Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065 Who’s Making Things Difficult for My Human Pet?

“The Yin family and the Ximen family have not yet shown themselves. If the ancestors of these two families also show up, I’m afraid that the situation will immediately change…”

Ding Hao waved his sword, and the white Sword Intent all over the sky slashed out, leaving a scar on Chuyun Tianshang’s waist.

“Triple Cloud Dragon Transformations!”

Chu Tianshang roared, urging all the clouds to turn into an ancient dragon, emitting a lifelike dragon power and rushing over to attack Ding Hao.

Muhuang Tianling also seemed to have turned into a flaming giant. Countless flaming tentacles, like pythons on fire, rushed toward Ding Hao from all directions.

Ding Hao shouted angrily. The wind and rain all over the sky bombarded and smashed the flaming pythons.

“Do I really have to use my final trump card?”

Ding Hao knew that if this went on, the momentum he created would gradually weaken. If he cooperated with the Saber Master and the Sword Master to activate the Devil Saber and Rusted Sword with all his strength without reservation, he might be able to kill Muhuang Tianling and Chuyun Tianshang, but at that time, his strength would be sucked dry and he would have no strength to fight back.

His eyes fell on Nalan Youxia below.

“If I activate the power within Youxia’s body…”

Ding Hao believed that the power of the real Immortal Artifact could absolutely make Heaven Island completely disappear from the world, and it was enough to make the Four Great Families submit unconditionally, but the consequences would also be very serious. First of all, it would consume the vitality of Nalan Youxia, and at the same time, it would expose the whereabouts of the Immortal Artifact. At that time, God’s Palace and countless forces from the Land of Divine Grace would follow the traces and come here.

After a slight consideration, Ding Hao gave up the idea of using the power of the Immortal Artifact for the time being.

“This is the last trump card. I may be able to turn the table if I save it for the critical moment.”


Ding Hao temporarily gave up all thoughts. He madly activated the forces, displaying his Sword Intent and Saber Intent to the extreme. He was almost like a god. With a thought, he changed the weather. There was wind and rain. Thunder and lightning roared, silver snakes tore the void, and the sky within a radius of hundreds of miles was covered with dark clouds.

The Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword also cut through the sky like divine lights.

With the control of the Saber Master and the Sword Master, the attack power of this saber and sword was comparable to that of a God Realm master, and they had the ability to attack independently. They could cooperate with Ding Hao’s mind and achieve a tacit understanding, exerting their might to the extreme.

Ding Hao stood still in the same place.

He seemed to have completely integrated into the storm and became a part of heaven and earth.

This was a sign that the momentum of heaven, in Ding Hao’s current understanding, had been activated to the extreme.

With the help of the momentum of heaven, Ding Hao could get an endless amount of strength. He remained still as the heaven while the Saber Intent and Sword Intent could crack all methods with one move. At this time, Ding Hao was able to suppress the two God Realm Masters on the spot without moving.

Right then, another extremely powerful and horrible aura suddenly appeared from the southwest. Like the arrival of a Devil, it approached the battlefield quickly.

It was the aura of another God Realm Master.

“Another God Realm Master arrived.

“Is it the ancestor of the Ximen family or the Yin family?”

Ding Hao’s face changed greatly.

Chuyun Tianshang and Muhuang Tianling seemed delighted, but a bitter look appear on their faces. “Our reputation has really been completely ruined today. Both of us have joined forces against a junior, yet we have still been suppressed.” When they thought of that, their hearts slightly sank.

Of course, this only made their killing intent surge even more.

“No matter what price we’ll have to pay, we can never let Ding Hao escape unscathed. Otherwise, in the future, this young devil will surely become a nightmare for the Heaven Sect.”

“Brother Yin, let’s take action together to suppress this demon!” shouted Chuyun Tianshang.

A figure in the distance stopped abruptly, and dark clouds rolled behind him. Like the Devil of the Doomsday, he appeared on the battlefield in an instant. He was a burly silver-haired old man with silver lights flashing behind him, which were like a door of light. A horrible aura was released from the door of light, and thousands of figures vaguely emerged from it.

“You two old guys are getting weaker and weaker. You can’t even defeat an unknown junior, and you got yourselves injured so badly!” The burly silver-haired old man laughed disdainfully. It was Yin Rong, the Highest Elder of the Yin Family.

“Old Yin, don’t make cynical remarks. If you have the ability, you can take him down on your own!” roared Chuyun Tianshang.

Yin Rong laughed loudly.

The three old great fighters stood on three sides and faintly formed a circle, surrounding Ding Hao in the middle. They did not enter the domain of the storm formed by Sword Intent and Saber Intent. After Yin Rong observed for a moment, the contempt on his face disappeared and was replaced by a dignified look, which was rare for him.

“When did such a young genius appear in this world? How could he be so terrifying?”

“Who’s this kid?” Yin Rong asked in surprise. He had no idea when the Heaven Sect had messed with such a stunning expert. “It would be best if we can convert hostility into friendship. After all, this kid has made himself powerful and it will be difficult to kill him.”

“He’s with that demoness from back then.” Muhuang Tianling coldly said, “What now? Could it be that you still want to subdue him?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Yin Rong’s intent to make peace with Ding Hao instantly vanished.

