Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1091 - Chapter 1091 A Cyan Small Boat

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Chapter 1091 A Cyan Small Boat

Right at this moment…


Ding Honglei raised her hand, and her voice exploded in the void like thunder.

In the next moment, 10,000 silver-armored soldiers who stayed closely behind the Giant Shield Battalion moved in unison, as if they were the same person. They carried the long spear in their hands on their shoulders in a strange posture and then ran with small steps. The earth trembled as if it was too much to bear this group of elite lions.

Then, they threw their arms in perfect order.

In a split second, silver lights streaked across the dim void.

This scene was like a meteor shower falling from the sky without warning.

The silver flowing lights pierced through the void and the protective shield set up by the God’s Palace Army. It pierced through the protective inscriptions of the black warships and cut huge holes in their ferocious black bodies. Clusters of sparks flashed. The giant ships began to shake and struggle like sharks being hit by steel spears.

At this time, the sound of breaking through the air was heard.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One black warship after another exploded and fell.

“What a horrifying massacre!” Ding Hao exhaled a long breath.

The performance of the Silver Snow Army indeed exceeded people’s understanding of armies. An army composed entirely of martial artists with strict discipline was strong enough to fight against experienced God Realm Masters.

At this point, Ding Hao understood more or less the meaning of this army’s existence.

Because soon, the opposing God’s Palace Army also organized a counterattack. They were also in an orderly tactical deployment and formation. Waves of rolling black clouds rose into the sky, transforming into various shapes of behemoths and demons from the Age of Teras. They roared and rushed over, biting the huge shield madly.

This was a tactical deployment similar to an illusory demon’s. It was composed of Qi and evil Qi of countless black-armored martial artists, driven by a specific tactical deployment. Being the same as the giant silver shield, it was also an attack launched by tens of thousands of people.

This was the power of military formations.

In this world where martial arts civilization was prosperous, armies were endowed with new power.

It was no wonder that God’s Palace and other top forces in the Land of Infinity had organized their armed forces in the form of armies. Compared with rogue cultivators and ordinary sects, this kind of organization could exert greater power with strictly united armies.

Under normal circumstances, killing tens of thousands of masters in the Martial King Realm was a piece of cake for a God Realm Master. But if he was facing an army of tens of thousands of Martial King Realm masters who mastered military formation, it would be difficult to predict the outcome. Even if the God Realm Master won in the end, it would be a pyrrhic victory.

Upon realizing this, no one dared to underestimate the strength of the army.

Up ahead.

Finally, it was time for the melee battle. The silver-armored Generals of the Dead and the black-armored immortal generals charged into the battlefield.

In the next moment, soldiers from both sides crashed into each other fiercely like black and white torrents. In this case, it was difficult for large military formations to operate in an orderly manner. The small military formations and Joint Attack Formations with a hundred people or dozens of people as the unit began to work.

“Do you need us to take action?” Song Que asked.

Ding Honglei shook her head and said to everyone, “We have more important things to do. We can’t be stalled by this army of God’s Palace but need to cross this battlefield as soon as possible. Leave everything here to the Silver Snow Army. They know what to do…Everyone, let’s go.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned into a long rainbow and rushed into the chaotic battlefield.

“Let’s kill our way over!” someone shouted loudly.

Dozens of God Realm Masters turned into flowing lights, like red-hot soldering irons inserted into the lard, easily penetrating the battlefield. When the army’s large-scale military formation could not be carried out, God Realm Masters were the beings that ordinary experts could not resist.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Beams of light broke through the void.

The surroundings were filled with heaven-shaking battle cries.

After the initial panic, the God’s Palace Black Armored Army also showed its strong side. In addition, with a large number of people, they gradually resisted the impact of the Silver Snow Army. People kept falling. The lives of the strong on the battlefield were like straws under the farmers’ sickles, no different from ordinary creatures.

When several God Realm Masters saw such a scene, they couldn’t help but want to assist the Silver Snow Army, but Ding Honglei stopped them and said, “Don’t participate in the battle here. Let’s go over. This is not your battlefield.”

The crowd turned into flowing lights, which cut through the sky. They rushed into the clouds and passed the battlefield.

Ding Hao looked back and saw that black and silver were entangled with each other like deadly enemies. Someone died every moment. He didn’t find it great. For martial artists in silver armor in smaller numbers, maybe they had a firm belief in their hearts that supported them to fight against more enemies. It was hard to tell the final result of the battlefield here for the time being.

About two hours later.

In the distance, a huge black basin appeared before everyone’s eyes which looked like the mouth of a horrible behemoth from afar. It was dark and gloomy, facing the sky. Its area was unknown. Even with people’s eyesight, they could not see the edge of the other side of the basin, nor the bottom of it.

