Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1106 - Chapter 1106 A Sudden Rise in Strength

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Chapter 1106 A Sudden Rise in Strength

“I will definitely come back to you.” Ding Tong slowly landed on the ground, his eyes full of resentment and malice. Unfortunately, he had lost his reliance and was extremely weak. At this time, any martial artist from the Northern Region present could kill him. Therefore, his words had no deterrent power at all.


Ding Hao responded with laughter.

His laughter was full of disdain and sarcasm, which drove Ding Tong crazy, but he was powerless to fight back.

Ding Tong gritted his teeth, turned around, and walked step by step to the endless dark tactical deployment space in the distance. Bit by bit, he finally disappeared into the darkness in the distance, like a dog with a broken spine.

Ding Hao watched his figure disappear, and the seven-star light in his eyes finally disappeared gradually as they returned to normal pupils. The huge gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram in the void turned into a dense light of gold and silver, like a whale sucking water, all pouring into Ding Hao’s body.

The Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword were floating around him.

With a slight vibration and a long cry, the lights on the Rusted Sword and the Devil Saber slowly dissipated as they returned to their rusted and broken shapes. The strange power bursting out of them had long disappeared, and they were suspended like two dry sticks.

Without the support of the Rusted Sword and the Devil Saber, Ding Hao’s aura and strength were rapidly declining.

Soon, his strength dropped from the high-level God Realm to the Completion stage of the Demigod Realm.

The Saber Master and the Sword Master fell into a temporary rest.

This time, the two old monsters risked their lives and spared no Source Energy to activate the strange power of the Immortal Corpse within the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword, which helped improve Ding Hao’s strength in a short time and gave him the power to fight with Ding Tong. They had paid a high price. The consumption of their energy was very serious. They could not even inform Ding Hao before they fell asleep.

Ding Hao slowly closed his eyes and experienced the gains of the fierce battle just now.

Soon, a trace of astonishment appeared on his face.

Because after his strength drop to the previous normal level, it became stagnant for a short time, and then it began to rise wildly again. As the gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram in the void turned into mist and poured into his body, the mist turned into a very pure and gentle power, surging in his Twelve Meridians and Six Strange Veins.

This change was out of Ding Hao’s expectations.

At the critical moment of life and death, he performed the Reincarnation Ultimacy he had obtained from the Yin-Yang Well, trying to resolve Ding Tong’s killing move with the Reincarnation Power. To be honest, Ding Tong’s sudden outbreak of the power of his pupils was indeed beyond Ding Hao’s expectations. He had thought that Ding Tong’s left eye had been destroyed in the battle in the Hundred Thousand Mountains, but he didn’t expect that it was just an illusion and that Ding Tong would almost kill him.

Fortunately, Ding Hao knew very well how cunning Ding Tong was, so even at the most critical moment, he still stayed vigilant. It was his vigilance that saved Ding Hao’s life and gave him a chance to perform the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram.

The lifespan of God Realm Masters was extremely long. Even if they were smashed to pieces, there was still a possibility of resurrection as long as their divine souls were not completely destroyed. Before Ding Hao was blown up by the Extermination Death Ray, he performed the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram, which was a crucial part of his later counterattack.

To be honest, Ding Hao himself was not sure whether the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram could restrain the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate.

At first, he just wanted to resist the power of the pupil radiance, but he didn’t expect that later, he couldn’t even control himself.

The Heavenly Samsara Disc in Ding Hao’s body took the initiative to exert strange power again. Its Reincarnation Power burst out, constantly guiding the suspected Reincarnation Power in the black-and-white well. The gold and silver Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram became more magnificent and majestic. It had many strange powers. Not only did it resist Ding Tong’s Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate, but it also made incredible changes in Ding Hao’s inner body within reincarnation.

As a result, Ding Hao’s exploded body began to reorganize.

Under the effect of the Reincarnation Power, Ding Hao’s physical rebirth was an unparalleled opportunity. Ding Hao even took the opportunity to absorb the power of Ding Tong’s Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate under the effect of the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram. He even saw through the mystery of this pair of divine pupils. With the help of Ding Tong’s power, he remade the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate.

This was an extremely coincidental cycle of reincarnation.

Perhaps it was fate that brought them together. What Ding Tong owed Ding Hao back then was destined to be repaid in this way today. As the saying went, every dog had its day. Everything was predestined.

During the whole process, although Ding Hao was conscious and could know what was happening, he could not control the process.

It was not until Ding Tong was really defeated that Ding Hao completed the complete reconstruction of his physical body. His eyes also turned into the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate, which restored his control over his body.

He had thought that his strength would go back to the previous level after the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword fell dormant.

