Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1077

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Chapter 1077 The Sea God’s Heir

Obviously, after the consumption of the blood essence, their strength had been greatly damaged, and their auras had fallen below the God Realm. They were in low spirits, and it would probably take them decades to recover to their peak level.

Moreover, the consumption of true blood would lead to damage to the source, which would prevent them from making a breakthrough in their strength and cultivation for the rest of their lives.

The two experts had paid an enormous price to retrieve their ancestral Divine Artifacts.

“It’s your turn now…”

Uncle Tianshu grimaced with lumps of silver mist flickering on his chest. Obviously, it was a little strenuous for him to nourish the two ancestral Divine Artifacts on his own.

The two of them temporarily suppressed their ancestral Divine Artifacts with their physical bodies. If they couldn’t kill Ghost Figure Tiansha as soon as possible, it’s very likely that the ancestral Divine Artifacts of the Four Great Families will be snatched back since Tiansha has the method to control them.

Ximen Guiying did not say a word. He sat cross-legged in the void and suppressed the Divine Artifacts with his body.

“Meow, haha, I see a chance to beat a dog when it’s down!” Evil Moon covered its mouth and sniggered. Then, it stretched its claws and rushed toward Ghost Figure Tiansha like lightning. At the same time, it roared, “Human Pet, get away from me. Don’t try to steal the divine soul from me again. This guy is so powerful, and his divine soul must be delicious.”

Ding Hao could only cover his face and step aside.

“If Evil Moon keeps saying that, will the others think that I’m the Fat Cat’s pet?”

“Ke’er, are you okay?” Ding Hao was worried about Ding Ke’er’s injury.

Her originally murderous and cold face instantly softened. She smiled slightly and said, “Brother, don’t worry. I am not that delicate. Others call me a demoness. I have experienced countless battles more dangerous than this one.”

Ding Hao smiled and rubbed his nose.

Indeed, he was worried because of his concern.

In the past few years, his sister was able to become the leader of a major force in the Southern Wilderness. She was second only to one man. She was no longer the weakling she used to be. She was decisive and had experienced countless life-and-death trials, so she was much stronger than Ding Hao had imagined.

“Let’s deal with those lackeys first.”

Ding Ke’er glanced at the battlefield on Heaven Island. After she ran her power, the God-suppressing Seal turned into a crimson-flowing light, flying along the ground. Wherever it passed, those black figures would be smashed into powder.

On the other side, Wen Duoqing also took action.

Ghost Figure Tiansha had lost the support of the Four Divine Artifacts. His power declined sharply. Following that, the power of darkness that was contaminated by him began to weaken. Soon, he fell into a desperate situation. With the addition of the two top masters, the scene turned into a massacre.

“Evolve your souls and grant you all a quiet death,” Wen Duoqing whispered.

The Sand of Time released a boundless orange radiance, surging with the strange power of time. Wherever it passed, the dark figures of the contaminated martial artists seemed to turn into sand, eventually turning into yellow sand and drifting in the wind.

Most of these people had been elites of the Four Great Families. Unfortunately, they died like this.

In the void.

Evil Moon had completely suppressed Ghost Figure Tiansha.

The Demon King, who had swallowed the immortal medicine catalyst and evolved again, was as powerful as a four-apertured or even five-apertured God Realm expert. However, its attack methods were too simple and hadn’t mastered any magical power. In addition, it was afraid of getting killed, so it did not participate in the battle just now. Nevertheless, Evil Moon was fast. At this time, it was simply like a cat playing with a mouse as it teased Ghost Figure Tiansha.

“Poof… you damned cat, get away from me…”

Ghost Figure Tiansha’s body was smashed to smithereens time and time again. However, he transformed into a black mist to reform. Of course, his strength would decrease after each reorganization.

“Meow. Stop resisting. Give me your divine soul now.” Evil Moon chased after him tirelessly. It struck out with its claws and tore Tiansha into pieces. But what depressed Evil Moon was that the guy seemed to have no physical body and could reform every time. It had not found his divine soul yet.

Ding Hao shook his head and did not intervene.

It could be seen that Ghost Figure Tiansha was doomed. Being entangled with Evil Moon would make him wish that he were dead. Maybe he was too conceited about today’s situation and thought that he would have the last laugh, so he was not prepared for a retreat at all.

Ding Hao turned around, cupped his hands to the Mermaid Princess next to him, and said with a smile, “Your Royal Highness, it’s been a long while. I didn’t expect you to appear here.”

The Mermaid Princess gathered her long blond hair and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect to see you here either. Should I call you Chief Ding of the Northern Region Martial Alliance now?”

The Mermaids were quite well-informed.

Ding Hao’s heart skipped a beat, and he said with a smile, “Why is it that the Sea Clan from the Land of Divine Grace has also come to the Land of Infinity? Do you want to share this place? It seems that the natural environment of the Southern Wilderness is indeed very suitable for the Sea Clan.”

The Mermaid Princess heard the insinuation in Ding Hao’s words and said, “Relax, Chief Ding. We’re here to find the descendants of the Sea God, not to fight for space and resources.” As she spoke, her eyes involuntarily fell on the little dolphin, Adorable, on Li Yiruo’s shoulder.

Ding Hao could tell her meaning as he said, “It seems that you have made some discoveries.”

