Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1088 - Chapter 1088 Black Ceramic Jar

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Chapter 1088 Black Ceramic Jar

After saying that, Ding Honglei quickly flew toward the city.

Everyone followed.

When the crowd saw that the magnificent half-collapsed city wall was close at hand, at this moment, something strange happened. Several black flowing lights rushed toward them like lightning, which contained the auras of the extremely horrible dark power, directly rushing to Ding Honglei and others.

“Venerable Ding, be careful,” someone warned loudly.

However, Ding Honglei seemed to have known that this would happen. She snorted and raised her hand. A vermilion net was thrown out, enveloping those attacking three or four figures in an instant. She made seals and the net contracted instantly, like a sharp blade, cutting all the black figures trapped inside into pieces.


Miserable screams sounded as blood rained down from the sky.

Ding Honglei raised her hand, and the vermilion net returned to her hand, turning into a red silk thread and twining around her snow-white wrist.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In an instant, Ding Honglei and the experts of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost had crossed the half-collapsed walls and entered the ancient ruins of the abandoned ancient city.

This scene dazzled many people.

The dark figures who suddenly attacked were extremely powerful. The weakest one was probably in the Demigod Realm, but Ding Honglei killed the four of them in an instant. Obviously, the vermilion net was a treasure with amazing lethality, but it also showed how powerful Ding Honglei was.

“Let’s follow them!”

Someone shouted loudly, rushing over.

“Be careful, everyone. Follow me,” Ding Hao said to Fang Tianyi, Zhang Fan, and Xie Jieyu. He took the lead to rush over, followed by the three in a triangular formation, not falling behind at all.

Everyone knew that once they entered this city, they might be attacked in an instant like Ding Honglei.

Sure enough, at the moment Ding Hao crossed the city walls, an ear-piercing sound of breaking through the air came, and some black figures rushed to him.

Ding Hao was already prepared. He raised his hand as white Sword Light and Saber Light slashed out.

They contained the Saber Intent and Sword Intent, which were the most powerful magical powers in the world. The two black figures in the front were a little arrogant. Without dodging, they were instantly blown up. The stinky black liquid was scattered all over the sky.

Ding Hao also performed an instant kill.

However, he was not too relaxed.

“They’re just two Saint Realm peak-staged dark experts. Their strength is simply not enough.” As soon as they fought, Ding Hao recognized the opponents’ strength and cultivation, which were still far from what he had imagined. The opponents were not in the God Realm and posed no threat to him.

At the same time, the others also took action.

Fang Tianyi’s shoulder moved slightly, and in an instant, star-like Sword Light all over the sky was released, directly cutting three or four black shadows into minced meat. The power of the Three Thousand Swords was really invincible, and it was fast to the extreme. It deserved to be the previous legendary martial art in the Land of Divine Grace.

Xie Jieyu did not even pull out her sword from the sword case. A flame of True Phoenix swept out from her palm, like a flame burning the hair, burning a dozen black figures surrounding her into ashes.

Zhang Fan’s move was the simplest and most overbearing.

He jumped in the air and directly slashed forward, without any gorgeous and magnificent moves. In the direction of the blade, dozens of black figures were instantly divided into two, and even the stone statues within thousands of meters behind them collapsed.

His saber technique did not have the power of the Saber Intent. It was the simplest move that he used to display his physical strength to the extreme, but it had the ultimate attack power that was almost on par with the Saber Intent, which also achieved the effect of destroying all kinds of methods with one strike.


Ding Hao landed on a half-collapsed ancient building. After he ran his power, boundless Sword Intent spread in all directions in an instant, crushing dozens of dark experts who surrounded him and turning them into stinking black liquids that filled the sky.

Among these black martial artists who besieged Ding Hao, the strongest one was only in the Demigod Realm. There were only five or six of them, and most of the others were at the peak of the Saint Realm. There were about hundreds of them. They seemed to be large in number, but they did not pose any threat to the main force who came here. In less than 15 minutes, they were quickly killed.

“They were simply courting death,” someone said with a snort.

Ding Hao also felt that these dark martial artists who besieged them were courting death, but they still rushed over. “Why is that?”

Ding Honglei landed on a sword-holding statue. She looked at the crowd and said slowly, “This place should be the ruins of Way of the Valiant Ghosts from the Hungry Ghost Path. Among the six paths, except for the Beast Path, all the creatures of the other paths can practice, and the creatures from the Hungry Ghost Path are no exception. Compared with the poor and weak Vile Ghosts, the Valiant Ghosts are extremely rich. They can practice magical powers, cast cities, and have huge cultivation resources.”

After hearing her words, everyone was enlightened.

They had heard of all kinds of legends about the Hungry Ghost Path and the other five paths. They also knew the information about the Valiant Ghosts and the Vile Ghosts. If this place was really once the world of the Hungry Ghost Path of the six paths, it was enough to prove everything Ding Honglei had said.

