The Doctor In the Steampunk World - Chapter 1812 Lord of the Cold

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The cold wave swept across the Tiannan Mountains surged in one direction at an astonishing speed, and the human camp immediately attacked with all their might, trying to blast away this unknown danger.

However, the cold wave turned into a solid ice wall and blocked most of the attacks. Even the most powerful magic energy rays and the attacks of the peak knight king level died unexpectedly, without causing the expected damage and explosion.

Instead, there was a terrifying, biting, terrifying ice aura.

Simon opened his spiritual eyes and saw an extremely powerful and terrifying light of the soul. He closed his eyes immediately after only one glance, for fear of attracting the attention of the other party.

"What did you see?" Rebecca Romijn asked immediately.

"Humanity is in big trouble. A terrifying existence has emerged from the spiritual world. It is very terrifying." Simon's face was extremely ugly.

"It seems that I feel right, this guy should be the trump card of the demon. But I have never heard of the top powerhouse of the ice system in the spiritual world." Rebecca Romijn pondered.

"I haven't heard of it, maybe it's not in the spiritual world." Simon said solemnly.

At this time, a blizzard suddenly appeared in the sky. The blizzard was extremely fierce, rolling in all directions, and the temperature between heaven and earth was dropping rapidly.

A huge white figure came out of the cracked space. He was tall, at least thirty or forty meters tall, in humanoid form, his body was covered with long white fluffy hair, and he had a humanoid head, but his facial features were twisted. , looks extremely weird, the only thing that stands out is the pair of red giant eyes.

Against the all-white body, those giant blood-colored eyes were extremely conspicuous. However, those **** eyes are like ice that has not melted in ten thousand years, without any emotional fluctuations, seeing everything as if there is no emotion at all. Gives a creepy psychological pressure

He crossed out of the spiritual world space, the blizzard set off his stalwart body, and came with extreme cold and death.

"Master Sanus has come out, all evacuated." The demons roared, and all the demons who approached quickly retreated, for fear of being caught by the extreme cold and typhoid fever that he carried.

The blizzard is getting bigger and bigger, sweeping towards the human camp. The temperature between heaven and earth drops again and again. The blizzard covers a section of the human camp. All the knights and warriors below the knight commander level are instantly swept into the body by cold air, and then the whole body is cold. Frost, but it was not frozen, but changed strangely, turning into monsters covered in frost, they lost consciousness and became walking dead.

There was a roar in the white, and these white monsters rushed towards the human front, launching an attack that was not afraid of death.

The human knight king immediately noticed this situation, his face changed greatly, he tried his best to stop the blizzard, and shouted for support from other powerhouses.

The magic cannon roared, and a dazzling magic cannon slammed into the white existence.

But the white existence raised his hand, and with the palm of his hand, he blocked the magic energy ray that had caused the King Knight to be severely injured, and even the extreme cold froze the magic energy ray.

The white existence looked up to the direction of the magic energy ray, and the blood-colored giant eye shot two white beams, which directly hit the location of the magic energy cannon, which was frozen in an instant.

The magic cannon and the knight who controlled the magic cannon were all killed in an instant. You must know that there are two half-step knight kings guarding the magic cannon, and they have powerful defense secrets, even in the face of the attack of the knight king. Can hold a couple of times. However, under the blow of the white existence, the defense secret technique collapsed instantly, and the half-step knight king-level didn't even have the chance to protect himself from being frozen and killed.

This terrifying and terrifying result shocked Simon for a long time and couldn't keep his mouth shut.

The white existence walked towards the human front, and the blizzard began to spread towards Tiannan Mountain. Such terrifying existences cannot be stopped by the current strength of the human front.

The three super knight kings who were fighting in the distance noticed the horror of the white existence, their faces changed greatly, and they realized that it was not good.

He wanted to turn his head and go back to support, but was held back by the King of Demons.

The first mason fully exerted the time-space secret technique, staring at the Heitian Dragon King with his captain, and then a powerful ray bombarded the Heitian Dragon King's head. The brain is gone.

"Ultimate Chaos"

But the attack of the first mason still shot through half of his face, causing him a great typhoid fever.

The first mason immediately turned around and rushed towards Tiannan Mountain.

The Black Sky Dragon King roared in pain, turned into a black dragon, his wings vibrated, and chased the first mason.

But the speed of the first mason is undoubtedly faster, he rushed over, the white existence found the first mason, and his eyes spurted white rays again, but the first mason swiftly dodged away, rushing towards the white existence at an amazing speed .

Then the time-space secret technique imprisoned the body of the white existence, and he burst out with a long spear wrapped in lightning, straight to the head of the white existence.

However, White Exist's eyes moved a bit, and two rays shot out, hitting the lightning spear. The lightning spear was instantly frozen, and even the Lei that jumped was frozen.

The white existence seemed to be provoked by the first mason, UU reading for the first time revealed emotional fluctuations in his immortal eyes, he raised his huge white hand and blasted at the first mason, carrying a terrifying extreme cold, in the air The water vapor was frozen, and with the movement of the giant hand, a piece of ice crystals was brought out behind him.

The first mason slashed the giant hand with his knight's sword, and the giant hand was swayed away in an instant, but the first mason was also frozen into an ice sculpture by the extreme cold.

However, the ice sculpture exploded in an instant, and before the first mason could react, the white ray struck again. He resisted with all his strength and blocked the ray, but the power of the extreme cold still froze his knight sword, and even his arms began to freeze.

The Black Sky Dragon King attacked from behind, and he opened his mouth to spit out a black dragon's breath, which blasted towards the first mason like a cannonball.

The first mason's body's magic energy exploded with a shock, shattering the ice crystals all over his body, and turning his sword back to sever the dragon's breath.

The white existence shot again, and the first mason quickly retreated to avoid the attack.

He stared at the terrifying white existence and the eyeing Black Sky Dragon King, his expression extremely solemn.

"Hahaha, Ivan Craig, you humans are doomed to fail today." The Black Sky Dragon King laughed wildly.

The first mason looked at the white existence and said solemnly, "How come I have never heard of this existence."

"Sanus, Lord of Extreme Cold, you are very powerful, how about being my follower?" The white existence suddenly spoke.

"Lord of Extreme Cold? Why have I never heard of it." The first mason looked puzzled, he had never heard of this name.

Simon and Rebecca Romijn also looked at each other blankly.

"I was born in the extreme north and slept in the ice layer that has not melted for thousands of years in the extreme north. I have never left the extreme north. It is normal for you not to know." Sanus, the lord of extreme cold, said.

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