecessary explosion.

Ugh! The mysterious man lost the luster in his eyes as he fell into the bottomless pit that he created.

Souta just looked down before firing [Dark Shooting Ray] to thoroughly kill the man.


Mine Valley and now… The Spring Land.

So by destroying the branch of Wingless Crow he offended two large factions. The main Wingless Crow and the one working with the branch which was his current target.

Souta didn’t have to worry about the Wingless Crow for now. He was familiar with that group so he knew how they works. They wouldn’t be able to send their men at him since their main headquarters was on the other side of the continent. It was far from Hall Plains.

One thing that he should focus his attention on was the group working behind the branch of the Wingless Crow. The person that cast a large-scale charm back then in the White Line City.

“Their king is going to return…”

Souta muttered in a low voice. He couldn’t help but glance at the Chain Quest.

[Unprecedented Child]: Throughout the years, a creature was born with ultimate power. He was born to rule and dominate. A natural emperor.

[Assassins] Quest 1: Find the people that kill Envoy Jeoban (Completed)

[Unknown] Quest 2: An unknown group is hiding in the Hall Plains. Gather information about them.

This seems bigger than what he expected. Kessa was recovering her strength in Ekatoe City so he wasn’t worried about his base getting destroyed. She would be able to scare a lot of powerful experts even if she hasn’t recovered most of her strength.

‘Saya, how is it?’ Souta asked.

‘Theoretically, it’s possible. You said that you understand it, right? If you start it, you will not be able to use it for the time being.’ Saya said.

‘Yeah, I think I could start it.’ Souta nodded his head.

‘Ufufu, you said that you’ve been enlightened and you will handle it on your own.’ Saya chuckled.

‘Well, I have you here so it’s not good if I didn’t use your knowledge to see if it will work.’ Souta shrugged his shoulders.

‘The fundamentals are similar to sublimation of combat arts and forbidden formation of spells. You haven’t even learned the two but if you think about it there’s still a difference.’ Saya paused for a moment before she added, ‘You haven’t even grasped the essence of combat arts and spells yet. In terms of knowledge, you’re still at mid-level. If what you’re saying is true then there’s a chance that you could pull it off.’

‘At least I’m not a low level… I will try it.’ Souta sighed. He had Saya so he wasn’t worried about sublimation but the forbidden spell was different. She didn’t know the actual formation of the forbidden spell.

Luckily, he belongs to one of God’s legions. He could get his hands on the formation of the forbidden spell once he accumulated a large number of achievement points.

“Hey, Souta. Is there something wrong?”

Souta turned his head and looked at Alexander. He shook his head and answered, “Nothing… Just some problem with my territory.”

“Oh, I forgot that you have a territory now,” Alexander said.

“Perhaps, you know something about them. Did you hear about a very special organization in Hall Plains while you are traveling?” Souta asked.

“Murder Society?” Alexander raised his eyebrows.

“Aside from them. Murder Society isn’t that strong.” Souta said.

“So something stronger… I’m sorry, I only heard about Murder Society.” Alexander apologized.

“It’s fine.” Souta shook his head.

“Maybe, the Murder Society knew about it. They are a hidden faction in Hall Plains yet experts at Solidifying Realm somehow heard of them. It’s strange if you think about it. There’s a chance that the Murder Society is their face.” Alexander said.

“So in the end I have to find the Murder Society.” Souta narrowed his eyes. He was glad that he sent his shadows to follow them. Once he finished this quest, he would spare some time to visit them.

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