However, Ding Hao did not expect that the strange Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram seemed to contain infinite power, which was constantly injected into his body. Moreover, after the restructuring of the Reincarnation Power, both his Twelve Meridians and Six Strange Veins had undergone strange changes. The apertures that should have been stagnant and blocked suddenly became smooth.

Ding Hao once again experienced the feeling of a surge in his strength.

Devil Star Aperture, Purple Rhombus Aperture, Protruding Sky Aperture, Rising Mud Aperture, and Habitant Convex Aperture…

Under the impact of the power of the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram, the apertures in his body were quickly opened, and every time he opened an aperture, Ding Hao’s strength would be more than doubled. The visible mysterious strength fluctuations spread around like a hurricane. In addition to shock, the people in the distance could not help but retreat.

“How could this be? Such an increase in strength…”

“Is he really going to become an immortal after comprehending the Tao in a day?”

“It’s terrifying. I’ve never seen anyone improve his cultivation in this way. He broke through a small realm in just one breath. Is Ding Hao a reincarnation of an immortal?”

“Is this what it means to achieve immortality on the spot?”

All the God Realm Masters from the Northern Region were so shocked that they almost couldn’t speak. In the past countless years, they had never heard of such a strange way of improving strength. It was simply impossible.

Ding Hao advanced from a one-apertured Martial Demigod to a three-apertured Martial Demigod.

The mysterious strength and cultivation aura bursting out of Ding Hao’s body were growing rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had soared to the six-apertured Martial Demigod Realm, which was exactly the same as the power he showed in the previous battle with Ding Tong, or even stronger.

In the distance, all the God Realm Masters of the Northern Region were stunned. Their expressions were dull, and they looked like mud statues.

The scene in front of them was too shocking. They had worked so hard to cultivate and risked their lives to find all kinds of opportunities. They had been working hard for hundreds or even thousands of years. They didn’t know how much painstaking effort they had put in to cultivate to this point. However, Ding Hao had only comprehended the Tao in one day. In one big battle, he instantly skipped several levels close to the God Realm. He had simply made a skyrocketing rise.

He was simply way more powerful than the others.

Fortunately, after entering the six-apertured God Realm, Ding Hao’s strength finally stopped rising and stabilized. The dense light of the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram in the void was also completely integrated into his body, and the black-and-white well of Yin and Yang finally quieted down. Obviously, this was the end of his sudden enlightenment.

In the void, Ding Hao was feeling the power in his body. He was surprised, but also puzzled.

The speed at which his strength increased had also exceeded his expectations.

The mysteries contained in the Yin and Yang Pisces Diagram were flickering in his heart. He had a feeling that he was looking at the flowers through a layer of mist, which was not enough. Although he had peeked at part of the mystery, he still felt that something was missing. He spread out his Divine Senses and observed the surroundings, only to feel that the world suddenly became much clearer and wider. Some things that he had never seen before became clear to him at this time.

Between heaven and earth, there was a kind of energy circulating, and mixed flows of energy were circulating and balanced between all things.

“Is this the power of the rules?”

Ding Hao knew that he had gained too much this time. He could not completely integrate them in a short time. He needed a long period of seclusion to take in and integrate everything. However, the current situation was obviously not suitable for him to do that.

He let out a long breath and slowly landed in front of the crowd.

The experts of the Northern Region looked at Ding Hao as if he were a monster that they didn’t know. Only Fang Tianyi, Zhang Fan, and the others didn’t care about it. The hunter boy rushed up and said happily, “This is amazing. At that moment, I thought that you had been killed…”

“Hey, boy, don’t you know what kind of person Senior Brother Ding is? He would not be tricked by Ding Tong again and again!” Fang Tianyi slapped Zhang Fan, but there was obviously a trace of worry and surprise in his eyes at this time. It was obvious that he was not as relaxed as his words presented.

Song Que, the mean chubby guy, said sadly, “Bravo, Third Brother. I thought that I would catch up with you after coming out of seclusion, but I didn’t expect that you would leave me and Second Brother far behind all of a sudden. You’re just unbelievably powerful. Are you the reincarnation of some immortal? Did you come to the mortal world to make fun of us? This is crazy.”

Bai Quanshui also smiled bitterly, but he was really happy for Ding Hao.

The Martial Demigoddess was standing aside with a smile, like a fire lotus blooming on the top of an ice peak. Her peerless beauty covered the brilliance between heaven and earth.

Ding Hao’s eyes swept across everyone’s faces, and he was very moved.

He had witnessed the scene of everyone risking everything to save him just now. With such a group of friends who shared life and death with him, what else could he ask for?

“Heroes emerge in their youth. We are old.”

“There are heroes in every generation, and our era has passed.”

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