Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1073

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Chapter 1073 The Person in the Coffin

“Are you not messing with me?” Ding Hao didn’t believe the Fat Cat.

Evil Moon said mysteriously, “Relax. They can still hold on now. Let’s go and save the one that needs our rescue first. After we save that person, it won’t be too late for us to deal with this pretentious Ghost Figure, Tiansha.”

Ding Hao took a look at the battlefield.

Ding Ke’er, Wen Duoqing, and Ximen Guiying were indeed not at a disadvantage.

He secretly designated a voice transmission to Ding Ke’er, asking her to deal with it carefully, and then quietly left the battlefield with Evil Moon.

“What is this place?”

Ding Hao looked at the Ghost Qi around him. The air was still filled with a terrible evil aura of blood as if there were ghosts howling. The environment was strange. The surrounding trees had withered as if they had been fossilized.

“This is a prison of Heaven Island. It’s a place where some extremely evil demons and human prisoners are imprisoned.” Evil Moon looked around furtively and led the way.

“How did you know this place?” Ding Hao asked curiously.

Evil Moon thought of some unpleasant past events and rolled its eyes. “If you have someone nagging at you millions of times every day when you sleep, you’ll also know everything about this place.”

“You mean…” Ding Hao suddenly realized something. “Did Sister Ding, the supreme master, the new God of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region tell you this?”

It had been confirmed before that Evil Moon was born by breaking the seal from the egg that Ding Honglei gave him. Ding Hao immediately thought of something.

Evil Moon curled its lips and said, “Who else could it be but that woman?”

“How did she find you?” Ding Hao continued to ask, “I was just about to ask you about it. How did you survive when you fell into the Bone-corroding Blood Sea?”

Hearing this question, the Demon King glanced at Ding Hao, rolled its eyes, and said, “Before I answer this question, can you promise me one thing first?”

Ding Hao nodded. “Sure.”

“Meow?” Evil Moon widened its eyes and said, “It’s not your style to agree so readily. Human Pet, you won’t go back on your word, will you?”

Ding Hao’s eyes instantly widened.

“Meow. Fine. I believe you.” Evil Moon knew when to stop and said, “Do you still remember when I took an immortal medicine catalyst at that time…”

“Did you avoid getting killed because you took the immortal medicine catalyst?” Ding Hao nodded. What Evil Moon said was similar to his guessing. During these days, Ding Hao had been thinking about it. If Evil Moon was still alive, its vitality would be in the immortal medicine catalyst he had snatched at that time.

“Meow. That’s right.” The Demon King blinked innocently and said, “Human Pet, you have to believe me. I did run out of my options back then, so I took the immortal medicine catalyst. I know that it was very important to you and you wanted to use it to cure your mother’s injury, but…”

“Damn it.” Ding Hao knocked on its forehead and said, “Am I an unreasonable person? It’s just an immortal medicine catalyst, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter even if you took two or three of those, let alone one. Nothing would matter as long as you come back to me alive.”

Evil Moon thought that it would be blamed by Ding Hao. After all, the immortal medicine catalyst was too precious, but it didn’t expect Ding Hao to be so nice to it. The simple-minded Fat Cat was moved.

“In fact, I didn’t completely take it. There’s still a little of it left here…” Evil Moon said. It took out a quarter of the immortal medicine catalyst from the storage space in its abdomen, which suddenly emitted a refreshing fragrance.

Ding Hao chuckled and said, “It was you that snatched this immortal medicine catalyst, so you have the right to possess it. But I remember that when we fought for it back then, the old mixed-hair guide helped us out. You can consider sharing it with him.”

“Meow?” Evil Moon was surprised and said, “Is that old brat still alive? I guess the bad guys are indeed long-lived.”

As the two spoke, they finally entered the core area of the prison of Heaven Island.

This place was full of all kinds of inscription tactical deployments and traps. The Four Great Families had arranged for some of their masters to guard here. It was the most heavily guarded place other than the four main cities. However, as the island fell into chaos, the security here became much looser. Evil Moon knocked out a lot of guards along the way.

“Meow? It’s an underground prison again? I hate these gloomy and dark things the most.” Evil Moon opened a transmission door and instantly transmitted the two of them to an underground passage.

Ding Hao was quite surprised.

“If it was Ding Honglei who told Evil Moon those things, then how did she know everything about this place? Judging from Evil Moon’s familiarity with the terrain and transmission door of the prison, it seems that Ding Honglei has been here before, but after all, she is from the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region. How did she know so much about Heaven Island?”

Ding Hao felt that there seemed to be too many things he did not know.

In less than 15 minutes, Evil Moon took Ding Hao down 17 transmission formations in a row and finally arrived at the darkest and deepest place of the prison. The air was filled with the smell of sulfur, and the heat waves that hit them in the face were hot enough to melt gold and stone.

