Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1119 - Chapter 1119 The Four Great Yama Kings

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Chapter 1119 The Four Great Yama Kings

“What is it?” Ding Hao raised his eyebrows.

King Qinguang said respectfully, “Four hours ago, the vault of heaven suddenly split open. Two huge light balls fell from outer space, wrapped in the falling divine light before they landed on the River of Forgetfulness. The silver divine light shone in all directions, containing some strange power. The ghost servants could not get close to it. I tried to observe, but I could barely get within ten meters of the light balls. I could not observe them closer. The two light balls shot out of the divine light and shone into the River of Forgetfulness. Once those ghosts were affected, they would immediately howl and melt. This has seriously affected the operation of the river and the Karma Mirror. Due to my incompetence, I failed to find out why this happened. Please punish me, Master.”

“Two huge light balls?

“And the ghost servants couldn’t get close to them?”

Ding Hao was slightly stunned and realized something. “Could those light balls be Li Canyang’s and Lin Xin’s consciousness fragments? The number fits, but why would their consciousness fragments be wrapped in divine light? Why would they have such powerful power?”

“Bring me there to have a look.”

As soon as Ding Hao finished speaking, King Qinguang led the way and showed him the way. After Ding Hao ran his power a bit, the two of them crossed countless space distances in an instant and arrived in the air above the River of Forgetfulness, which was 100,000 miles away from the Karma Mirror.

The light in this area was so bright that it was like daytime. It was not like other places in the Hell Path at all. It was like the human world. There was a kind of strange vitality. This was all due to the two huge silver light balls in the sky, which were suspended a kilometer away from the River of Forgetfulness. They released endless silver light, which shone in all directions. They were like two suns, completely out of tune with the surrounding environment.

Ding Hao slowly approached the two light balls.

A strange power came at him.

However, it did not hinder Ding Hao at all. He easily came to the front of the two light balls.

It was unlike what King Qinguang had said about the ghost servants being unable to get close to the light balls. Perhaps it was because Ding Hao was not a ghost servant, but King Qinguang was not surprised to see this scene. In his opinion, Ding Hao was an omnipotent being, and he could easily do something others couldn’t.

Ding Hao carefully observed the light balls for a moment.

Judging from their surfaces, he couldn’t tell anything strange about them, so he released his Divine Senses and tried to infiltrate them into the two huge light balls. Just like before, Ding Hao’s Divine Senses could read the information within almost without encountering any obstacles.

A hint of relief appeared on his face.

His Divine Senses scanned the two light balls. Gradually, a trace of doubt appeared on Ding Hao’s face. He closed his eyes slightly as if he was analyzing and thinking about something. His expression was quite serious.

King Qinguang stood aside quietly, his attitude extremely respectful.

In his mind, Ding Hao was already like an omnipotent immortal.

His cultivation in the Hell Path made him abandon his memories of the past and completely recognize the new life. Although he still didn’t know Ding Hao’s real identity and what Ding Hao was going to do, from the changes in the Hell Path, King Qinguang knew that his master must be carrying out a great cause that was enough to change the Epoch of Reincarnation.

Half an hour later, Ding Hao slowly pushed the light balls away. Although he was still confused, a smile appeared on his face.

“Don’t worry about these two light balls for the time being. Send a ghost servant to observe and guard here day and night. If there is any change…” Ding Hao paused. He wanted to say that if there was any change, it needed to be reported to him as soon as possible, but he suddenly thought that King Qinguang could not contact him at all. He hesitated for a moment and said, “If there is any change, record it in detail.”

“Yes, Master,” King Qinguang respectfully replied.

This was a great advantage of his character. If Ding Hao did not say anything about a certain matter, King Qinguang would never ask, no matter how curious he was.

“Let’s go to the Ten Halls of Yama.” Ding Hao turned around and left.

As he had expected, the two light balls were indeed fragments of Lin Xin’s and Li Canyang’s consciousness. They should have been transmitted to the Hell Path by the Heavenly Samsara Disc. For some reason, they had undergone such a strange change in this environment. After observing them just now, Ding Hao found that they were not damaged at all. Instead, they were even slightly strengthened.

This was what Ding Hao could not understand.

The Hell Path was a place of the dead, a terrifying domain of death. Although Lin Xin and Li Canyang’s consciousness fragments were extremely weak, they were still alive. After entering the place of death, not only did the two living things not disappear, but they were also getting stronger little by little.

“Why is that?

“Could it be that it’s related to Reincarnation?”

Ding Hao had not figured it out yet, but it seemed that the Heavenly Samsara Disc had done a good thing on its own this time. Since the two’s consciousness fragments were gradually strengthening, Ding Hao did not need to worry anymore.

That kind of strange strengthening even gave Ding Hao a glimmer of hope to revive his two former companions.

Under the guidance of King Qinguang, Ding Hao observed the changes in the Hell Path.

