Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050 The Little Taoist Boys

“Is this the Southern Wilderness?”

Ding Hao stood on top of a Dreamy Cloud Swamp, feeling the strange phenomenon of water vapor rising in the air. He sighed with emotion in his heart. Unlike the Northern Region and the Divine Central Continent, the water vapor in the Southern Wilderness was extremely dense. Large rivers and lakes were scattered all over the place. It was said that more than three-quarters of the territories were water regions.

It was simply a world of water in this place.

It had been more than a month since the battle of the Blue Cloud Sect ended.

Sure enough, the situation in the Northern Region had stabilized.

After the defeat of God’s Palace, the Southern Heavenly Army suffered a great loss. The other three armies had to guard the interior, so they could not be mobilized easily. As expected, God’s Palace no longer launched a large-scale attack on the Northern Region. They only sent a few God Realm Masters to gather the remaining soldiers of the Southern Heavenly Army. They were powerless to launch a large-scale attack and were no longer aggressive.

In this way, the situation in the Northern Region was currently in a delicate balance.

The Demon Clan didn’t even participate in the battle.

This was obviously great news for the creatures of the Northern Region.

After the battle of the Blue Cloud Sect, Ding Hao returned to Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and handled some matters of the sect. He also spent some time accompanying his four beautiful wives. It was rare for him to be free, but just after ten days, he began to get busy again.

He went to the Divine Design Valley alone, according to the address given by Ding Honglei.

No one knew what Ding Hao had experienced in Divine Design Valley. They only knew that three days later, when he returned from the mysterious area, he brought a pair of four-year-old little Taoist boys with him. The two little boys were twins, with red lips and white teeth. Their faces were red as if they had been painted while their eyebrows were sharp and their eyes were bright. They were both bound to be peerless handsome men.

The two little children didn’t have any martial arts foundation at all. They were almost the same as ordinary people, and their talents were also extremely ordinary. However, they had an aura that countless martial arts masters couldn’t see through. It seemed that they had a Taoist Sense in their bodies. Their vital energy was strange as if they were tools but not living creatures.

In terms of appearance, they seemed to be children born of the essence of heaven and earth. They were extremely handsome and perfect. Even a handsome man like Ding Hao could not steal their thunder.

But the only flaw was that the twins were born mute and could not speak.

The origins of the two little Taoist children were extremely mysterious. Some people speculated that they might be descendants of Divine Design Valley, but Ding Hao had never revealed their true identities or told others about them.

From Ding Hao, people only knew that the twins’ names were Roundie and Squarie.

Other than that, people knew nothing about them.

Twenty days ago, Ding Hao made all preparations. He took the pair of twins, Li Yiruo, and more than 500 Vast Ocean physical cultivators to take the Long Sailing, the God’s Palace black-armored frigate selected from the spoils of the battle of the Blue Cloud Sect. They set off to the Southern Wilderness.

After more than 20 days of long-distance travel, crossing one space gate after another, and constantly using the shuttling ability of the Long Sailing, they almost traveled non-stop and finally arrived at the border of the Southern Wilderness.

After the Long Sailing crossed the last space gate, a Dreamy Cloud Swamp appeared in front of everyone.


There came an earth-shattering roar.

In the water below, all of a sudden, a strange behemoth with a body that was thousands of meters long shot up to the sky and slammed into the Long Sailing. It was a strange crocodile with golden scales all over its body but huge wings. It opened its bloody mouth as if it were going to swallow the Long Sailing.

“This is not a friendly meeting ceremony.”

Ding Hao smiled and shook his head.

On Li Yiruo’s shoulder, the little dolphin Adorable cried angrily and blew out a golden bubble. The huge behemoth was instantly shrunk to the extreme and imprisoned in the golden bubble with a diameter of less than one meter. It became mini and looked at the crowd with its eyes wide open in panic.

It was a behemoth comparable to a peak stage Saint Realm cultivator, but it was subdued by Adorable in an instant.

Ding Hao and others didn’t kill it. In the end, they asked Adorable to let go of this poor guy.

The crocodile behemoth fled back into the waters and never appeared again.

It should be the dominator of the surrounding waters. After knowing how powerful Adorable was, it immediately quailed. Then, Ding Hao and the others did not encounter any attacks from monsters.

“Although we have arrived in the Southern Land, where is Ke’er now?” Ding Hao stood at the bow of Long Sailing and looked at the vast sea, feeling a little worried. When his sister was taken away by Muhuang Tianji, she did not leave much information. At this time, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

“Fortunately, the old guy Muhuang Tianshu has vaguely mentioned that he seemed to know something. Looks like if I need to find Ding Ke’er, I have to find this profiteer first.”

Ding Hao had a token left by Muhuang Tianshu when he left.

