Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1103 - Chapter 1103 Trying to Prove Something

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Chapter 1103 Trying to Prove Something

“Headmaster Bai, can you tell anything?” A God Realm Master said in surprise, “The third fight between the two is not as fierce as before. Their moves seem to be a little rough. Have they reached the end of their strength?”

“Yeah. Their speed suddenly became so slow, and their styles have completely changed,” another young Semi God Realm Master from the Northern Region also said doubtfully.

Compared with the previous two rounds of dream-like collision of saber techniques and swordsmanship, the speed of Ding Hao and Ding Tong’s fight at this time was getting slower and slower. They clashed every 1 minute, and each of them only delivered a shocking blow. Then, they immediately separated, stagnated in the void, and waited to launch another attack.

It was as if both of them had reached the end of their strength, and they were powerless to attack quickly.

However, Bai Quanshui shook his head enviously and said, “No, it’s not like that. Their battle has just entered the most terrifying stage. The first time they fought, they showed what they had learned in their lives. The ultimate confrontation of saber techniques and swordsmanship could convert the useless into something special. After they finished displaying all the saber techniques and sword techniques they had learned, they stopped and comprehended the sword and saber techniques of each other in a short period. In this way, they competed in comprehension. The second battle was obviously more dangerous, so both of them were injured. Unfortunately, it was still a draw. The third battle is like this not because they are exhausted, but because they are creating their own saber and sword magical powers.”

“Creating their own saber and sword magical powers?” exclaimed the young Semi God Realm Master from the Northern Region.

He was the successor of the Burning Incense Valley, a top sect in the Northern Region. He was less than 50 years old. For martial artists who could live a long life, his age was the same as that of a normal person in his childhood. He was definitely a young man with peerless aptitude. Although he was inferior to top masters like Ding Hao and Ding Tong, he was also one of the famous geniuses in the Northern Region.

Bai Quanshui nodded and said, “Yeah. Since saber and sword techniques passed down from predecessors can’t be used to restrain the other, they can only solve it with their own saber and sword techniques. After the previous battles, both of them understood each other’s strengths and moves. They can combine them and create new moves in the shortest time. Only in this way can they defeat the other in saber and sword techniques.”

“What…” The young Demigod didn’t know what to say.

The other experts of the older generation also sighed in their hearts.

Those two young men were indeed different from ordinary cultivators. This kind of fighting method was really something that might not even happen once in thousands of years.

Obviously, these two proud geniuses might have their own trump cards and killing moves, but their pride and self-confidence in their swordsmanship and saber techniques made them have a kind of belief that they had to suppress their opponents. Therefore, in the purest contest of saber techniques and swordsmanship, they wanted to defeat their opponents. Neither of them was willing to change the way of fighting first. They wanted to suppress their opponents in terms of saber and sword techniques.

It sounded like a quarrel between little children.

But it was related to the faith and confidence of the two peerless geniuses.


The two collided again in the air.

Their figures separated as soon as they touched.

This time, many people found something subtle within.

Ding Hao was still standing in the same place as before, but Ding Tong took half a step back.

There was nothing special on their faces, but a trace of dark red blood on Ding Tong’s shoulder betrayed him. Obviously, in this collision, Ding Hao’s self-created move suppressed Ding Tong’s self-created cutting method.

Ding Tong’s black hair fluttered, and there was a flame burning in his single eye.

“Again!” he shouted, and his fighting desire was surging. He waved his saber and sword at the same time. It was as if the stars in the sky were trembling, and his Qi was swallowing the clouds. With an indomitable force of destruction, it seemed that he was going to shatter this world with his sword and saber, which made people scared.

He was definitely a freak to create such a terrifying move with astounding might.

Ding Hao looked calm as he slowly attacked with his sword and saber at the same time.

Compared with Ding Tong’s earth-shattering gorgeous moves, Ding Hao’s moves were otherworldly. They were as slow as the wind, with an otherworldly feeling. Their trajectories seemed clear, but if one captured them carefully, one would feel dizzy and confused, as if they could frighten people to death.


Horrible saber and sword energy overflowed from the collision.

Like clusters of fireworks, or like stars hitting the flames, the magnificent scene was fascinating.

The two figures separated again right after they met.

This time, Ding Tong did not retreat again.

He stood where he was and looked at Ding Hao calmly. Just as he was about to say something, his face suddenly flushed, his body swayed slightly, and a trace of blood slowly spilled out of the corner of his mouth…

“What’s not yours will not be yours in the end. Even if it’s stolen by you, it doesn’t belong to you.” Ding Hao’s eyes were burning with strong self-confidence. “The most authentic Blood of Saber and Sword flows in my body. You’re just a thief, and how dare you want to fight against me? You are just dreaming.”

“You…” Ding Tong’s face changed, and he was about to say something, but he suddenly looked up and opened his mouth. “Poof…”

He finally couldn’t suppress his injuries anymore and spat out some blood.

“Are you still not going to admit it?” Ding Hao sneered and said, “You’re just a thief. What do you want to prove by confronting me with saber and sword skills?”

