Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1054

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Chapter 1054 Heaven Island

Ding Hao and the others lived on a very delicate island in the middle of the lake. There was a long corridor of a waterside pavilion connected to the shore, and the scenery was extremely beautiful. Under the bright moonlight, it was quite artistic.

It seemed that Muhuang Ying’s arrangement was indeed thoughtful and very friendly.

However, under the water, Ding Hao sensed many inscription tactical deployments. These tactical deployments had been set up for many years and had absorbed the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth to become extremely powerful. They contained great energy, like layers of an inescapable net trapping the whole island in the middle of the lake. As soon as these tactical deployments were activated, the entire island would instantly become a dead end.

Ding Hao was a man of great skill and courage, but he did not point it out. Instead, he lived on the island with ease.

“Brother Hao, why do I feel that these people are not quite right? They seem to be plotting something secretly. We have to be careful.” Seeing Ding Hao coming back, Li Yiruo smiled and took off his robe for him. Then, she handed him a cup of fragrant tea, looking like a gentle, virtuous, and considerate wife.

Ding Hao took a sip of tea with a smile and kissed his wife gently on the forehead. He said, “I can tell it as well, but it doesn’t matter. No matter what they are thinking, let’s wait and see. There will be a day when they take off their masks. If they do have malicious intentions, please don’t mind my mercilessness.”

Ding Hao had a faint bad feeling in his heart.

Ding Hao’s sister, Ding Ke’er, lived in such a sect. Would she have a good growing environment?

He regretted not coming to the Southern Wilderness earlier.

While they were talking, their faces suddenly changed slightly. They felt that someone was approaching quickly, and soon there was a loud shout outside.

“Rude brat, get the hell out here!”

“Our Muhuang family treats you with courtesy, yet you act in such a cold and ruthless manner. Do you really think there’s no one capable in our family?”

“Aren’t you very full of yourself, kid? Show us your might. You’ll learn what it means to be stronger than you!”

Vicious voices came from the corridor of the waterside pavilion one after another and soon arrived at the island in the middle of the lake. The island was only about two acres in size. With a rapid knock on the gate, the entire cabin seemed to be broken into pieces. Nalan Youxia and the two Taoist kids, Roundie and Squarie, who had fallen asleep, were so startled that they got up right away.

“Good man, are there bad guys coming?” Nalan Youxia ran out of his room with a pillow in his arms.

Ding Hao smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay. Go back to sleep. They’re just joking with us.” Then, he waved his hand and an invisible energy shield covered the entire cabin, isolating all sounds.

Li Yiruo nodded and took the two Taoist boys, who were still in shock, back to the house.

The smile on Ding Hao’s face gradually became cold, and at this moment, his heart was surging with killing intent.

There was a series of rude knocks on the gate.

Walking along the flagstone path in the yard, Ding Hao came to the gate. He reached out and slowly opened the gate with wooden nails, only to see a group of agitated and fierce faces. Their angry eyes made them appear as if they want to eat people. They were all young masters of the Muhuang family branch of Peach Blossom Island, and each of them was as proud as a rooster.

Seeing Ding Hao coming out, these people showed joy on their faces.

“You finally dare to come out, we…” Someone pointed at Ding Hao’s face and was about to say something.

Ding Hao did not say anything but directly raised his hand and punched.

A domineering force burst out in an instant. With a bang, a strong wind blew, and the roar of a dragon resounded through the night. Dozens of young masters of the Muhuang family in front of the door, including some outstanding ones, failed to block this punch and were directly sent flying by its power. They all spat out blood and flew backward, falling into the cold lake like ducks.

“What a bunch of ignorant fools.” Ding Hao snorted and slowly closed the gate.

Those who fell into the lake were seriously injured. All of them were shocked and angry. They were shocked that Ding Hao’s strength was so strong that dozens of them together could not resist his casual punch. They were angry that this guy was so arrogant and domineering. He actually beat them into the water as if he were beating some dogs. “He’s clearly humiliating us and he did it in our place. How dare he?”

Some people were so furious that they wanted to fly back and fight Ding Hao. They wanted to make a scene out of it.

But right at this moment…

“If anyone dares to take even half a step onto this island, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

Ding Hao’s cold voice was like an invisible sharp sword across everyone’s neck. The cold killing intent in his voice made everyone clearly feel that it was not merely a threat, but that he would really kill the Muhuang family members right in the branch of the Heaven Sect.

At that moment, all the aggressive young masters were indeed scared.

Like chickens in water, they looked at each other in dismay and then wetly went ashore one by one. They looked at the island in the middle of the lake in the distance with unwillingness, but they lost the courage to go up and challenge Ding Hao. The group of people couldn’t take a punch from him. This huge gap made them extremely ashamed and terrified.

On a distant tower.