“Squarie, come and see what’s in my hand. Come here and tell me. If we want to find its former owner, which direction should we take?” Ding Hao waved with a smile and asked the Taoist boy standing obediently in the distance to come over.

The little Taoist child stood next to Ding Hao and looked at him carefully. Then, he calculated with his fingers seriously and raised his hand to point in a direction.

“Thank you, little guy.” Ding Hao really believed it. He immediately ordered the physical cultivators to prepare and control the Long Sailing to move in that direction.

Long Sailing was a warship with the ability to shuttle through space. There were only ten such warships in the entire Southern Heavenly Army of God’s Palace. After accumulating a certain amount of energy, it could be used to travel thousands of miles.

Because the tactical deployment of space teleport required a high load on the ship, the Long Sailing could only shuttle twice a day at most.

After a certain amount of accumulation, the body of the Long Sailing glowed silver, and the space inscription patterns flickered in the surrounding void. The void barrier rippled like water streaks, and the Long Sailing turned into a giant whale and plunged into the water streaks.

About a dozen breaths later, the Long Sailing appeared in another area of the sea.

However, an unexpected event occurred this time.

The moment the warship appeared, it was met with a fierce attack.

An extremely fierce battle was going on in this area. There were humans, demons, and some strange behemoths on both sides of the battle. The surface of the water was covered with corpses and blood, and the blood dyed the area within a radius of hundreds of miles red. All kinds of horrible energy fluctuations and explosions, as well as all kinds of roars and screams, sounded wildly in this area.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Water columns that were thousands of meters high burst out of the surface of the water, as well as the undercurrent vortex that was enough to swallow a giant ship in an instant and the huge waves that were hundreds of meters high like rolling hills. It was simply a scene of doomsday.

The appearance of the Long Sailing instantly attracted the attention of various parties. They subconsciously treated it as a reinforcement from their opponents. It suffered a fierce attack.

Fortunately, the energy shield of the Long Sailing was extremely strong, which offset the storm-like attacks.

Ding Hao’s eyes swept across like lightning, and he found that among the two sides of the battle, there were soldiers of the Sea Clan from the Land of Divine Grace. Their uniforms and power auras were very similar to the experts who had followed the Mermaid Princess of the Sea Clan.

“Could it be that the Sea Clan’s army from the Land of Divine Grace invaded here?”

Ding Hao frowned slightly.

After the war in the Northern Region, Ding Hao was extremely resistant to the invasion of the Divine Grace forces.

He had met Mermaid Princess several times in the past, so he had a good impression of her. They could barely be regarded as friends. But if the Sea Clan invaded the Southern Wilderness, Ding Hao would definitely not just stand by and watch. He would definitely take the side of the Southern Wilderness Human Clan.

However, after careful observation, Ding Hao soon found that the situation was much more complicated than he had imagined.

This was because the Divine Grace Sea Clan was divided into different forces, and they were also killing each other.

Some Ceromans were standing at the top of the waves, waving their tridents to drive the waves to the sky and constantly rushing toward the Human Clan army. Some beautiful mermaid warriors were singing, encouraging their warriors to fight while dispersing layers of evil waves.

Some of the Sea Clan members allied with humans to deal with the alliance between the other Sea Clan members and humans.

Some demons also participated in the battle.

“It seems that the Ceromans are attacking the Mermaids. Both sides have their own human allies.” Li Yiruo said softly, “It seems that the humans in the Southern Wilderness are not as united as those in the Northern Region. They are divided into different camps and have chosen different allies. Brother Hao, which side should we help?”

“Haha, of course, we will beat both sides up. How dare they attack us?” Ding Hao was a vengeful person.

“Garrrgh!” Since coming to the Southern Wilderness, Adorable had been very excited. It obviously liked this world of water more. When it heard Ding Hao’s words, it flew out of the water and spat hundreds of bubbles in the air.

In an instant, the masters from both sides were trapped in the bubbles.

The atmosphere instantly became slightly amusing.

These golden bubbles floated in the void as if weightlessly. The experts imprisoned inside felt dizzy and struggled madly, but they could not break the thin water curtains. They kept bumping into each other, making sounds of boops.

“Who did this?”

“What is this?”

Both sides of the battle were astonished. This sort of strange power caused them to be uncertain as to what was going on.

Ding Hao laughed.

He moved and shot out directly from the Long Sailing.

“Stop this battle. I have something to ask you.” Ding Hao stood in the void.

“Who do you think you are?”

“Just a naive brat. How dare you meddle in our business?”

“Haha, what an interesting aboriginal! How dare you interfere in the battle of our Seven Seas Water Clan?”

“If you don’t want to die, then scram.”

Immediately, curses came from different camps. The two sides had been fighting fiercely for a long time. They were all flushed with anger and killing intent. How could they show respect to Ding Hao, an uninvited guest?

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