Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1097 - Chapter 1097 Sudden Enlightenment?

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Chapter 1097 Sudden Enlightenment?

On the way over, the 1,600 black-armored immortal generals had completely disappeared. The azure mountain ranges and the sand had all vanished, as had the great avenue of the yellow sand riverbed.

Everything the crowd had experienced before was gone and replaced by endless darkness.

It was a dark void, like a land of exile and a forgotten place. There were no stars or any starlight. The dense darkness was enough to devour everything, and there were no coordinates to be seen. An uncontrollable fear was coming from the endless darkness, about to eat everyone up.


Ding Hao raised his hand and released a streak of Sword Intent.

Like a meteor, the Sword Light shot into the endless darkness and finally disappeared into the distance. Even Ding Hao himself could not sense it. The only thing he was sure of was that the Sword Light did not touch anything.

Everyone tried for a while, activating all kinds of magic treasures and instruments and throwing them into the darkness. In the end, they were all out of control and disappeared into the distance, lost in the void.

No one dared to enter the darkness with their real body.

The crowd returned to the side of the well.

At this time, the sound of the surging tide suddenly intensified. People turned their heads and saw that the black-and-white liquids in the well began to rotate slowly. It was as if there was an invisible hand stirring the well, which formed a whirlpool.

Was something strange about to happen?

Everyone looked alert as they stared at the strange well.


The deafening sound of the surging tide came, which made people feel as if they were floating in the raging sea. The sound was so real that it was as if as long as they closed their eyes, a 10,000-meter-high wave would smash over.

How could a small well make such a sound?

What sort of well was this? It was simply like a Sea Eye from the Age of Teras.

The black and white waves rotated faster and faster. In the end, those God Realm Masters failed to capture the waves with their eyes. They could only see the strange mixture of black and white and could not take a closer look. Everyone felt dizzy as if their vision and Divine Senses were also confused by the rapid rotation of the well.


There rang out an explosive sound.

Two intertwined water columns shot up into the sky from the well. The black and white water columns were like two dragons, one black and one white. They intertwined and pierced the sky.

Layers of invisible energy fluctuations burst out from the well. Caught off guard, everyone was shaken and sent flying backward. Those who were rather weak looked pale and suffered losses.

By the time they could react, the black and white water columns had returned to the well. During this process, not a single drop of water leaked out from the well.

“That is…”

Ding Hao was surprised to find that the black water waves in the well gradually slowed down along with the rotating speed, and finally turned into the pattern of yin and yang Pisces. The black and white were distinct. The Pisces wagged their tails, rotating and evolving. A very strange and suspected Reincarnation Power burst out from the crystal.

“It actually transformed into yin and yang Pisces?”

This surprised Ding Hao a little.

Yin and Yang Pisces were the theories of Taoism on Earth in his previous life. “Could it be that Reincarnation in this world is related to the theory of yin and yang in my previous life? With the birth of the Yin and Yang Pisces, the suspected Reincarnation Power in the well has reached its peak concentration.

“As the saying goes, Taoism is the origin of all living things.”

Ding Hao was lost in thought.

He quietly stared at the Yin and Yang Pisces evolving along with the ripples in the well when a strange thing happened. For a while, he fell into a strange state. His eyes followed the movement of the water patterns, and he gradually saw some scenes that he could not see before. If his eyes were not focused on the surface of the water patterns, the floating ripples were clearly strange runes circulating.

He just stared blankly, completely in a state of meditation.

At first, others did not notice it, but soon, someone finally found out about Ding Hao’s abnormality. At this moment, Ding Hao naturally stood with his hands hanging down. His face was expressionless and his eyes were unfocused. He stood quietly, giving people a very familiar feeling.

He was having the same posture and expression as those black-armored immortal generals the crowd had seen before. The only difference was that Ding Hao’s eyes were not cut off, and he was looking straight at the well with ripples.

Everyone followed Ding Hao’s gaze and did not find anything strange.

“Senior Brother Ding?” Fang Tianyi tried to raise his hand to push Ding Hao, but he was shaken by a strong force. His arm got numb as he staggered back.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Fan got nervous.

Those strange waves were also reflected in Xie Jieyu’s eyes, and she tried to approach Ding Hao. As a result, just like what happened to Fang Tianyi before, she was shaken and could only retreat.