In the legends of his previous life on Earth, there were Ten Halls of Yama in hell. Ding Hao also wanted to use this legend to change this place. However, except for King Qinguang’s Ghost Judge Hall, which was built by his mental power, the other nine halls were all under construction. The ghost servants were building them under King Qinguang’s command according to Ding Hao’s plan.

Out of the remaining nine halls, four had been completed.

Because of the long distance between the ten halls, it would be a huge project to complete them. It was already a miracle that King Qinguang could build four of them in such a short time. After all, he couldn’t build tall buildings and produce seas with a single thought as Ding Hao could.

Among the Ten Halls of Yama, King Qinguang was the king of the first hall.

“It is time to appoint and designate the other kings of Yama.”

Ding Hao thought for a moment and waved his hand. The Ghost Servant List automatically flew out of King Qinguang’s hand and landed in his. The antique contact book was soft and light in his hand. He opened it and found that there were a thousand pages, and on each page recorded the name of a ghost servant.

Being recorded in the Ghost Servant List would be a kind of release and rebirth for the ghosts muddling along without any aim in the River of Forgetfulness. Now, there were exactly a thousand ghost servants under the command of King Qinguang. They were all kind ghosts that he had carefully selected. They had done more good deeds than evil ones when they were alive, so they deserved to be freed.

Ding Hao casually flipped through the list and said, “I plan to designate four kings of Yma. They will be at the same level as you, mastering magical powers and managing the Hell Path. The one thousand ghost servants under your command have already had merits. You can recommend any suitable candidates among them to me.”

When King Qinguang heard this, he thought about it carefully and said, “There are indeed suitable candidates. Do you want to see them now, Master?”

Ding Hao nodded.

He appreciated King Qinguang in this aspect. If it were anyone else, they might have said with fear that everything should be decided by the Master and they would not dare to say much for fear of arousing suspicion. However, King Qinguang regarded every word of Ding Hao as an order that could not be disobeyed. He would do whatever Ding Hao asked him to do and would not think too much about it.

Before long, four candidates, including two men and two women, came to Ding Hao.

Those four ghost servants were the first group of ghost servants who had been recorded on the Ghost Servant List. They had been serving King Qinguang and working hard to maintain the operation of the Karma Mirror these days. They had made great contributions. When the divine light of the Karma Mirror swept over their bodies, Ding Hao found that more than 90% of their body parts were crystal clear like jade, made up of merits of good intention. Their kindness outweighed their evil deeds, which was also in line with the requirements of the designation.

It was unknown which era these four experts had died in. They looked to be under 40 years old and were wearing ancient costumes. King Qinguang should have taught them some Ghost Cultivation Methods, so their bodies were slightly solidified and their cultivation was about at the middle stage of the Martial Sage Realm.

The four ghost servants bowed respectfully to Ding Hao and said, “Greetings, Your Excellency.”

King Qinguang had already told them Ding Hao’s identity and the reason why he asked them to come. The four ghost servants were very excited. For experts, being able to be reborn and take the path of cultivation was a huge temptation. No one could resist it because those who had died once understood the value and beauty of life better.

Ding Hao nodded as he lifted them with a gentle but irresistible force.

“The four of you shall be conferred the titles of King Chujiang, King Songdi, King Wuguan, and King Yanluo. You will be in charge of four great halls respectively, and you’ll be in charge of the Rippling Pavilion’s Hell of Ice, the Hell of Black Rope, the Hell of Decimating Bloodpool, and the Hell of Heart Annihilation. The specific duties are recorded in the Ghost Servant List. Are all of you willing to accept this?”

As soon as Ding Hao’s voice rang out, every word was with a roar. His voice contained a kind of strange power as if this world was resonating with his voice. It was so powerful that the River of Forgetfulness was whistling, the Karma Mirror was trembling, and the other ghost servants were trembling with fear and did not dare to get up.

“We are willing,” the four ghost servants replied loudly.

What Ding Hao offered was a supreme glory and opportunity for them. How could they refuse?


As soon as Ding Hao said that, four dark lights flowed into their bodies. These lights were four new Ghost Servant Lists, which specifically recorded the rights and responsibilities of the Four Great Yama Kings. They could choose their own ghost servants according to the lists, which were equivalent to the Divine Artifacts that functioned as an official seal. They had other powers such as launching attacks and defense.

In the sky, there were roaring thunders of the Heaven Path, and the power of the rules of the Hell Path was vibrating. Strange power was constantly injected into the bodies of the Four Great Yama Kings. Lightning and thunder were flying all over the sky like silver snakes, tempering their bodies.

This scene was exactly the same as when King Qinguang was designated.

What Ding Hao said was the law.

This was his power in the Hell Path.

He was simply an omnipotent god here, and every single word he spoke could arouse changes in the power of the rules between heaven and earth. Everything in this world served him and submitted to his will.

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