Muhuang Ying and Muhuang Xiong, who saw this scene, looked dignified, but they couldn’t get the conclusion they were looking for out of it. The power of Ding Hao’s punch was peerless, but they couldn’t tell what it was. It wasn’t a magical combat skill of that family, nor was it a saber/sword technique or Saber/Sword Intent, so they couldn’t tell if the young man was the person they cared about.

“However, his surname is also Ding… Well, he’s under great suspicion.”

They’d rather kill a thousand innocents than let one slip away.

This had always been the Heaven Sect’s style of doing things.

“No matter what, we will bring him back to Heaven Island first. At that time, all the truth will be revealed and there will be no way for him to rebel.”

Three days later, Muhuang Ying, Muhuang Xiong, and the others had made the proper arrangements for Peach Blossom Island. They brought over a thousand disciples to the headquarters of the Heaven Sect, Heaven Island.

Southern Wilderness was covered in water, so there were quite a few boats there.

The Muhuang family’s warships mainly traveled on water. They were extremely fast, cutting open a huge water line on the water like dragons. They moved forward like arrows that shot out. Wherever they passed, a huge wave hundreds of meters tall would rise. They could travel thousands of miles in a day with domineering momentum with flying aircraft protecting them in the air.

An entire ten giant ships were arrayed together. They were extremely powerful. When they passed by some of the desolate wildlands, the ferocious sea beasts would obediently dive into the water when they saw the symbol of Heaven Sect, not daring to come out or mess with the sect.

Perhaps it was because of Heaven Sect’s dominance that the situation in Heaven Province was relatively stable. The Sea Clan of Divine Grace forces had no way to get into this area. On the way, the Muhuang family’s warships encountered very few chaotic battlefields.

The Long Sailing was surrounded by this powerful fleet of warships. Although the Muhuang family said that they were protecting it by doing this, it was more like a kind of monitor, for fear that the Long Sailing would leave.

How could Ding Hao not tell it?

However, he wanted to know exactly what sort of tricks the Muhuang family was playing, so he didn’t resist.

With his strength, with the Devil Saber and Rusted Sword in hand, as well as Nalan Youxia, a living Immortal Artifact, he didn’t need to worry about anything. As long as he could find his sister, it was worthwhile to take some risks. Ding Hao sneered in his heart. “It’d be best if the Muhuang family is not treating Ke’er badly. If something does happen to her, I’ll definitely make them pay the price.”

Muhuang Ying and the others didn’t travel hastily.

When the fleet passed by some large islands, they would stop to replenish their supplies. Intentionally or unintentionally, they would show Ding Hao the strength of the Heaven Sect and the status and strength of the Muhuang family. All the members of the Muhuang family had an undisguised sense of superiority. This kind of superiority eventually turned into a kind of uncultured, arrogant, and detestable temperament. Almost every one of them, from the strong martial artists to the servants and maids, had this same kind of temperament.

Such a discovery gave Ding Hao a bad feeling.

“If Ke’er has lived in such an environment all these years, what would happen to that innocent and lovely girl? Would she have been bullied and mocked terribly? Would she have lived in such a depressed and cold state all the time?”

Half a month later, the fleet finally arrived at Heaven Island.

For the first time, this unshakable holy land in the eyes of all Human Clan people in Heaven Province appeared in Ding Hao’s sight. Even from a distance, it still shocked many people who saw it for the first time.

Rather than calling it an island, it would be more accurate to call it a vast continent.

The area of the island was completely beyond Ding Hao’s imagination. The lush green forest extended to the distant horizon, and the white gauze-like clouds were lingering between the green mountains and waters. There were waterfalls pouring down with rare birds and beasts around. The fairy Qi was swirling. In a trance, Ding Hao felt as if he had descended into a fairyland. There were also floating peaks that were hundreds of meters above the ground in the distance. Rich spiritual Qi rushed to Ding Hao’s nose. It was indeed a wonderful place, a blessed land.

Under the lingering white clouds, the entire island seemed to be connected to the sky. No wonder it was called Heaven Island.

“Brother Ding, how is it? This is the territory that our Four Great Families of the Heaven Sect have run for tens of thousands of years. I can guarantee that there is no other place in the entire Land of Infinity with such beautiful scenery,” the lean old man Muhuang Ying introduced proudly.

Ding Hao smiled and said nothing.

The scale and atmosphere of Heaven Island were indeed amazing, but compared with some of the blessed lands on the Land of Divine Grace, there was still a gap, not to mention compared with the Mountain Gate of Fortune of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect there. Heaven Island was far inferior. Ding Hao was used to the magnificence of the Mountain Gate of Fortune, so Heaven Island could not stun him.

After the initial surprise, Li Yiruo quickly regained her composure.

Nalan Youxia just laughed foolishly. He did not understand Muhuang Ying’s pride at all. Instead, he said intermittently, “A small island. There is a small island ahead of us. A tiny island, hahaha…”

As for the physical cultivators that had lived in the Ocean Forest for most of their lives, they’d seen countless strange scenes, so their expressions were extremely indifferent.

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