“In that case, let’s just kill him,” Yin Rong said. “The dignity of the Heaven Sect cannot be blasphemed against. Anyone who has anything to do with that demoness deserves to die.”

In the distance, Ding Hao couldn’t help but get angry when he heard that. “How dare you bark like that, you old dogs? You have done something guilty, but you even claim your deeds to be plausible. It seems that there are no decent men in the Heaven Sect.”

“Hahaha, in the world of martial arts, only the strong are respected. My strength is stronger than yours, so what I say is the principle.” Yin Rong laughed disdainfully and said, “I only do things according to my feelings. I don’t care about right and wrong, nor do I care about justice or morality.”

Hearing this, Ding Hao was so angry that he laughed. He pointed the Rusted Sword at Yin Rong’s glabella and said, “You’re from the Yin family, right? Very good. The name of your family is now added in my death note.”

“Haha, you’re about to die, but you still dare to talk back. I’ll send you to see that demoness.” Yin Rong laughed and took a step forward. The door of light behind him suddenly opened, and countless light figures holding swords and hilts rushed out. In an instant, they formed an army and whistled to attack Ding Hao.

This sort of magical power was truly rare.

The light figures that rushed out of the door of light were like an army of death. Their faces were blurred, and they seemed illusory. They held ancient weapons in their hands, but their individual strength was extremely powerful. Most of them were in the Martial Sage Realm, and they rushed over like a flood.

“I’ll smash you all!”

Ding Hao stood still and took advantage of the momentum of heaven. The rain within a kilometer radius around him fell more rapidly, and all the light figures rushing into the rainy storm domain were turned into nothingness before they could get close to Ding Hao, like icemen rushing into magma.

“Flaming Pythons Apocalypse!” Muhuang Tianling roared as he unleashed his ultimate move as well.

Chuyun Tianshang’s face was flushed. He took a deep breath, and his body swelled like a balloon. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a one-thousand-meter-tall giant. His face was exactly the same as his own. His whole body had turned into crystal-colored glass, shining with silver light. His every breath was like a hurricane. He stretched out his big hands and grabbed directly at Ding Hao.

The three experts attacked at the same time.

Ding Hao suddenly felt terrible pressure.

The domain of the rainy storm formed by his saber and sword was compressed to about a hundred meters in an instant.

Ding Hao reached out his hands, and the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword fell into them. His dense black hair was dancing wildly in the wind like a demonic flame. His eyes were full of bright light. A crack opened between his eyebrows, and his Martial Arts Third Eye shot out golden light. At the same time, the Heavenly Samsara Disc behind him turned into six light doors, releasing the power of the Divine Artifact to resist this terrible pressure.

“It seems that I can’t hold back any longer…” Ding Hao made a decision.

After he ran his mind, the jade bottle containing the immortal medicine catalyst was opened and a stream of light shot out. He opened his mouth and directly bit down on a rabbit-like catalyst. Ignoring its crazy squeaking struggle, he tried his best to activate the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword to perform the ultimate killing move.

Once the Devil Saber and Rusted Sword used up all his strength, Ding Hao would swallow the immortal medicine catalyst immediately to make up for his consumption and get a second chance to take action.

“That’s what I must do.

“Otherwise, when the ancestor of the Ximen family comes over, the joint attack formation of the Four Great Families of the Heaven Sect will be complete. When that happens, I’ll no longer have the strength to even struggle.”

The rabbit-like immortal medicine catalyst had intelligence and knew that it was about to be eaten. It struggled wildly between Ding Hao’s teeth, but it could not escape. In the end, it was so scared that it fainted.

At that critical moment, unexpectedly, another force suddenly burst out around Ding Hao.

Ding Hao was stunned.

“Meow. Hahaha. What’s going on? Who is making things difficult for my Human Pet?”

A familiar voice came out. White flowing light flew out of Ding Hao’s storage space automatically, turning into a huge and strange white behemoth. It lingered in the void, blocking the light of the sun and the moon. Its eyes were like the sun. Its roar shooked heaven and earth.

“It seems that I have been asleep for too long. This world has forgotten my cruelty. You’re so cruel that you’ve lost your humanity… Since you make things difficult for my Human Pet, I’ll bite you all to death!”

The strange white behemoth roared angrily.

This sudden change stunned everyone.

“What is that?”

“Heavens. This type of aura… Could it have come from the legendary Destructive Demonic Beast?”

“It’s horrifying… But why does its head look like a cat’s?”

For a moment, no one understood what was going on.


“Hey? Such a huge guy… Damn. Are you competing with me in terms of height? I can’t stand it…” The white behemoth first saw the giant that Chuyun Tianshang transformed into.

With a roar, he stretched out his claws and knocked the thousand-meter giant out of the way. The sharp claws almost cut the glazed giant’s waist, leaving three shocking scars. Blood flowed to the ground like a flood.

“What is this?”

Chuyun Tianshang screamed as his body began to shrink due to his severe injuries.

At the same time, Ding Hao was so excited that he was trembling all over.

From the moment the first voice sounded, he realized what had happened and who had come back. After a short moment of shock, Ding Hao immediately took the opportunity to fight back.

Chuyun Tianshang was heavily injured. Ding Hao didn’t need to use his ultimate killing move to deal with the remaining two.

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