Ding Honglei continued, “The Valiant Ghosts are all rich. There must be all kinds of fortunes in the ancient city ruins they left that can be kept until now. Let’s move separately and look for the fortunes on our own. One day later, we’ll meet on the eastern wall of the ancient city ruins. We’d better move in groups of two or three. Don’t be too far apart and keep in contact with each other at any time. Once any of us is attacked, the others can go over to help quickly.”

Everyone looked at each other and weighed it in their hearts. They all agreed with Ding Honglei’s proposal.

This ancient city was so big that if everyone walked together, it would be difficult to explore it completely. Moreover, once they met a fortune or treasure, it would be difficult for them to divide it among a large number of people, and it might cause discord. If they were separated, they would rely on their own luck and ability. What they gained and lost depended on their own charm.

After some discussion, they quickly split up into teams.

Ding Honglei took the lead to leave with the experts of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost.

Ding Hao undoubtedly formed a small team with Fang Tianyi, Xie Jieyu, and Zhang Fan, while Song Shang, Bai Quanshui, and others temporarily stayed with the experts of their own sects.

After making consistent signals and methods of communication, everyone chose to leave in different directions.

Ding Hao chose to head south in a direction similar to Ding Honglei’s.

Along the way, there were thick layers of sand and dust. Towers were half submerged in the yellow sand. There were also many collapsed statues with blurred faces. Most of them were in all kinds of shapes, such as behemoths and human figures. They looked extremely ferocious, like stone ghosts.

Ding Hao released his powerful Divine Senses and scanned the area all the way, but found nothing.

“Senior Brother Ding, we seem to be targeted by something,” Fang Tianyi whispered.

Ding Hao smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter. They’re just some evil spirits. They can’t pose a threat. Don’t waste time on them. We need to hurry up and search around since we only have one day. This ancient city is so big. It seems that we can only try our luck.”

Perhaps it was because too much time had passed. Most of the collapsed pavilions and towers were left with nothing, not even bottles of porcelain or rotten furniture, and there were no signs of life. If the previous owners of the ancient city were the Valiant Ghosts, then where were they now?

No one could explain why one of the six paths, Hungry Ghost Path, would become like this.

Ding Hao didn’t pay too much attention to the alleged immortal fate of Reincarnation. He was thinking about some other questions. On the way, his doubts were getting deeper and deeper. The way how Ding Honglei acted was a little strange. She must have known something and was hiding it from them. Why did she bring everyone here?

Ding Hao even suspected that the reason why Ding Honglei proposed to separate them was not as simple as it seemed on the surface. It was more like she needed to do something on her own and temporarily sent the crowd away.

This was also the reason why he chose the same direction as Ding Honglei and the others.

However, Ding Hao still believed in her from the bottom of his heart. According to his understanding of Ding Honglei, she shouldn’t be plotting something behind everyone’s back, and she wouldn’t harm any of them. Maybe she had her own reasons for doing so.

Deep down, Ding Hao still chose to believe in Ding Honglei.

This was also the reason why he did not secretly stalk her. If it was something Ding Honglei wanted him to know, she would definitely tell him. Since she chose not to tell him for the time being, Ding Hao would play along with her.

Just as Ding Hao was thinking, he heard Zhang Fan’s voice.

“There is a complete jar here, but I don’t know what it is used for.” Zhang Fan came out of a collapsed stone hall. After exploring, he held a black ceramic jar in his hand. It was the first complete object that everyone had found so far, so he held it out.

Ding Hao glanced at it.

It was indeed a very ordinary ceramic jar. The craftsmanship was extremely rough, and the sand bricks could be faintly seen. There were faint white patterns on the surface, and at the bottom of the jar, there was a pair of long ears. It seemed to be a tool used by primitive people to store water. There was no energy fluctuation or inscription.

“Alas, this young man has always been stupid. A broken jar. Are you taking it as a treasure? What kind of immortal fate of Reincarnation is this…” Evil Moon opened its narrowed eyes and curled its lips with disdain.

“Well…” Zhang Fan scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. It was true that the broken jar was ordinary.

Weighing the ceramic jar in his hand, Zhang Fan lifted it and looked at it carefully. He didn’t find anything special about it. He accidentally pointed the ceramic jar at the Demon King and said, “Little Kitten…”

He wanted to say that he would love to give the jar to Evil Moon since it was bored these days.

However, Evil Moon was a little restless because it was enduring the hunger and thirst in its body. When it heard what Zhang Fan said, it said grumpily, “What now? I…”

Before it could finish speaking-


Evil Moon disappeared in an instant.

A gust of wind blew.

Ding Hao looked at Fang Tianyi and Xie Jieyu, then at Zhang Fan, and then at the black clay pot. His eyes were full of incredible shock. “What… did you see just now?”

Fang Tianyi opened his mouth wide. “It seems that… Little Kitten was… put into the jar?”

Xie Jieyu also nodded with a strange light in her beautiful eyes.

Zhang Fan was startled and quickly threw away the jar in his hand. He stammered and hurriedly explained, “This… I didn’t mean to… I don’t know what’s going on, this…”

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