Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052 Arrogant and Domineering

Another month passed.

Ding Hao and others traveled for a long distance and experienced many wars along the way.

The Long Sailing had been swept into the horrible battlefield many times, but fortunately, it got through safely and finally arrived at the Heaven Province of the Southern Wilderness.

The experience along the way made Ding Hao sigh with emotion.

Nowadays, the Southern Wilderness had also fallen into chaos. It was even more chaotic than the Northern Region in the past. Murders and wars were everywhere. The Human Clan here was not as united as the ones in the Northern Region, dividing into different forces or relying on different Divine Grace forces. It was the same for the Demon Clan in the Southern Wilderness.

This was because the invaders from the Land of Divine Grace were divided into different forces. The Sea Clan from the Seven Seas of Divine Grace was not united, to begin with. In addition to the Mermaid Clan and the Ceroman Clan, there was also the Returning Beast Clan, the Sea Dragon Clan, the Crazy Shark Clan, and so on. These forces descended on the Land of Infinity one after another, looking for and training agents in the Southern Wilderness. They were told to aggravate the complicated situation by the forces behind the scenes, fanning the flames and controlling various forces.

This caused the already chaotic Southern Wilderness to fall into even greater chaos.

Ding Hao pulled out his sword in anger several times and killed a lot of Divine Grace masters who were tyrannical, cruel, and bloodthirsty.

Regretfully, it was just a drop in the bucket. This wasn’t the Northern Region, and he wasn’t so famous here. He didn’t possess the power to gather supporters or friends by himself. Just relying on his own power was unable to change the chaotic situation in the Southern Wilderness.

Such a chaotic situation made Ding Hao more worried about Ding Ke’er’s safety. He couldn’t wait to go to Heaven Province, find Tianshu the profiteer, and ask about Ke’er’s whereabouts.

“Although it is only one of the dozens of provinces in the Southern Wilderness, the Heaven Province is the top of all provinces here. It occupies more than one-tenth of the Southern Wilderness’s territory.” Ding Hao recalled some information about Heaven Province and could not help but sigh.

Such a situation was rarely seen in other major regions. It was said that the Heaven Province was occupied by the Heaven Sect, the largest human force under the Southern Wilderness’s Heaven-Splitting Whale Palace. It had a long history of hundreds of thousands of years, even older than the Heaven-Splitting Whale Palace, one of the five greatest palaces of the Land of Infinity. Over the years, it had expanded its territory, gradually encroaching on the surrounding provinces. Now it had a radius of millions of kilometers with strange forests, countless islands, and waters. It was magnificent.

“Tianshu, that profiteer, is from the Muhuang family, and it is said that the Muhuang family is one of the main forces of Heaven Sect…” Ding Hao knew that the best way was to find Tianshu as soon as possible. Judging from the information Tianshu revealed, he must know Ding Ke’er’s whereabouts.

However, Heaven Province was so large that Ding Hao and the others did not know how to find him for a while.

Three days later, the Long Sailing arrived at Peach Blossom Island, a relatively large island in Heaven Province.

Because most of the area was covered by water, the island became the residences of the Human Clan, the Demon Clan, and other living creatures. One island here was a huge city with countless people living on it. Heaven Province was dominated by forces of the Heaven Sect, so the Human Clan naturally had the upper hand. The Demon Clan was relatively weak, while Peach Blossom Island covered an area of thousands of kilometers. After generations of operation by the Human Clan, the Peach Blossom Island could be said to be as solid as a war fortress while it was one of the top 20 islands in Heaven Province.

The Long Sailing was temporarily parked at the harbor on the island, guarded by the physical cultivators of the Vast Ocean.

Ding Hao took Li Yiruo, Nalan Youxia, and two little Taoist boys to Peach Blossom Island.

“I didn’t expect it to have such a name. In the works of the martial arts master in my previous life, Peach Blossom Island was a very poetic and story-like place. The blue sea tide was born with jade hairpins, and the peach blossom shadow fell on the flying sword. Just thinking about it makes my adrenalin flow.” Ding Hao smiled and was in a good mood.

From the islanders, he learned that the reason why this place was called Peach Blossom Island was that a kind of plant called Sky Bamboo Peach grew everywhere on the island. It was a kind of spiritual fruit. Every year at the beginning of spring, the Sky Bamboo Peach petals were in full bloom and the petals were flying everywhere, which could cover the sea within a radius of hundreds of miles with peach blossom petals, making the whole island like a blooming peach blossom, shrouded in the fragrance of those flowers.

According to the islanders’ guidance, an hour later, Ding Hao and others finally arrived at the center of the island.

A magnificent palace-like manor appeared in Ding Hao’s sight.

“Is this the branch of the Heaven Sect on Peach Blossom Island?” Ding Hao praised. It deserved to be the second-to-none super sect in the Southern Wilderness. It was just a branch, but it had such an imposing manner. This manor not only occupied a large area but also was surrounded by inscription tactical deployments. Towers stood among them, isolating the place from the rest as if it was a small world here, completely different from the outside world. Even the stone statues hundreds of meters high seemed to be alive, releasing a powerful force that made people fear at first glance.

Such a scale was definitely comparable to some of the first-rate sects in the Northern Region.

