The All-League of Legends Starts From the Heavens - Chapter 357 Gods can be killed too!

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[From the heavens to perform the entire League of Legends] []

With the revenge demon, the temperature in the entire subway station hall rose rapidly.

The rolling heat wave, mixed with the pungent smell of sulfur, began to permeate the surroundings.

The fiery flames unleashed by him quickly burned and melted the girdle of tentacles growing in Bilbo's hands.

After that, there was no sign of weakening, and they continued to pounce on the witch siblings like a tiger.

When Bilbo saw this, he did not hesitate to block his sister with his body.

The surging fire engulfed him in an instant, and the huge momentum attached to it pushed him back again and again.

At the same time, the armor covering the whole body gradually burned red, and the heat emitted could distort the surrounding air.

The witch wanted to help her brother, but was rejected by Bilbo because he was slowly getting used to the temperature.

"Sister, hand over the demon to me, and you go and deal with that human soldier."

Having said that, facing the scorching flames, he strode forward and kicked the vengeful demon.

Hanhen kicked Chato straight out, and finally smashed the window next to the hall and fell into the store.

At this time, the witch also found Rick.

The special officer used the terrain to hide back and forth, retreating and firing at her.

The bullet hit her with a crackling sound, and it bounced off after only a few sparks.

Rick seemed to have learned the witch's defense a long time ago, so he took out a smoke bomb, pulled the ring off, and threw it under his feet.

The fast-spreading choking white smoke quickly occupied a large space between the two.

Seizing the opportunity, he hurriedly moved in the direction where Chato fell.

The witch's line of sight was blocked, but she was not in a hurry at all. Instead, she was like a cat chasing its prey, and she had to play as much as possible before catching it.

As a species with a higher degree of evolution than humans, even without eyes, she can clearly perceive the specific location of everyone present.

As a result, the witch's body turned into a black gas and disappeared.

When it reappears, it has already blocked the only way for special officers.

As soon as Su's hand was raised, Rick flew to the witch uncontrollably like a metal attracted by a magnet.

The witch grabbed him by the neck and held him up in the air, her fingers clenching constantly.

Rick suddenly felt breathless, his head swelled, and his legs were kicking involuntarily.

Then the witch held him for a spin, as if showing her prey to the others.

"Today, I will let you all know that you will end up disobeying God!"

Seeing that Rick's face turned from white to red, and finally turned purple-cyan, Tong Kong began to lose his temper, and the samurai sword in the corner looking after Lu Wu couldn't sit still.

Rick can be regarded as her friend after all. She can't sit back and watch him die in front of her.

Just as the samurai sword was about to get up to save her, Lu Wu suddenly grabbed her and whispered, "I can't go, it's not time yet."

"But he's about to be killed!"

"Trust me, no, someone will save him, but not you."

At this moment, Lu Wu turned into a riddleman and said something that he didn't even know the meaning of.

"We have to be patient enough, opportunities are fleeting, and we have to do the right thing at the right time in order to be one-shot kill."

The samurai sword was a little hesitant. Her life creed did not allow her to die, but she had full trust in Lu Wu.

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[From the heavens to perform the entire League of Legends] []

In the midst of entanglement and hesitation, a roar suddenly sounded in the hall.

It turned out to be Chato, who fell into the window, and was thoroughly enraged, and finally planned to show his full strength.

When he walked out of the shop, he had transformed from a gangster youth covered in tattoos to a skeleton giant much bigger than Bilbo.

The whole body was wrapped in flames, and the burning air made a hunting sound.

The large feathered crown on the top of his head, similar to that of an aboriginal chief, makes him look like a monarch from hell.

This form now is the reason why Chatto is called a vengeful demon.

The sulphur smell in the air rose again, and even the witches couldn't help frowning.

However, the most surprising thing is that the mouth of the skeleton giant is the language used by the witches.

"Come on, bitch, let me see what you can do!"

This scene made everyone present drop their jaws. Bilbo, who was planning to take credit for his sister, was even more angry and felt that he had lost face.

The witch had already let Rick go and was about to take the shot herself, but he was in front of him, and a thick tentacle girdle went straight to the giant's face.

Although the vengeful demon was a skeleton, he could still see the disdain on his face. He raised his arms, and in an instant, raging flames erupted from his palms.

The flames even turned blue-purple in color due to the high temperature.

Bilbo dealt with the girdle of others, but he fell into a low score against the vengeful demon again. After a few stabs, it turned into a gas directly.

He himself was so burned that he couldn't raise his head, his body was scorched black, and he had a tendency to melt.

The revenge demon took advantage of the victory to pursue and attacked him, directly bullying himself up to fight him hand-to-hand, swinging his fists from the left and right, hitting his weak head with precision.

Bilbo staggered back, wobbly and nearly fell on his back.

Fortunately, he managed to maintain his balance in the end, and no opponent was knocked out by two punches.

Then the two non-human creatures started punching each other with one punch and one kick.

The huge momentum shook people's eardrums, and their heavy footsteps plowed the ground for their debut.