“Hang on.” Ding Honglei carefully observed for a moment and said, “Chief Ding is fine for the time being. Judging from his looks, he seems to have entered a state of enlightenment. Maybe he has found something unusual. Since we are temporarily trapped here, let’s just wait and see.”

When everyone heard what she said, they thought about it carefully and found that this seemed to be the only way.

Xie Jieyu’s eyes fell on Ding Honglei, which were quite dignified. She was about to say something but stopped on second thought. She always thought that Ding Honglei must know something others didn’t, especially everything about the Hungry Ghost Path. But when she thought of Ding Hao’s trust and support for this woman before, the Martial Demigoddess finally decided not to question her face-to-face, but to wait and see.

Time ticked by.

The crowd searched around the well but found nothing.

Some people tried to go to the periphery once more but were shrouded in endless darkness. About 1,000 meters away from the well, it was like a fault in time and space, which could not be broken out of at all. To be exact, the crowd was trapped in an area of 2,000 meters around the well.

Ding Hao had been standing there quietly.

Slowly, he exuded a trace of strange power, similar to the Reincarnation Power as a strange halo spread out from his body. He looked more and more dignified, with a kind of aura of a senior monk in meditation. His black hair fluttered while there was no wind. It was as if he only needed a breeze to leave the world.

When he opened his eyes, the eyeballs had disappeared. One of his eyes was shining with white light, like a bright sun, dispelling all shadows. The other eye was shining with black light. With the twinkling of the stars and the moon, the black light appeared so gloomy and deep that it made people unable to look directly at it.

One black and one white light, like lightning-sharp swords, flickered in Ding Hao’s eyes.

“Is this really a moment of enlightenment?

“How could it happen in such a situation?

“What does Ding Hao see in this well?

“Has he already obtained the immortal fate of Reincarnation?”

When others saw this scene, they also thought secretly. Some people were a little envious, and some were carefully observing and thinking, trying to find out some clues. At this time, Ding Hao’s physical changes did make him seem that he was about to become an immortal.

At this time, the black and white water waves in the well had calmed down again.

The black and white well water was divided into two equal sides. It was slightly glowing, and the soothing sound of the tide echoed in the ears of the crowd.

The closest ones to the well leaned against it, closed their eyes, and began to practice, trying to use the suspected Reincarnation Power to break through the bottleneck of their cultivation and advance.

Some people imitated Ding Hao and stared at the surface of the well, trying to find out the mystery within.

Fang Tianyi and Zhang Fan guarded Ding Hao willingly. At the same time, they carefully observed Ding Hao’s state. They were very nervous and did not know what would happen next.

Xie Jieyu’s eyes had been alternating between Ding Hao and Ding Honglei. She frowned tightly as if weighing something.

Suddenly, Ding Hao’s aura began to surge.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

A strange sound came out, and Ding Hao’s chest began to vibrate slightly, like a drum surface. A strong and powerful fluctuation came out of his body. Invisible sound waves spread out, which made everyone feel suffocated.

“It’s Senior Brother Ding’s heartbeat.” Fang Tianyi quickly confirmed.

This kind of heartbeat was like the slow beating of a divine drum. The sound alone was already quite unbearable. Everyone’s faces changed. The changes in Ding Hao’s body were unpredictable to them.

Soon, golden and silver mysterious strength spread out from Ding Hao’s skin and covered his whole body. The extreme heat and extreme coldness surged. The two completely opposite forces began to spread outward from the lower dantian in his abdomen and the middle dantian in his chest.

A strong force spread out from Ding Hao’s body along with his strong heartbeat. Powerful energy fluctuations were like the waves of the water columns in the well, which made people hard to breathe.

Then, the golden and silver mysterious strength around Ding Hao’s body began to slowly rotate in a clockwise direction and surround Ding Hao.

Many people didn’t know what magical power Ding Hao practiced, but it was shocking that his body cultivated the two opposite mysterious strengths, fire and ice, and that he had reached the Completion of the Semi God Realm.

Someone exclaimed, “He’s…he’s evolving the previous transformation of the black and white well water.”

At this time, everyone could see that the gold and silver mysterious strength was indeed rotating rapidly with Ding Hao as the center. It was the same as the black and white well water before. In the end, the gold and silver light columns rose into the sky and pierced the dark void above everyone’s heads. They were like two dragons, one gold and one silver, entangled and twisting.

The sound of Ding Hao’s heartbeat was exactly the same as the surging tides of the well.

This scene stunned everyone.

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