Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1059

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Chapter 1059 Do You Really Think You’re Invincible?

“Don’t let him escape!” Yin Hui gnashed her teeth and covered her face as she said, “Little bastard, no one can save you today. I want you and all your companions to bleed out and howl for days before you die.”

“Haha. What fools…” Nalan Youxia pointed at Chuyun Pei, Yin Hui, and the others with a grin.

The two little Taoist boys were a little scared. They hid behind Li Yiruo and held her hands tightly.

Ding Hao looked around and saw Young Master Batian hiding in the crowd, as well as Muhuang Ying with a sphinx face, who was hiding in the stone peak in the distance.

Then, a smile appeared on Ding Hao’s face.

“In that case…” Ding Hao stretched himself and said to the two people in front of him with a smile, “You are really unlucky.”

“What?” Chuyun Pei was taken aback.

In the next moment, Ding Hao moved in an instant like a ghost. Before anyone could react, Chuyun Pei was caught by Ding Hao in his hand without even a chance to struggle.

By the time the experts of the Chuyun family reacted, it was already too late.

“What are you doing? Release our young master,” someone shouted.

After being stunned for a moment, Chuyun Pei also roared angrily, “How dare you… Release me now, or my family will never let you go.”


Ding Hao sneered contemptuously. He then grabbed Chuyun Pei’s head and slapped him a few times. Chuyun Pei felt dizzy from the slaps while all his teeth were broken.

“I’ll spare your life for once. Next time you come to make trouble, I’ll wring your head off,” Ding Hao said. It was as if he was twisting rags when he directly kneaded Chuyun Pei into a meatball. In the latter’s scream, he tossed casually and directly threw out the young expert of the Chuyun family like throwing a javelin.

In the blink of an eye, Chuyun Pei’s body disappeared into the distant sky.

No one knew how far he was thrown.

With such injuries, even if he did not die, he would have to recuperate for at least half a year.

He kept calling Ding Hao a little bastard, but Ding Hao showed mercy by sparing his despicable life.

The group of people in the distance seemed to be petrified and were completely shocked. “Oh my god. Chuyun Pei’s strength is not low, but he was thrown away like a ball. This is just terrifying.

“Who on earth is this young man in cyan? How could he actually hurt the people of the Chuyun family?”

Even the masters and guards of the Chuyun family were shocked.

The angry expression on Yin Hui’s face froze.

She looked blankly at the place where Chuyun Pei disappeared and then looked at Ding Hao. Suddenly, she had a bad feeling in her heart. She vaguely felt that this time she seemed to have picked the wrong person to mess with. “Since this madman dared to hurt Chuyun Pei, he definitely also dares to hurt me.”

At that moment, Ding Hao looked over.

He grinned, revealing his teeth that looked like blades.

“What… what are you doing?” Yin Hui instinctively stepped back with a chill rising from her tailbone. The chill was so overwhelming as if it was going to overturn her head.

“Girl, stop being so mean from now on. I’ll teach you a small lesson this time.” Ding Hao grinned and waved his hand gently.


Yin Hui felt her head go numb, and then everything in her field of vision blurred.

The unrestrained girl of the Yin family was sent flying again.

Everyone was dumbfounded once again.

The guards of the Chuyun family finally reacted. Some of them roared, pulled out their swords and weapons, and rushed to Ding Hao, while some of them hurried to the place where Chuyun Pei disappeared. Some people hurried to report to the higher-ups of the Chuyun family. The scene was a mess.

“Idiots. You still wish to attack me?”

Ding Hao waved his hand as if he were expelling flies, slapping away all the masters of the Chuyun family who were rushing over.

He retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and began to wipe his hands gently, as though he were afraid that slapping these people would get his hands dirty.

The people around him all felt that their brains had failed them.

Now someone vaguely understood that this young man in cyan didn’t seem to be afraid of the Yin family or the Chuyun family at all. “He’s simply here to make trouble. It is a complete provocation to humiliate Chuyun Pei and Yin Hui in that way.

“Who exactly is this person?”

No one dared to underestimate this young man any longer.

In the crowd, the sissy young master Batian stepped back in fear. He was already quite afraid of Ding Hao and felt that it was not safe to be too close to him. At the same time, he was also ecstatic. Due to what had just happened, Ding Hao would inevitably face the anger and revenge of the Chuyun Family and the Yin family.

The others also retreated one after another, keeping a distance from Ding Hao.

Even further away.

Muhuang Ying, who was hiding behind the stone forest, revealed a trace of a grin from his plot succeeding, and then he retreated slowly.

Ding Hao put away his handkerchief and stood quietly in the same place. He seemed to be waiting for something.

As expected, one powerful aura after another soon descended.

“Just an insignificant nobody. How dare you make trouble in the Heaven Sect Garden?” With a roar, a blue water dragon cut through the void, roaring from a high position. It opened its bloody mouth and pressed down on Ding Hao.

