Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1081

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Chapter 1081 White-Robed King of Wei Province

About half a month later, Long Sailing left the Southern Wilderness and entered the Divine Central Continent.

Along the way, there were many twists and turns. The incident in the Heaven Sect had not been spread yet, but many of the sect’s strongholds were temporarily safe. However, in other parts of the Southern Wilderness, wars were still ongoing. The Sea Clans of the Seven Seas from the Land of Divine Grace appeared one after another. Different forces formed different camps and attacked each other constantly as if it were the Warring States Period.

The Long Sailing also got involved in wars many times.

“I’ve finally left the Southern Wilderness.”

Ding Hao stood on the bow of the ship, and the scenery in front of him had begun to change. It was no longer the endless water but had turned into layers of earth, virgin forests, and endless grasslands. The Divine Central Continent was known as the most fertile place among the five major regions, and it was much more beautiful than the Northern Region.

According to his calculations, he would reach the Northern Region in ten days.

On the way, Ding Hao received a message from Ding Honglei, urging him to return to the Northern Region as soon as possible. She said that the Door of Reincarnation was about to open. Many masters and experts in the Northern Region had gathered and were waiting for Ding Hao to come back and enter the door.

The message was very simple. Ding Honglei did not explain exactly what the Door of Reincarnation was.

After Ding Hao received the message, he was indeed hurrying on with his journey.

A disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect who returned with Ding Hao said, “This is Wei Province of the Central Continent, one of the top 10 provinces of the Divine Central Continent.”

The people on the Long Sailing were a little shocked. What surprised them was that the situation in Wei Province was unusually calm. Along the way, they saw the orderly operation of all major settlements and even some martial artist patrols patrolling around.

The Long Sailing also received several patrols.

Although these patrol teams were strictly guarded, they did not make things difficult for Ding Hao and others. As long as they were not from the Demon Clan or the Divine Grace Mercenaries, they would all be let through.

“Could it be that the Super Divine Hall has finally taken action and begun to govern the Divine Central Continent?” Someone guessed.

However, that was not quite right. On their way here, they noticed that only the situation in Wei Province was peaceful without wars. The other major provinces of the Divine Central Continent were still at war. The Demon Clan, the Human Clan, the Divine Grace forces, and the Infinity forces were constantly fighting against each other. Smokes of gunpowder were everywhere. War fires were soaring, corpses were piled up like mountains, and blood flowed like rivers, dyeing every place in those provinces.

Therefore, after entering Wei Province abruptly, everyone, including Ding Hao, felt surprised.

This contrast was too obvious.

At least smiles could be seen on the faces of humans in Wei Province instead of looks of panic, despair, or numbness. There was a kind of vitality, which was a kind of spiritual strength from the heart. Even the ordinary people showed their hope for life and their recognition of the province.

If it was the Super Divine Hall that governed the place, such a situation should not only appear in Wei Province.

Moreover, Wei Province was not the place where the Super Divine Hall’s headquarters were located.

Time passed by.

Just as the Long Sailing was ready to carry out the next space transition, the crowd encountered another patrol team of masters from Wei Province. Their armor was bright and their killing intent was surging. The leader was a young man of 23 or 24. He had sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, and he was handsome. His purplish-red hair was extremely conspicuous, and there was arrogance and Spiritual Qi between his eyebrows.

“Stop to be examined.”

The young man casually waved his hand, and a stream of bright energy blocked the Long Sailing unquestionably.

The hundreds of experts behind him were all around the Saint Realm. They took up different positions and formed an encirclement when they heard the command, a subtle sense of hostility emanating from them.

On the Long Sailing, a few disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and the physical cultivators of the Vast Ocean all looked angry.

Ding Hao shook his head and stopped them.

The protective shield of the Long Sailing was removed as the ship stopped in the air. With a sneer on his face, the young man with long purplish hair flashed to the deck. His eyes were as sharp as swords. He glanced at Ding Hao and the others one by one and asked casually, “Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going?”

“We are disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect in the Northern Region. We have returned from the Southern Wilderness, and we are going back to the Northern Region,” a disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect replied neither humbly nor arrogantly.

“What? The Swordsmanship-seeking Sect? Never heard of it.” The young man with long purplish hair said with a faint smile, “Open all the cabin doors. We need to check to see if there are any Divine Grace Mercenaries or demons in them. We also need to check the commander cabin and power cabin. We won’t miss any of them.”

“You…” The disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect was furious. He was about to say something but was stopped by Ding Hao. The physical cultivators had to open all the cabin doors of the Long Sailing, including the doors of Ding Hao’s bedroom and battleship power cabin.

The masters of the patrol sneered and entered to search carefully.

Ding Hao remained silent.

This matter was a little strange. When several patrol teams checked before, they were very polite and not so harsh. But this purplish-long-haired young man obviously showed a trace of hostility. It seemed that he was targeting them.

“Reporting to Lord Duanmu, we did not discover anything unusual.”

“Reporting to milord, there is nothing unusual within the cabins.”

Soon, the patrolling masters reported the results, saying that they didn’t find anything unusual in the Long Sailing.

