Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1090 - Chapter 1090 Silver Snow Army

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Chapter 1090 Silver Snow Army

A short while later, everyone was finally there.

Not a single expert stayed behind for the treasures that might exist in this ancient city. This was because everyone was well aware that once they were separated, they might encounter extreme danger and be killed by the dark powers spying on them in the dark.

“Let’s go. In half a day’s journey, we will arrive at the central area of Hungry Ghost Path. There may be a big battle awaiting us. Everyone, adjust your state and get ready to fight.”

Ding Honglei instructed them with a few words, and then, just like before, she turned around and began to lead the way silently.

After she finished speaking, everyone’s expression became serious.

Ding Hao was still guessing what kind of enemy would appear. Unexpectedly, after they advanced for less than two hours, the crowd saw a shocking scene.

What awaited them was an army, a whole strict and elite iron-blooded machine-like army.

They were wearing snow-white armor and holding flashing cold sabers and spears, which were tall like a forest, in an orderly formation. Their cold eyes and straight bodies looked majestic. Their soaring killing intent and horrible superior auras were rolling in the void like raging waves. Their overwhelming momentum came directly at the crowd, and even God Realm Masters felt waves of fear.

In front of the army, hundreds of figures were floating in the air. They were all in silver armor and helmets. In the dim space, they were shining with cold light. They were all extremely powerful experts. The weakest among them was at the peak of the Saint level.

Ding Hao and his companions’ expressions changed, revealing a look of vigilance.

“Who are these people? Are they creatures of the Hungry Ghost Path?” Bai Yin, a powerful sword practitioner, already had his hand on the hilt.

All the experts were extremely surprised. They had walked for more than a month and had not seen any living creatures, except for themselves. The only dark martial artists who had attacked them before were killed like puppets. They did not expect that a silver army would appear at this moment. It was beyond their expectations and gave them a great visual impact.

Ding Hao’s gaze swept over these people, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.

He felt that the armor on this army was somewhat familiar.

At this moment, Ding Honglei did not slow down and flew straight to the forward camp of the silver army, as if she was going to rush into the army camp. Just as someone was about to remind her to be careful, at the next moment, a scene that almost made everyone’s jaw drop occurred.

“Greetings, Commander-in-chief Ding!”

The silver-armored immortal generals levitating in the sky all clasped their hands and bowed.

The army below knelt on one knee, and the momentum was like an avalanche in an instant. Balls of silver light rolled, and the cold momentum became more violent in the roar of tens of thousands of soldiers.

“No need for the courtesy, generals. Just do what has been planned.” Ding Honglei raised her hand.

“Yes, milord.” The silver-armored immortal generals immediately assented.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

The army moved, and the sound of sabers and spears rang out.

The army turned around with neat steps. The forward camp switched places with the rear camp. It was like a moving silver glacier, which had a kind of momentum that made people tremble. The whole world seemed to be shaking under the feet of the silver-armored soldiers.

“Even the most ordinary ones among these soldiers have the combat capability above the Martial King Realm. What’s more, their discipline and leadership are terrifying. Tens of thousands of people work like a precise machine without the slightest error…”

Ding Hao could not help sighing.

The others all looked at Ding Honglei in a daze, unable to understand what they were seeing.

“This horrifying army actually called Ding Honglei Commander-in-chief…Is this an army secretly cultivated by the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost? But how did this army of tens of thousands of people come to the Hungry Ghost Path?”

“Guys, I know you have a lot of questions in your hearts.” Ding Honglei turned to look at the crowd and said, “The Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost has been accumulating power for many years, and we did that for today’s attack. We have no personal intentions and we will never harm you. If you believe me, please do assist me. The enemy troops are right ahead of us. If we defeat them today, the six paths of Reincarnation may be reopened. At that time, the will of the immortals will return, and you will have the chance of becoming immortals from then on.”

She spoke in an extremely serious and sincere manner.

Everyone looked at each other, still confused.

Someone asked loudly, “Venerable Ding, who is the enemy we are facing?”

“The dark powers, who are the culprits of occupying and destroying Reincarnation. They are the dominators of darkness who have controlled the destinies of various creatures in countless epochs. You are all heroes of a generation. I believe that you have seen some relevant clues in the ancient books of your sects…” Ding Honglei said sincerely.

“So, Venerable Ding, you already knew about the alleged opening of the Door of Reincarnation and had planned it for a long time. That’s why you asked us to come into this place and fight with you, isn’t it?” someone said with an unkind look. Anyway, Ding Honglei did hide some information from them before. Although she didn’t mean any harm, the proud experts felt that they had been used and it was hard for them to take it.

