Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1100 - Chapter 1100 Emperor Style of Saber and Sword

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Chapter 1100 Emperor Style of Saber and Sword

“Let’s settle everything today.” Ding Hao walked out step by step. Looking at Ding Tong, he was surging with killing intent like a volcanic eruption.

“You’re too impulsive.” Ding Honglei sighed.

Just now, Ding Hao was clearly in a state of sudden enlightenment, which was simply something that could be encountered but not sought after by a martial artist. It was no less than immortal medicines and Immortal Artifacts. Someone had once achieved enlightenment and became a saint immediately. Moreover, Ding Hao’s enlightenment this time was stimulated by the Yin Yang Well, and his gains were extraordinary. Unfortunately, at this critical moment, he gave up and forced himself out of the state of enlightenment.

Zhang Fan also looked apologetic, not knowing what to say. Just now, in order to save him, Ding Hao had to quit that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

On the other side.

Ding Tong suddenly laughed happily and proudly.

“So what if you are that bastard son? Back then, I plotted against your family and you fled like dogs. Today, I can still defeat you. Huh, after so many years of experiencing life-and-death situations, I thought you could be a little smarter. I didn’t expect that you would still be as stupid as your soft-hearted father. You gave up the Immortal Artifact on Mount Immortal Tao, and now you quit enlightenment for merely a hunter. You gave up the opportunities granted by the heavens again and again. You are destined to be inferior to me for your entire life!”

Ding Tong sneered.

“Cut the crap. Come and fight me. I’ll kill you.” Ding Hao was not provoked at all. He looked calm, and his momentum kept rising, adjusting to the best state.

“Very well. I’ll behead you before your useless father gets here. I’m sure when that happens, his expression will be very spectacular. The scene from that year will reappear, but this time, he won’t be able to save you.”

Ding Tong also approached step by step. In his single eye, the strange pupil radiance opened and closed, flowing with the light of laws of runes, intimidating like a Devil.

The others slowly retreated, opening up a path.

The burning fighting desire of these two young experts made everyone feel silent and suffocated. Ding Hao’s attitude showed that he wanted to kill Ding Tong alone and did not need others’ help.

Ding Honglei’s gaze was complicated.

She knew that the two peerless geniuses of the Ding family would fight to the death sooner or later. They had met before, but neither of them fought to the death. They knew each other, but Ding Honglei did not expect that Ding Hao would so decisively reveal his identity and let the battle arrive earlier.

Reincarnation of destiny was unavoidable in the end.

She got nervous at this moment.

She knew better than anyone how terrifying Ding Tong was. She didn’t know how much Ding Hao had gained in the moment of enlightenment just now, but she was very clear that if he hadn’t finished it yet, he would have no chance of defeating Ding Tong.

Zhang Fan, Fang Tianyi, Xie Jieyu, and others could not help but get nervous.

Among these three people, only the Martial Demigoddess could help Ding Hao. Although Fang Tianyi and Zhang Fan had unparalleled fighting power, there was still a big gap between them and Ding Tong.

Pieces of sand and dust slowly floated up.

The distance between Ding Hao and Ding Tong was only 100 meters.

Two powerful auras kept rising, and invisible force waves radiated, forming a strange force field. In this place, everything seemed to have lost gravity and slowly floated to the sky. The power of the rules of this world seemed to be losing its effect in this force field.

“Huh, I do admire you for your courage…” Ding Tong sneered and was about to say something.

Before he could finish speaking-

“Enough!” Ding Hao ran his power a bit before a long ice sword and a flame saber appeared out of thin air and turned into flowing lights to attack Ding Tong.

The long sword and the war blade were simple and unsophisticated. They were covered with inscriptions of Chinese characters, flowing with mysterious power. Wherever they passed, the void was cut into pieces and two shocking traces were plowed open. The sand and stones floating in the void were instantly turned into flying ash.

It was a strike that could kill a Demigod Realm Master.

There was anger on Ding Tong’s face. His body slowly floated up, his feet off the ground, and his arms opened. It was as if he didn’t see the saber and sword. There was a strange flowing light in his single eye like dark tentacles creeping out, which had incredible gloom and horror.


When they were 10 meters away from Ding Tong’s body, the ice sword and the flame saber were instantly annihilated, drifting away like ashes and disappearing into the void.

“An attack of this level cannot even approach me!” Ding Tong said proudly.

There was a strange momentum slowly emerging around him. The huge virtual shadow of a saber and a sword behind him crossed heaven and earth as if a supreme emperor had descended. He was carefree, cruel, and cold as he looked down on the world.

Floating in the void, Ding Tong’s whole body suddenly became tall, like an inviolable immortal.

This was the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword.

“Haha, hahaha…” Ding Tong laughed sarcastically. “My good brother, you seem to have forgotten that the blood essence of your body has been planted in me. Hah, that’s the blood essence of the Saintly Being of Saber and Sword. Over the years, I have integrated it. All the power of the sword and saber in this world can no longer do anything to me!”