“This is the central area of the Hungry Ghost Path. Some people call it the Evil Ghost Pit. On the other side of it are the boundless starry sky and the chaotic grey layer. It may be the place where the continent is broken.” Ding Honglei stopped in the void and pointed at the bottomless basin below.

She said seriously, “Hungry Ghost Path has long declined and is not dangerous, but the Evil Ghost Pit is not an ordinary place. It is the most dangerous place, a forbidden place in the Hungry Ghost Path. It is said that when the Reincarnation was broken, some supreme masters of the Hungry Ghost Path retreated to the Evil Ghost Pit and stayed here for countless years before they gradually died out…Of course, there is also another saying that there are still some real evil spirits living in this Evil Ghost Pit, and it is hard to tell whether they will live or die after entering it. Everyone, be careful. The dark powers here are much stronger than the ones outside.”

Many experts looked down at the black hole that emitted a corrosive yin wind, and their faces revealed solemn expressions.

Over the past tens of thousands of years, all the major sects had been collecting all the keys to Reincarnation and becoming immortal. With their high status, they had also heard about the legends of the Hungry Ghost Path and the Evil Ghost Pit, and they naturally knew the pros and cons within.

However, with their strength at their level, what they pursued was eternal life. At this moment, the opportunity was right in front of them, so how could they flinch and miss it?

“Let’s go!”

Seeing that everyone had reached an agreement, Ding Honglei said no more. She was still the first to lead the way, diving down.

The moment they rushed into the corroding yin wind, everyone felt goosebumps all over their bodies. They ran Qi to protect themselves. The rich dark power had a kind of suffocating pressure. Ding Hao reached out and pressed Zhang Fan’s shoulder. In such an environment, the hunter boy who had entered the God Realm as a physical cultivator seemed to be a little weak.

Gradually, hot energy came from below.

The crowd went deep into the basin for nearly 10,000 meters. The corrosive yin wind disappeared, and red lights came to their faces. The rumbling sound of magma rolling could be heard. In front of them was a strange environment. The black rocks and crimson magma formed a world of two colors. The rolling magma rushed along the riverbed like a torrent. In the distance, they could even see a magma waterfall falling into the depths of the basin.

Ding Honglei stopped, and so did the others.

Because there was a small cyan wooden boat floating in the flood of magma ahead. It was unknown what kind of wood it was made of. In the hot and horrible magma, the boat was not damaged at all. It was suffused with a faint cyan mist, presenting an otherworldly aura.

A figure in a straw rain cape was sitting quietly at the bow of the boat, holding a fishing rod in his hand. The long silk thread was immersed in the magma, which showed weirdness and tranquility.

“Is he fishing in the magma?

“It’s absurd. How could there be creatures in the magma?”

The small cyan boat seemed to be fixed in the torrent of magma. It floated up and down but did not go with the flow. The figure in the straw rain cape had a kind of otherworldly immortal Qi. This scene was strange. The rumbling sound of the magma waterfall seemed to gradually disappear.

“Humph! Who’s trying to play tricks here?” A God Realm Master harrumphed coldly.

Before he could finish speaking-


The man in the straw rain cape on the boat shook his wrist, and a whip shadow swirled. At the moment when the fishing rod vibrated, a red koi fish was fished out of the magma torrent passively, struggling wildly in the air. However, the man sitting on the bow only opened his mouth and sucked, and the red koi fell into it.

“What…there are koi fish in the magma?

“Wait. That koi fish isn’t a natural being, but…”

Ding Hao had mastered the Martial Arts Third Eye, and he could see clearly in an instant that the koi fish was the essence of fire, a rare fire elemental fairy, and a kind of extremely rare fire essence similar to the origin power. Especially for fire Qi cultivators, it was simply a divine object.

He didn’t expect that the magma could actually give birth to such a divine object.

Evil Moon had been dizzy, but its eyes instantly lit up when it saw this. It stretched itself and jumped to the side of the magma river. It sniffed and drooled. “Meow. Hahaha. So many fish. I can smell delicious food. Human Pet, come and help me catch some fish!”

Ding Hao covered his face.

The others also laughed.

The solemn atmosphere was dispelled by Fat Cat.

Evil Moon ignored the expressions of the others. It carefully stretched out its claws to feel the temperature around its eyes and then jumped into the rolling magma torrent with cheers.

This scene shocked some immortal generals.

Some experts who didn’t know the ins and outs of Evil Moon finally understood that this stupid cat, who had been following Ding Hao all the time, also had such horrifying strength. It should be noted that the heat of the magma was terrible, and the strong ones in the Martial Sage Realm would be melted and killed instantly if they fell into it.

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