The Mermaid Princess nodded and said, “A few days ago, my race’s High Priest unexpectedly confirmed the location of the Sea God’s heir, and it was near Heaven Island of the Southern Wilderness. I led my army here and just happened to see Heaven Island fall into war. When I ascended the island to investigate, I never expected to encounter the previous sworn enmity of our Sea Clan!”

“The sworn enemy of the Sea Clan?” Ding Hao was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something.

The Mermaid Princess nodded. She pointed at Ghost Figure Tiansha who was tortured by Evil Moon in the distance and said, “When His Highness disappeared in the temple of the Sea Clan, all parties were furious. We investigated and finally found some clues. It was confirmed that His Highness’ heir was probably stolen, and the person who did it was a mysterious expert with the same aura and strength as him.”

“A mysterious expert that possesses the same strength as Ghost Figure Tiansha?

“That person be from the dark forces like the Hades True Immortal.”

“In the past, our Sea Clan once killed several mysterious experts who possessed the power of darkness, but unfortunately, we were unable to find the descendants of the Sea God. Although the Se Clan of the Seven Seas was split later, we would never let go of anyone who had this kind of dark power.” Hatred flashed on the Mermaid Princess’ face when she spoke of these things, and then her eyes fell on the little dolphin.

“Garrrrgh!” The little dolphin wagged its tail and stared at the Mermaid Princess with its pure eyes.

“I just didn’t expect that I would find the descendant of the Sea God by chance…” The beautiful eyes of the Mermaid Princess sparkled, and her voice trembled.

At this time, Ding Hao also knew the whole story.

“Are you that sure?” he asked.

The Mermaid Princess nodded and slowly approached Li Yiruo with a kind smile. After getting her permission, she slowly approached the little dolphin with her Sea God Trident.


A strange aura rose to the sky, and a void phantom instantly appeared behind the little dolphin.

It was an ancient picture. A towering figure stood between heaven and earth. Half of his body was in the sea, and the other half was flat with the sun and the moon. The clouds lingered around his shoulders. The huge trident seemed to lift the sun and the moon, which was simply shocking.

It was a mighty god.

It was merely a shadow, yet it already caused everyone to arouse the impulse to prostrate themselves in worship and submit to it.

The man in the picture was the Sea God.

He was the supreme master who had dominated all the waters of the sea in the Immortal Period.

“A strange scene would appear when the weapon of the Sea God’s heir approaches his descendant. This is a memory engraved in the weapon. Rumor has it that the Sea God’s heir didn’t die and chose to reincarnate instead. Unfortunately, the path of reincarnation has been severed. That’s why too many unexpected things have occurred!”

The Mermaid Princess took away the Divine Trident and the image in the void disappeared.

Ding Hao and Li Yiruo looked at each other and knew that what the Mermaid Princess said was right. Adorable’s identity and background were a mystery. They didn’t expect it to have such a powerful background. But why it would appear in the Sage Battlefield was puzzling.

“We need to invite the descendent of the Sea God back. As long as he can return to the Seven Seas, the Sea Clan will be united again and will no longer be embroiled in war.” The Mermaid Princess looked at Ding Hao and Li Yiruo as she said, “Please do agree that I will take His Highness back.”

Li Yiruo did not speak but looked at Ding Hao.

He did not say anything either.

He knew that there was deep affection between his wife and the little dolphin, no less than that between him and Evil Moon. If they were separated, Li Yiruo would definitely be reluctant to part with Adorable.

“Now His Highness’s godhood and memory have not recovered, and his strength is also in a deep sleep. In the altar of the temple of the Lord of the Seven Seas, we can help him restore his former glory. This would absolutely be the best choice for him,” the Mermaid Princess explained patiently. How could she not tell the infections between Li Yiruo and Adorable?

Her words made Li Yiruo slightly tempted.

She hoped that her little companion could become stronger and that Adorable could regain its previous memory and its own identity. However, she was really reluctant to part with it.

“In fact, Madam Ding, you can go to the Seven Seas with us. His Highness is very dependent on you now, which shows that there must be fate and mystery in it. Maybe it’s predestined by heaven to restore his memory and strength, but it won’t erase his current emotions. Maybe he will choose to stay with you in the future.” The Mermaid Princess continued to persuade patiently.

Li Yiruo was slightly tempted and looked at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao thought for a moment and said, “It’s up to you and Adorable to decide.” Speaking of this, he looked at the Mermaid Princess and asked, “If Yiruo and Adorable go to the Seven Seas, will their safety be guaranteed? I remember that you once said that the Seven Seas’ various clans are now divided and the situation is chaotic.”

The Mermaid Princess said seriously, “I can assure you that there will be absolutely no problem with it. Although the situation of the Sea Clan is chaotic, there is no doubt that every member will be loyal to His Highness. This is the faith and bottom line of every sea tribe. This is completely different from that of you humans. As long as His Highness appears in the Seven Seas, the Sea Clan will be united in an instant, and no one will harm him and Madam Ding.”

Speaking of this, the Mermaid Princess continued, “Once His Highness recovers his strength and memory, he will definitely unify the Sea Clan. With his relationship with you, the entire clan will be your ally in the future. Now the situation is chaotic. With such a powerful ally, I believe that you will feel relieved.”

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