The young man with purplish hair stared at Ding Hao and said with a sneer, “You’re the leader, aren’t you? You’re quite good at disguising yourself so that you didn’t show any flaws. Unfortunately, you can’t escape my eyes.”

Ding Hao frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean?” The young man sneered and suddenly shouted, “Do you think you can hide it from me by modifying the inscription tactical deployment and color of the warship? You are really stupid. Your warship is obviously in the style of the Land of Divine Grace. It reeks of the Divine Grace smell everywhere. You were just trying to deceive me, weren’t you? Tell me, why did you disguise as the Human Clan of the Northern Region and come to Wei Province?”

Ding Hao smiled and said, “This warship was indeed transformed from a Divine Grace warship, but that’s because it’s our trophy. Does it make us spies by taking this warship? Your logic is not so strict.”

“You have a glib tongue,” the young man said disdainfully. “Such a warship that can enter different dimensions is either rich or noble. It must belong to the higher-ups of the Divine Grace force. How could you get it with your little strength?”

Ding Hao looked at the confident young man, shook his head, and said, “I don’t need to explain that to you. We’re just passing Wei Province and are going to the Northern Region. Please get off the ship quickly. We still have something to do and don’t have time to waste here.”

“How dare you!”


The patrolling experts all shouted angrily.

“You’re really a group of poor outsiders. How dare you be so arrogant here in Wei Province…” The young man with purplish long hair said, “I’m on the order of the White-Robed King to patrol Wei Province. Who dares to disobey me? I advise you to be obedient and go with us. If this ship is really your loot, it will naturally prove that you’re innocent. Otherwise… hee hee!”

“White-Robed King?”

Ding Hao felt that the name was familiar as if he had heard it before.

So the peace in Wei Province was the credit of the White-Robed King. This person was definitely an expert to take over Wei Province. Even the Divine Grace forces did not dare to run amok here. The king was definitely not an ordinary person. He was worthy of respect since he could protect the people of Wei Province from the war.

To be honest, Ding Hao had a good impression of the White-Robed King after comparing what he had seen and heard along the way.

But Ding Hao would not waste time there.

Ding Honglei had urged him several times. Obviously, the situation in the Northern Region was serious.

“Everyone, please leave. I appreciate your master’s deeds, but we have something to do that can’t be delayed.” Ding Hao said, releasing an extremely powerful force from his body. He slowly waved his hand. The purplish-haired young man and the other masters only felt that the scene in front of them dimmed. Before they could react, they were instantly knocked out of the Long Sailing by a powerful force.

Those people were shocked and seriously looked at Ding Hao.

The purplish-haired young man’s eyes were shining. Only then did he realize that he had underestimated this young man in cyan. The aura that Ding Hao had shown before was only at the middle stage of Saint Realm, but the power of that wave was vast like the sea and as deep as the stars, which made the young man unable to resist at all.

“Surround this group of spies and send a signal to ask for reinforcements. Don’t let them run away.”

The young man roared and took out a weapon from behind him. It was a long red spear. The spear shaft was as thick as a goose egg, and the inscriptions on it were flowing. The red tassel was simply a burning divine fire, emitting an unparalleled fierce aura.

“Truly unreasonable!” The physical cultivator leader Jin Keyan was furious and about to take action.

In his opinion, Ding Hao was an honorable expert that could not be challenged, and the Celestial Master had already been tolerant enough. This group of people really did not know what was good for them. “The White-Robed King? Whatever. We need to crush them all. What a group of ignorant fools.”

“Let them be. Get ready for the transition immediately,” Ding Hao said calmly.

He stood at the bow of the ship and his powerful aura burst out. Layers of airwaves surged. The purplish-haired young man and the others could not approach him at all. The Long Sailing buzzed and vibrated at a high frequency. The inscriptions on the hull of the ship flashed as it was preparing for the space transition.

The purplish-haired young man was anxious.

Right at this moment, an unexpected event occurred.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, without warning, there was a burst of earth-shattering rumbling in the distance.

Then, extremely horrible energy fluctuations came. Faint bursting flames and black mushroom clouds broke out in the void. Broken inscription chains flew in all directions, and even the void space cracked.

“What’s happening?”

Everyone was shocked.

Ding Hao also felt shocked because, in the distant chaotic energy flow, he felt the familiar aura of the Land of Divine Grace’s experts. “What’s going on? Is Wei Province also going to be breached by the Divine Grace forces?”

“Milord, look, it’s the Military Counselor’s flagship.” A patrolling master pointed to the distance and shouted in anger.

As expected, a silver warship flew out obliquely from the distant burst of energy cluster, speeding up to get rid of the hunting of a large number of Divine Grace warships behind. The silver warship was badly damaged and flames were raging on its body. On it, countless martial artists were frantically running to put out the fire. The situation was extremely dangerous.

“Damn it, those Divine Grace bastards are ambushing Military Counselor. How did they know that his flagship would pass by here today? Go to support…”

The young man with long purplish hair roared.

Obviously, they were more concerned about their Military Counselor. They seemed to have gone mad as they took the strong men of the patrol team to support him in the distance.

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