“The Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost did know some information about the fact that the Door of Reincarnation would open in the Land of Infinity, but the army in front of us is not led by me into the Hungry Ghost Path. It was brought in personally by the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region. They didn’t arrive recently but have been in this world for a long time.”

Ding Honglei explained patiently.

Everyone was shocked by what she said.

The status of the God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region was so high that Ding Honglei, the new Venerable of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost, could not compare with him. Especially for the experienced senior God Realm Masters present, they knew very well how powerful the mysterious human War God was. He was a supreme being that could not be provoked.

“I’m sure everyone knows what kind of fortune exists in the Reincarnation Region after the opening of the Door of Reincarnation. I didn’t lure you here. What’s more, the immortal fate of Reincarnation does exist. What happens next depends on your choice,” Ding Honglei said quietly.

Ding Hao took a light step forward and said, “What should we do next? Please give us an order, Venerable Ding.”

His words meant that he completely supported Ding Honglei.

Then, Xie Jieyu, Fang Tianyi, and Zhang Fan all stood behind Ding Hao and made their own choices.

The others hesitated briefly before they indicated that they had no objections.

In fact, they had no other choice.

“Thank you very much. The main task of the Silver Snow Army is to break the line of the dark army in the west. Your mission is to kill everyone in the Reincarnation core area of the Hell Path under the cover of the Silver Snow Army. That is the battlefield of the God Realm Masters. There are seniors from the Land of Infinity fighting there. As long as you defeat the Dark Envoys and control the Reincarnation core of the Hell Path, it will be equivalent to the restoration of the Hell Path. At that time, the immortal fate will naturally descend.”

Ding Honglei made the last explanation.

The army advanced.

Two hours later, something strange happened up ahead.

The enemy had finally appeared.

In the distance, there were gusts of cold wind whistling and black clouds splashing like rolling ink. Among them, there were black light spots flashing, which were huge black-armored warships. The Puissant Power Cannons on their bows were gathering terrifying energy.

“That’s the army of God’s Palace!”

Ding Hao recognized it at a glance.

“God’s Palace Army is also here?!

“Could it be what the dark army Ding Honglei referred to is the army of God’s Palace?”

For a moment, something flashed through Ding Hao’s mind, but he kept having a feeling that he seemed to have overlooked something.

The next moment-

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge plasma-like beams of light shot out of the Puissant Power Cannons and covered the silver army.

God’s Palace Army launched an attack immediately.

During this process, there was no communication at all. When the silver and black armies met each other, it was as if it was determined that they were each other’s arch enemies. Everything else was unnecessary except for battling.

“Defense!” Ding Honglei shouted.

Her long hair billowed in the wind, while her cape fluttered. Her expression was solemn as if she was the ruler of the land.

In an instant, the 5,000 vanguard soldiers of the Silver Snow Army, who took the front, suddenly raised the silver giant shields in their hands at the same time. Their movements were uniform. Everyone burst out their Qi and activated the inscription patterns on the shields. Clouds of silver mist, like dragon scales, joined together.

It looked shocking and majestic.

The silver lights rose into the sky, and countless dragon scales formed a huge silver shield of tens of thousands of meters. The shield was simple and unsophisticated. It flowed with strange brilliance and blocked everyone behind it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The black sword-like light of the cannons only caused ripples on the huge silver shield but failed to break through it. All the attacks of the cannons were blocked.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Five thousand soldiers in armor advanced steadily, step by step.

The giant shield followed their footsteps forward.

The Puissant Power Cannons on the black warships bombarded the other party non-stop but were unable to break through the strange shield.

In the blink of an eye, the Silver Snow Army advanced 10,000 meters, and no one was injured or killed. However, the black giant shark-like warships were forced to retreat again and again because once touched by the silver shield, the giant ships would instantly explode and be destroyed.

This scene shocked Ding Hao and the other experts of Land of Infinity.

It was the first time for many of them to see the battle scene of armies composed entirely of top masters.

The 5,000 soldiers were arrayed in a strange formation. The huge shield in their hands was not ordinary either. If they were separated, no one might be able to withstand a blow from the Puissant Power Cannons. However, when they joined forces, they blocked tens of thousands of attacks from the cannons.

That was the power of an army.

Pressured by the huge shield, God’s Palace Army had to retreat after losing several hundred black warships.

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