Ding Tong’s face changed from blue to red in an instant.

Since he was born, he had been doted on by tens of thousands of people, and no one had ever surpassed him. “Only when Ding Hao was born, he was found to have the blood of the Saintly Being of Saber and Sword, which instantly robbed me of my fame. But so what? In the end, everything still belongs to me. Unexpectedly, the little bastard did not die. As if he’s destined to make trouble for me, he keeps ruining my business again and again.

“I indeed lost in this battle of swordsmanship and saber techniques.

“How could it be?

“Is it really as the little bastard said? Is it because the holy blood does not belong to me naturally? So no matter how thoroughly I integrated it and even comprehended the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword, I can not suppress it?

“No. I refuse to believe it!”

Ding Tong was like a volcano that was about to erupt, and his mind was surging with strong unwillingness and resentment.

He held the saber and sword tightly with both hands and ran the Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate to reverse time and heal the injuries in his body in an instant. He roared ferociously, “Little bastard, I spared you so that you could live for a few more years. Do you really think you can go against the heavens? Hah, I’ll end you now… Come on, try to take this move!”

Before he finished speaking, he turned into a bolt of black lightning and shot toward Ding Hao.

“You just wouldn’t give up until you’re dead, would you?” Ding Hao shouted and rushed forward with surging fighting desire.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two of them exchanged another blow in midair.


Blood splashed, and dense beads of blood splashed between Ding Tong’s chest and abdomen in an instant. The moves he created still couldn’t resist Ding Hao, and the gap between them was getting bigger and bigger. He could no longer resist Ding Hao’s continuous sword and saber attacks, and in an instant, he was injured in hundreds of parts of his body.

“Once a thief, always a thief.” Ding Hao’s face was cold, and his sword momentum was like a flood that poured down continuously. Once it broke through Ding Tong’s defense, Ding Tong could no longer resist. He only felt that the cold light was like lightning, and he could no longer capture Ding Hao’s mysterious Sword Light.

“AHHHH…” Ding Tong roared like a wounded trapped beast.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Blood splattered everywhere.

Ding Tong had no chance to fight back. Ding Hao’s sword moves were like floodwaters destroying a dam. Once a crack appeared, the whole dam would be completely destroyed in an instant. Dense chills came from all over Ding Tong’s body. He knew that those parts had been stabbed.

These chills also made him despair.

“How could this be?

“How could this be?

“Did I really lose the battle of swordsmanship and saber techniques?”

Unwillingness, anger, resentment, regret, astonishment, and other emotions surged into his heart in an instant. He had never encountered such a moment in his life. Even in the last battle of the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Ding Shengtan had only cracked his momentum and had not completely defeated him. “But today…”

Cling! Cling!

After some crisp collision sounds, Ding Tong could no longer hold the sword and saber in his hands and was directly sent flying.

In the distance, the experts of the Northern Region could not help cheering.

Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Song Que, and the others were even more excited. Ding Hao’s powerful strength finally relieved them. Xie Jieyu, the Martial Demigoddess, also showed a relaxed smile on her face.

Only Ding Honglei was still frowning and seemed to be thinking about something.

On the battlefield.


Ding Tong was sent flying.

Ding Hao’s sword and saber were majestic, and his killing intent was surging. He did not hold back at all and attacked closely after Ding Tong.

The lights of the sword and saber reached Ding Tong in an instant.

“Atone for your sins!” Ding Hao roared and unleashed his strongest power.

Ding Tong seemed to have given up resisting. He floated in the void and watched the saber and sword coming at him with a crazy smile on his face. He laughed wildly and said, “Atone for my sins? What have I done? Hah, since the saber and sword technique is yours, so what even if I get defeated by you? In this world, only you and I have the holy blood of saber and sword. If I kill you, no one will be my opponent anymore…”

Before he could finish speaking-


Two strange rays of pupil radiance shot out from his eyes.

In his eye covered by the black eyepatch, there was also a strange light bursting out. In an instant, the black jade that covered his eye was shattered, revealing seven strange light spots flowing in his pupil like the Big Dipper. Horrifying runes were flowing in his pupils. His left eye was obviously not injured at all.

“Oh, no!” Ding Honglei exclaimed.

“Ding Tong didn’t lose his left eye?

“In other words… his Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate is still complete instead of having one of his eyeballs destroyed during the battle in the Hundred Thousand Mountains as the way he keeps displaying to the others and the rumor has it?

The Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate was complete.

And it was a sudden attack at a critical moment.

Ding Hao was instantly sent flying by that terrible pupil radiance.

Ding Tong laughed wildly and cruelly, with destructive lights bursting out of his eyes. The two beams of light, like the divine radiance of splitting heaven and earth, directly nailed Ding Hao’s figure in the void, constantly bombarding and melting it. In an instant, the terrifying light group directly drowned Ding Hao.

Ding Tong laughed.

He wanted to use his supreme pupil technique to melt Ding Hao.

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