Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057 The Genius Gathering

On the third day after arriving at Heaven Island.

Ding Hao set off from Surging Waves Mansion with Li Yiruo and others to attend the Genius Gathering of the Heaven Sect. This was a grand meeting for Heaven Island. Not only would some young geniuses with talent appear, but also many young heroes that didn’t belong to the Heaven Sect would receive invitations.

For many young people from the Southern Wilderness, receiving such an invitation was a supreme honor. It meant obtaining the recognition of the Heaven Sect. They would have the right to show off with this experience.

Ding Hao was not interested in such a gathering at first.

With his current status, participating in a gathering like this was like playing with a group of little kids. But out of consideration for the fact that he might be able to obtain some useful information at this gathering, he still accepted the invitation of the Muhuang family.

The Heaven Sect Garden was a public area between the four major cities. It was jointly managed by the Four Great Families.

The garden was heavily guarded by the Four Great Families, and the inscription tactical deployments were dense. Without an invitation, the ones who accidentally entered the tactical deployments would easily get killed.

After the guard checked the invitation card, he let Ding Hao and the others in.

Muhuang Ying came with Ding Hao and saw his old friend as soon as he entered the place. He excused himself and left directly. Ding Hao frowned slightly but said nothing more. He and Li Yiruo strolled along the bluestone road.

The Heaven Sect Garden covered an extremely large area, tens of thousands of acres. Inside, there were strange peaks, rockeries, flowing water, carved eaves, waterside pavilions, corridors, fountains, and all other things that a huge garden could be equipped with. The scenery was extremely beautiful. Young geniuses in groups of twos and threes were wearing divine armor and splendid clothes. Obviously, their status was very high. They were all talking and laughing as they walked into the depths of the garden.

A fragrant breeze blew over.

Five or six colorful skirts fluttered in the wind as young and lively girls walked into the garden. Their laughter, like silver bells, attracted many people’s gazes.

“I heard the supreme geniuses from the Muhuang family will show up at this gathering.” A pretty girl told her female companions, “If Muhuang Pin, one of the Four Great Childes, could take a look at me, I’ll be more than happy to die.”

“You can just dream on. What kind of person is Muhuang Pin? The princesses of the Four Great Families are all in love with him and have been pursuing him. Why would he take a fancy to a common girl like you?” The female companions mercilessly dusted her off.

“Humph, so what? I hear Muhuang Pin hasn’t even fallen in love yet. Everyone has a chance to be with him.”

“I prefer Yin Lisheng of the Four Great Childes. Muhuang Pin is too cold, unlike Yin Lisheng, who is gentle and amiable.”

“Yin Lisheng is gentle and amiable, but he is a famous playboy. You wouldn’t get anything from being together with him…”

The girls discussed and strode past Ding Hao and others.

Ding Hao smiled faintly.

It seemed that the Four Great Childes should be the most popular among the Four Great Families. For a moment, he was also a little curious about how amazing the young talents of the Southern Wilderness were.

Right at this moment, there was a sudden scream from outside, followed by the roars of Dragon Horses. Then, a surge of water-based energy fluctuation came from the distant garden gate.

Twenty snow-white majestic Dragon Horses, as white as silver, galloped over like lightning, leading a bronze flying palace that was a few meters tall into the garden.

Dragon Horses were one of the strange beasts of the Southern Wilderness. Legend states that they were descendants of the Divine Dragons and Heavenly Horses. They could travel on the clouds, enter the depths of the ocean, and chase away huge waves. An adult Dragon Horse had the power to fight against a Martial Sage and could be ranked among the top ten strange beasts.

A single Dragon Horse would be extremely precious, yet now twenty had appeared at once. Moreover, their bloodlines were pure without any impurities, which was truly shocking.

The people in the bronze palace were definitely real big shots. They spurred the Dragon Horses and did not stop when they passed the gate. They directly rushed in, and the guards at the gate did not dare to stop them.

“It’s the Chuyun family’s Chuyun Kuangzhan, a battle fanatic, one of the Chuyun family’s three great geniuses. He’s actually also participating in this year’s gathering?” someone cried out in shock. It was clear that the master of the bronze Palace had quite a stunning background.

Wherever the white Dragon Horses passed, no one dared to stop them.

The flying palace whistled and stirred up a hurricane. Leaves were broken and rocks rolled. It was extremely domineering, but no one dared to stop it.

Ding Hao and others walked along the side of the road when the flying palace rushed straight over. When it was about to hit Roundie and Squarie, Ding Hao exerted force in his palm and protected the two Taoist boys.

“That’s so out of line. This is a wide road. He must be doing this on purpose…” Li Yiruo got a bit irritated.

While they were talking, a shadow suddenly loomed over them.

The sky above suddenly darkened, and a giant monstrous bird like a roc came to the sky above the garden at some point, causing another exclamation. The terrible pressure poured down like an ancient mountain. Some people could not bear such pressure on the spot, and their skin was directly broken as they fainted.

“That’s Sky Winged Roc, a variant of the Celestial Rocs, one of the overlords of the great sea.” A Muhuang family’s young Saint Realm expert’s face turned pale, revealing a hint of fear.

Very few people could subdue the Sky Winged Roc. In the Southern Wilderness, it belonged to only one person, Yin Lisheng, a peerless genius of the Four Great Childes. Even the proud Muhuang family was afraid of such a monster.