“This is the Cloud-dragon Swallowing, the special combat skill of the Chuyun family.” Someone exclaimed, “An expert at the peak of the Saint Realm has taken action.”

But what happened next shocked him even more.

Ding Hao just stood still, allowing the huge water dragon to swallow his body. Just when everyone thought that he would be seriously injured, the water dragon, which was majestic a moment ago, suddenly swelled up. With a hissing sound, it turned into wisps of white steam and disappeared into the void.

There were no scars on Ding Hao’s body. His cyan clothes were neat, and even his hair was tidy.

“You’re too weak,” Ding Hao said, throwing a casual punch.

The expert from the Chuyun family, who was at the peak of the Saint Realm, flew backward and fell somewhere.

“How formidable!”

Everyone was stunned once again.

“Who else wants to challenge me?” Ding Hao stood where he was. His voice was loud and deafening. It was like he was provoking anyone who dared to come to him, which was extremely domineering and dazzling.

“Where does this fierce man come from? Does he really want to challenge the two families alone?”

Ding Hao laughed out loud. His laughter rang out like a bell. He shouted, “Muhuang Ying, get the hell over here. Do you think I can’t see you?”

Muhuang Ying’s expression instantly changed while he hid in the distance.

He was about to go out, but at that time, the Dragon Horses neighed, and a bronze flying palace rose in the distance, arousing a lot of scenes. The astral wind surged, and the palace flew directly to Ding Hao’s position and pressed down on him.

“Chuyun Zhan has made his move.”

“The true expert has arrived. This kid is done for.”

“One the Four Great Childes, Chuyun Zhan, is it? I heard that he is likely to have reached the God Realm. Maybe he will become a supreme master of this continent.”

“That battle maniac has been alarmed. There will be a good show to watch now.”

The moment they saw the bronze flying palace, everyone around was shocked. The name Chuyun Zhan was extremely prestigious in Heaven Island and even in the entire Southern Wilderness. Countless famous masters had died at the hands of this battle maniac.

This man was just like a terrifying young devil king.

Rumble! Rumble!

The bronze palace fell from the sky like an immortal palace from the Milky Way. With wisps of chaotic aura, it was unstoppable. Everyone within a kilometer retreated. It was difficult for them to stand such terrible power.

Ding Hao was the first to bear the brunt of it. He only felt that it was like the boundless Milky Way covering him.

His cyan shirt was fluttering and his black hair was dancing wildly in the wind.

“Interesting.” Ding Hao showed a smile on his face. Standing still, he raised his hand and punched out.

“He wants to attack the Bronze Flying Palace with bare hands?”

“He’s crazy!”

“That palace is a rare treasure.”

Upon witnessing this scene, the crowd around freaked out a bit.


There was a loud bang.

Everyone only felt that their ears turned deaf in an instant while countless people subconsciously covered their ears. The slightly weaker people’s mouths and noses were bleeding. The bronze palace shook, and an invisible sound wave spread to the extreme. Six or seven guards of the Chuyun family failed to dodge in time and were directly turned into powder.

The rock ground under Ding Hao’s feet directly broke into pieces and turned into sand. He sank into the ground as if he had fallen into quicksand.

But the huge Bronze Flying Palace was shaken and flew backward. The surface of the palace was covered with dense flashing bronze inscriptions. They were circulating like water ripples, which seemed to be out of control.

“Haha, is this all the Bronze Flying Palace can do?”

Ding Hao laughed and rushed up to the sky, following the bronze palace like a shadow. He kept throwing punches.

He had decided to make a scene.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Bronze Flying Palace was bombarded askew, with flowing lights flashing and constantly changing directions. It wanted to get rid of Ding Hao’s crazy punches, but it failed.


“Go back to where you came from,” Ding Hao shouted.

His strongest punch hit the Bronze Flying Palace.

Everyone could see that the bronze inscriptions on the surface of the bronze palace were broken like iron chains. A huge dent appeared on the bronze palace, and then it was directly blown back to a pavilion in the distance.

That was where it had appeared.

“What insolence!” Amidst the angry roar, a tyrannical and furious aura suddenly erupted from the pavilion in the distance, directly sending the top of the pavilion flying.

Streams of light flashed.

A tall and slender figure came over and held the Bronze Flying Palace with one hand. With rays of colorful light, the palace rapidly shrank and finally became as delicate as a palm, held in the palm of the burly young man.

It was Chuyun Kuangzhan.

He had finally made his move.

“That’s enough, you’re challenging the prestige of my family. You’ll have to pay the price!” Chuyun Kuangzhan roared. He stepped out of the void with a greatly stunning momentum. It was as if the entire manor was shaking under his steps.

Everyone’s expressions changed. “Is this battle maniac finally angry?”

However, Ding Hao looked calm and said with a smile, “How dare you show off your insignificant skills in front of me? Do you really think you’re invincible? You’re weak but arrogant. Today, I’ll show you what it means by there’s always someone stronger.”

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