“Damn. Did that woman tell me about the right place? I didn’t get fooled, did I? I feel as if I’ve been sent to hell and I’m about to be roasted. Look, my beautiful white feathers have been so baked that they’ve turned yellow and curled,” Evil Moon complained and looked around carefully.

The inscription tactical deployments here were even more terrible. There were some semi-divine-rune formations.

“We’re already at the underground lava area. It should be the middle of an underground volcano. Is Heaven Island located above an extinct volcano?” Ding Hao walked on a stone bridge, and the orange magma below was gurgling like boiling water.

There were no experts from the Four Great Families guarding this place.

Perhaps it was because they felt that no one could escape from this place with such a terrible environment.

In addition to the hot air and magma, the scarlet stone bridge extended like a spider web, leading in different directions. The hanging stalactites could make one feel that this place was as gloomy and horrible as the bottom pit of hell.

Ding Hao saw some dead dry corpses.

Some of these corpses belonged to the Human Clan and some belonged to the Demon Clan. They were still imprisoned in the stone cells. Through the stone fence, one could see the general appearance of these corpses. Obviously, they were extremely powerful when they were still alive. It was unknown how many years they had been dead, but their bodies remained unrotten. It was just that they were roasted due to the high temperature, which made them appear quite ferocious like mummies.

There were hundreds of such stone cells with dead bodies inside. It could be seen that the Four Great Families had imprisoned countless super experts over the years.

Ding Hao and Evil Moon were not from the Southern Wilderness, otherwise, they could surely discover the identities of some mummified corpses. If the news of the situation here spread out, it would definitely stun the Southern Wilderness. Many brilliant predecessors and superiors, even some Supreme Masters in the God Realm, had died here.

“Who are you taking me to see?” Ding Hao asked, “The prisoners here seem to be dead.”

“Hopefully, that old fellow is still alive. If he’s dead, we will have made this trip in vain,” Evil Moon said, spreading open its claw. A faint red mist swirled around them before it flew out.

“Let’s follow it,” Evil Moon said hurriedly.

Ding Hao recognized that the faint red mist was Ding Honglei’s power. He did not dare to neglect it and followed closely behind.

After taking turns on the burning stone bridge, Ding Hao finally saw a huge crimson sarcophagus hanging in the air in front of him. The faint red mist snuck into the sarcophagus.

“That’s…” Ding Hao frowned.

He saw divine patterns circling the surface of the sarcophagus, which were constantly absorbing the heat from the surrounding void. They were like red flowing light chains, swirling along the surface of the sarcophagus, imprisoning the thing in it. This crimson coffin seemed to be the heart of something, constantly making banging sounds, and faintly expanding and contracting.

It was frightening to suddenly see such a weird coffin in such a gloomy and terrible place. Evil Moon hid behind Ding Hao.

Who was imprisoned in the coffin?

Ding Hao flashed and came to the front of the sarcophagus.

He reached out to lift its lid, but he couldn’t help to remove his hand from it due to a powerful force. With a bang, the whole sarcophagus was burning with strong True Solar Fire, which was powerful enough to melt a Demigod in an instant.

“What powerful means!”

“Crack the divine runes first before opening the sarcophagus.” The Sword Master’s voice sounded.

Under the guidance of the Sword Master, Ding Hao set up an Isolation Tactical Deployment in the void to cut off the connection between the sarcophagus and the surrounding heat of the magma. Then, it took him a whole 30 minutes to find the flaw of the divine patterns and crack it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The red lid of the sarcophagus was slowly lifted, and the sound was like the rolling thunder.

“Meow? Is there any good stuff in it? Is it something delicious? I’ll check it out first…” Evil Moon couldn’t wait to reach out its head and look into the sarcophagus.

But the next moment-


In an instant, countless black thunderbolts burst out from the sarcophagus. Fortunately, Ding Hao was prepared and dissolved them with the power of the Saber Intent and the Sword Intent, but he still had to retreat because of the attack. Evil Moon was defenseless and instantly struck by the black thunderbolts. Its white fluff became black, and its whole body was smoking. Only its teeth and eyes remained white.

“Meow… I’ve been plotted against.” Evil Moon opened its mouth and spat out black smoke.

Ding Hao was amused by its look.

Just then, a voice came from the sarcophagus.

“Damn, you two bastards, why didn’t you come over until now? I was about to melt in here…” A familiar voice came, and then a naked barbarian-like man with no shirt on his upper body sat up. His body also turned pitch black by the attack of the thunderbolts. His messy hair was blown up, and only his yellow teeth could be seen clearly. He shouted, “Go get me some clothes. Even my briefs are burned out!”

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