The next moment, the strange bird suddenly shrank and turned into a small black dot in the blink of an eye, falling into the hands of a young man in cyan and disappearing.

The young man’s name was Yin Lisheng, the first genius of the Yin family. The Sky Winged Roc was his mount. He was elegant and extremely handsome. His black hair was like a waterfall, and his body was shining like the sun. He looked in his early twenties, with a kind of sunshine charm, which was enough to make thousands of girls scream.

He landed step by step in the void like an exiled immortal.

Instantly, the eyes of dozens of beautiful girls present lit up. They immediately surrounded Yin Lisheng. Obviously, this young man was very popular with girls, and he enjoyed this kind of scene very much. He laughed and mingled with the girls.


One extremely powerful aura after another descended into the depths of the garden.

These were obviously the experts of the Four Great Families.

Although the Heaven Sect Garden was highly guarded, the reputations of the young top experts from the Four Great Families were well-known. There was no need for them to apply these old-fashioned rules. They placed themselves above the masses. They were truly blessed by the heavens.

Ding Hao was not in a hurry but strolled in the garden leisurely.

Soon, he saw Muhuang Xiu not far away. The beautiful girl and her two companions were hurrying to the inner courtyard. She obviously noticed Ding Hao, but she acted as if she didn’t recognize him. She just glanced at him casually and then turned her head.

Ding Hao smiled faintly.

“This girl is indeed very thoughtful.”

As Ding Hao and his companions walked along the bluestone road, the closer they were to the inner courtyard, the richer the Spiritual Qi was, and the more people there were. They were all young people in their twenties or thirties. Occasionally, there would be elders of the Four Great Families and other experts of the older generation, who had prominent statuses and arrogant expressions.

“Excuse me, I must ask you to stop. This is the inner courtyard. Do you have an invitation card?” A guard stopped Ding Hao and others.

Ding Hao showed his invitation card.

Disdain appeared on the guard’s face as he laughed coldly and said, “This kind of invitation is of the lowest level and can only be used in the outer courtyard. You don’t have the right to enter the inner courtyard. Leave immediately and don’t stay here.”

Ding Hao frowned slightly.

“What exactly does the Muhuang family mean with this? They have invited me to participate in the gathering yet only sent me the invitation to the outer courtyard. Could it be that they’re just bored and want to amuse me?

“I don’t know where Muhuang Ying has gone, and I have no one to ask about it here.”

Ding Hao already felt a bit angered. At that moment, a voice came from the side.

“Haha, what a few country bumpkins. How dare you want to enter the inner courtyard? You overestimate yourself.” The voice was arrogant. After a pause, the one said, “Of course, if this beautiful girl wants to enter the inner courtyard, it’s not impossible. It’s just a matter of an order from me.”

Ding Hao and the others looked up.

It turned out to be five or six young people in splendid clothes. Dressed in the Chuyun family’s clothes, the leader was burly with a face as white as jade. His facial features were feminine and there was a hint of illness on his face. His strength was not bad. He was probably in the three-apertured Martial Sage Realm.

Among his lackeys, one was someone that Ding Hao knew – the sissy young master, Batian, who had been severely taught a lesson by Ding Hao on Peach Blossom Island.

“Greetings, Young Master Pei.” The guards hurriedly bowed, not daring to neglect him.

Although the Chuyun family’s Chuyun Pei was not as talented as Chuyun Kuangzhan, he was also a master of the new generation with extremely high status and was deeply favored by the head of his family. It was said that his biological mother was the favorite concubine of the family’s householder, and she was also one of the important figures who could not be messed with on Heaven Island.

Chuyun Pei did not even spare the guards a glance.

He stared straight at Li Yiruo with undisguised amazement in his eyes. The peerless elegance of the Water-covered Immortal Sword and the unique temperament of the women in the Northern Region made his mind go blank. “It seems that Batian was right. This lady is indeed beautiful.”

A sinister smile appeared on Young Master Batian’s face.

He had purposefully lured Chuyun Pei here.

“Humph, since I failed to deal with Ding Hao, Chuyun Pei will seek justice for me!

“Whoever messed with me wouldn’t end up well. The only pity is that once Li Yiruo is targeted by Chuyun Pei, I won’t get to fool around with her. Maybe after Chuyun Pei gets tired of her, I’ll have the chance to do it.”

On the other side.

How could Ding Hao not notice it?

In the Northern Region, Ding Hao’s fierce reputation had spread all over the place, and his name, the Saber and Sword Addict, was enough to make countless people tremble. How could anyone dare to take a fancy to his woman? However, after they got to the Southern Wilderness, Li Yiruo’s beauty finally attracted some people’s covetous eyes.

Chu Yunpei looked at Li Yiruo and said, “Only by going with me can you enter the inner courtyard.”

“Who do you think you are?” Li Yiruo said rudely, “Get lost if you don’t wish to die.”

She only had Ding Hao in her heart. In addition to Ding Hao and her friends, she had never been kind to other men, especially a lecher like Chuyun Pei, who was almost like a pervert. If it weren’t for the fact that she didn’t want to cause trouble for Ding Hao, she would have stabbed Chuyun Pei directly with her sword.

The Water-covered Immortal Sword was not only beautiful but also powerful and cruel.

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