It was just one of the Heaven Sect’s branches.

Ding Hao walked to the gate of the manor.

“Stop right there. Who are you? Are you blind? This is not a place for you to break in. Get out of here.” A cold contemptuous reproach sounded. Before Ding Hao could get close to the gate of the manor, a guard standing at the gate became alert. He was extremely arrogant and scolded Ding Hao as soon as he began to talk.

Ding Hao frowned.

“This man with such low talents is simply too arrogant. With how fiendish he appears, it is difficult to get along with him.”

“I’m from the Northern Region. I want to see Senior Muhuang Tianshu,” Ding Hao said in a calm voice.

The strong guard just glanced at Ding Hao coldly and sneered impatiently. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you can see the people of the Muhuang family whenever you want? I’m in a bad mood today. Get out of here, or I’ll break your bones.”

There was a hint of anger between Ding Hao’s eyebrows.

“It’s indeed that the leader is easy to talk to while the minions are difficult to deal with. An inferior Primordial martial artist dares to bark in front of me. It can be seen how arrogant these slaves of the Heaven Sect are in daily life. They are definitely not kind people. From this point of view, I’m afraid that Heaven Sect doesn’t keep a low profile.”

“I have a token of Senior Muhuang Tianshu.” Ding Hao took out the small iron plate, which was left by the old profiteer before he left.

After all, Ding Hao’s sister Ding Ke’er was likely to be a disciple of the Heaven Sect, so Ding Hao didn’t care about this kind of unimportant person and showed his token directly.

Unexpectedly, the strong guard just glanced at it and then laughed disdainfully. He scolded, “Where did you get this shitty thing? Are you trying to fool me with just a small iron plate? You are just courting death. You actually tricked your way to the gate of Heaven Sect… Get down on your knees.”

As he spoke, he directly made a move. A red light emerged in his palm, and he slapped it toward Ding Hao.

This time, Ding Hao was really angry.


With a backhand clap, there was a loud slap.

The strong guard flew out directly with blood spurting out of his mouth and his teeth bouncing about wildly. He hit the gate of the manor heavily.

This time, the other six or seven guards who had been waiting to watch the show were stunned. They had never thought that someone would dare to lay a finger on the ones from the Heaven Sect. Even a dog from the Heaven Sect would be much nobler than an ordinary person. Although they were just cheap guards with the lowest status in the manor, they were all big shots outside the manor. Which of those small forces and rogue cultivators wouldn’t flatter them and do their best to please them? They didn’t dare to disobey at all.

“But now, someone dares to beat up a guard at the gate of the manor?

“Who is this person?

“Is he out of his god-damned mind?”

In an instant, several guards pulled out their weapons and surrounded Ding Hao with sneers. The burly guard, who was sent flying by Ding Hao’s slap, howled like a pig being slaughtered. “AHH! How dare you hit me? AHHH! You’re dead meat. Catch him and don’t let him run away. Heaven Sect will never let you go…”

Ding Hao shook his head slightly and was even more disdainful of these people. Just as he was about to barge into the manor, a voice sounded.

“What’s the matter with the noise? What happened?” A young voice came from behind the gate. Then, four or five young men in splendid clothes came out. The one leading them was a young man of 16 or 17 years old. He had red lips, white teeth, and a handsome appearance. However, his face was painted with powder. There was a faint smell of rouge on his body, which gave people a feeling that he was not as masculine as men, but a little feminine.

There were four or five attendants around the effeminate young man, whose strength was at the Martial King Realm.

“Oh, it’s Young Master Batian.” The guards were shocked and quickly knelt down to pay their respects to the young man. Even the strong guard that was roaring like a pig being slaughtered quickly crawled up and knelt on the ground.

Young Master Batian glanced at Ding Hao, and then looked at the people around him. When his eyes fell on Li Yiruo, a hint of amazement flashed in his eyes involuntarily. Obviously, he was shocked by the stunning appearance of the Water-covered Immortal Sword. He was stunned and did not speak for a long time. It was as if he was obsessed with her.

“There’s actually such a beautiful woman in this world…” cried Young Master Batian.

The lackeys around him immediately understood what he meant when they saw him like this. One of them walked out boldly, pointed at Ding Hao, and asked arrogantly, “Who are you? How dare you stir up trouble at the gate of Heaven Sect Manor? Do you want to die? Guards, arrest all these reckless guys!”

Another lackey was even more shameless. He sneered at Ding Hao and said, “Haha, how dare you seek your doom at the gate of the Heaven Sect? It’s really rare. Beat these men up and send them to the blood prison. Take this woman to Young Master Batian’s room.”

When the guards kneeling on the ground heard this, they surrounded Ding Hao and others, for fear that they would run away.

Ding Hao sneered and shook his head.

Ants wouldn’t understand how powerful a divine dragon was.

The strongest of these guys was only in the Martial King Realm, and they could not see Ding Hao’s and his companions’ real strength at all. They dared to come up and provoke Ding Hao directly. It seemed that the prestige of Heaven Sect these years had made them forget themselves, especially these young playboys. They looked at Li Yiruo with undisguised arrogance and obscureness in their eyes. They had challenged the limit of Ding Hao’s patience. He had already labeled these playboys dead in his heart.

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