The worst is Rick's adjutant, who was originally lingering, and the gas was too close, and the gas was less, and now he became the pond fish that was affected.

In a coma, two giants stepped on one foot and completely ground into a puddle of meat.

In other words, the killer crocodile was lucky enough, plus his physical fitness was good, he retained a little consciousness, and hid to the side with difficulty, otherwise he would follow in the footsteps of the adjutant.

The rest ran to the edge of the hall early, leaving the battle in the middle to Chato and Bilbo.

Only the witch is the closest, ready to support her incompetent younger brother at any time.

It's not that she doesn't want to help right away, the main reason is that the two of them are fighting together, and they are too close, and it is easy to accidentally hurt their own people.

In addition, the witch knew her brother's arrogant temper, and would never let her help unless it was a last resort.

But it is impossible to beat, after all, the gap between Bilbo and the vengeful demon can be seen by a discerning eye.

Gradually, Bilbo began to show signs of weakness, and his steps were a little flustered.

Seeing this opportunity, the vengeful demon grabbed his neck with one hand, and pulled hard with the other, tearing off the armor on his chest.

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[From the heavens to perform the entire League of Legends] []

Without the protection of the bronze armor, Bilbo's patterned glowing body was exposed to the air.

Without saying a word, the vengeful demon stamped the burning bone palm on his chest.

The witch had already seen that something was wrong at this time, her mind moved, and the phantom took shape, instantly dragging the vengeful demon into it.

Chato only felt that the scene in front of him changed. A huge creature in the shape of a dead dog stood in front of him, with a huge mouth open, jagged fangs sticking out, and saliva at the corners of his mouth, waiting for him to take the initiative to send it. Come to the door.

He subconsciously retracted his arms, breaking out in a cold sweat.

But he soon discovered that the creature's eyes were hollow, its body was illusory, and it was obviously abnormal. Only then did he realize that he had fallen into illusion again.

And with less than tenth of a second of hesitation, Bilbo rolled on the spot and escaped from his grasp.

Bilbo, who had saved his life, hid behind the witch, panting heavily, looking at the palm-shaped mark on his chest and the extremely stinging burning sensation, he was afraid for a while.

If his sister hadn't acted in time, he would have been killed by Huang Quan.

The witch was also a little stunned. She was a little skeptical about what Lu Wu told her before, but now she finally understands that the vengeful demon does have the ability to kill their siblings.

If that's the case, it's even more impossible for him to speak.

Recalling the information revealed when Lu Wu communicated with her, the witch really found that the breath of the vengeful demon was fading a little bit.

Just now, far exceeding Bilbo's size, he had shrunk to his level.

The flames burning on his body are no longer so turbulent.

The vengeful demon and the witch siblings, though from different world dimensions, share one characteristic.

That is the belief that their power comes from beings.

For example, in ancient times, the witch sisters and brothers were regarded as gods by the ancient indigenous people, so their strength was a bit stronger than now.

The source of the revenge demon's belief is the younger brothers of his gang, as well as some other people who know his name and worship him.

Then came the problem, because the vengeful demon himself was imprisoned, and his gangs were either annexed by other gangs, or disbanded, in short, he lost most of his sources of belief.

When he played against Bilbo just now, he used all the energy he had accumulated before.

Now that these energies are about to run out, he is not just getting weaker and weaker, in layman's terms - he is no longer blue.

Like the previous witches, the reason why Amanda was at the mercy of him was because the blue stripe didn't fully recover, in addition to the control of the heart.

After all, as a mage, the empty blue state is not as good as even the big chariot soldiers.

Later, with the help of Lu Wu, Bilbo was resurrected. The sister and brother made a scene in Midway City, and controlled a large number of citizens as a source of faith, and then gradually regained their strength.

And the witch can fall in love with Lu Wu so easily, largely because of this In addition, she can see that Lu Wu is helping her unreservedly, despite a little selfishness, such as greed Her body or something, but she has absolutely no intention of harming her.

Lang Youqing, concubine intentions, the witch actually craved his body in turn.

How can there be so much love at first sight, isn't it all just lust?

Looking at the vengeful demon who was already unstable because of the rapid loss of power, the witch felt that her love for Lu Wu deepened.

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[From the heavens to perform the entire League of Legends] []

If she were to die one day, the last thing she would do before she died would be to eat him.

So they can be together forever...

On the other side, Rick, who finally escaped from the witch's hand, ran to the vengeful demon in the heat of the heat, and asked with concern, "Chato, how are you? How are you?"

The vengeful demon's body softened, half kneeling on the ground, and the flames all over his body were almost extinguished.

He shook his head and said weakly, "I'm running out of power, sorry for not being able to kill them for you."

Rick hadn't spoken yet. Bilbo, who was about to be frightened, was excited when he saw the honor of Chato.

He immediately passed his sister and stepped forward, turning a deaf ear no matter what the witch called, first slapped the special officer, then grabbed the vengeful demon by the neck and pressed him to the ground.

Chato was no longer able to resist, and changed back from a skeleton form to a human.

"You **** playing with fire, die in front of me!"

Bilbo roared and took his other hand, ready to release the tentacles.

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