His aptitude was indeed terrifying. The Seven Star-shaped Eyes of Fate could see through reality and earth. It could almost see through all the mysteries and laws in the world. After integrating the blood of Saintly Being of Saber and Sword, he got to comprehend the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword.

The Emperor Style of Saber and Sword was the supreme dominator among the swords and sabers.

Once he comprehended the style, it meant that all the power of swords and sabers could no longer hurt him.

This magical power was born to restrain Ding Hao’s martial arts power.

Hearing Ding Tong’s words, Ding Hao frowned slightly and said nothing. Suddenly, lightning and thunder flashed around him, and heavy rain poured down. The domain of Saber Intent and Sword Intent spread around wildly and instantly enveloped Ding Tong in the distance.

Bolts of lightning, thunder, and raindrops, like the light of destruction, bombarded Ding Tong crazily.

The Intent of Saber and Sword broke out with all its might.

In the past few days, Ding Hao’s understanding of the 24 Solar Terms of Swordsmanship had reached the 20th one, which also meant that he had mastered the spring, summer, and autumn kinds in a total of 18 Solar Terms. Only the four remaining Solar Terms in the winter had not been fully mastered. The three minor Reincarnation Powers were enough to exert a terrifying power.

Besides this, the Saber Intent of lightning, thunder, wind, frost, and various other phenomenons had gradually attained perfection, and when combined with his Sword Intent, it was even more boundlessly profound.

However, Ding Tong remained standing still.

He opened his arms as if he were embracing the endless storm in the void. No Saber Intent or Sword Intent could get within five meters of him.

“Hahahaha, why haven’t you given up yet? I told you that no power of saber or sword can hurt me, just like a minister cannot be superior to the monarch. You were born to be countered by me!” Ding Tong looked down at Ding Hao from above and said coldly, “How is that? Such magical power should have belonged to you, but now it has become a means for me to kill you. Do you feel very unwilling?”

The strange power formed a force field around him, isolating all the Saber Intent and Sword Intent. The extreme offensive force that could break all techniques in the world could not move forward at all in front of this force field.

This scene shocked the numerous experts in the distance.

Many of them had witnessed the power of Ding Hao’s Saber Intent and Sword Intent.

That extreme attack power could simply make one despair. Even a Precious Weapon or a Secondary Divine Artifact would be crushed in an instant. Especially the domain of Saber Intent and Sword Intent displayed by Ding Hao this time was so powerful that it was many times more terrifying than before. In the domain covered by the storm, even the void barrier was smashed into pieces.

The head of the Blue Cloud Sect and the other experts of the older generation thought that if they were to be enveloped by such a domain of saber and sword, they would probably be seriously injured even if they weren’t killed. It would be very difficult for them to deal with it.

However, Ding Tong looked as if he was bathing in the wind and the drizzle. Not only was he not killed, but he also felt very comfortable. Could it be as he said, the so-called Emperor Style of Saber and Sword was born to counter Ding Hao’s martial arts?

If that was the case, didn’t Ding Hao have no chance of winning?

On the battlefield.

Ding Hao was expressionless.

Still activating the domain of Saber and Sword Intent, he stepped into it and approached Ding Tong, step by step. There was a stubborn smile on his calm face, and his eyes flashed with a bright and terrifying light.

“What now? Still not giving up?” Ding Tong sneered, like a dragon looking at an ant.

Ding Hao still didn’t say anything.

But as the distance between them shortened, the comprehension of the wind and rain of Saber and Sword Intent began to approach Ding Tong’s body, and the layer of horrifying power was compressed a little.

Ding Tong’s expression changed slightly.

In the next moment-


A ray of lightning of Saber Intent unexpectedly hacked into the force field of the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword, cutting at Ding Tong like a blade. Finally, when it was half a meter away from Ding Tong’s body, it disappeared.

There was a flash of surprise in Ding Tong’s eyes.

Before he could react, in the next moment-

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of lights of Saber Intent and Sword Intent instantly bombarded the force field of the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword. Although it was slow, it approached Ding Tong slowly and firmly. This scene looked extremely weird. It was as if there were lightning snakes falling into the swamp, desperately biting at Ding Tong.

“Breach it!” Ding Hao suddenly shouted.

His face was no longer calm. His black hair fluttering in the wind, like a wild dragon, rose to the sky. There was a shocking brilliance in his eyes, and his face was quite frighteningly ferocious. He punched out with both fists and instantly burst out the strongest power.

In an instant, Ding Tong was completely covered by the domain of Sword and Saber Intent all over the sky.

The invisible force field of the Emperor Style of Saber and Sword was broken.

Countless raindrops and lightning drowned Ding Tong.

“How… is this possible?” Ding Tong’s unwilling roar came from the wind, rain, and thunder.

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