Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048 How Did We Win?

“Senior Song, according to your idea, we still need to launch a surprise attack?” After listening to Song Shang’s retelling, Ding Hao’s eyes lit up. The final solution discussed by the major sects was actually an assassination plan similar to beheading.

“Yes, after thinking about it, it seems that this is the only way.” Song Shang nodded and said, “If it is a head-on battle, we have almost no chance of winning. Only by taking a risk and gathering the elites of our Northern Region to launch a thunderous strike can we eliminate their leader and make the other side panic. Then, we can counterattack and kill them. Only in this way can we have a chance to win.”

Ding Hao nodded.

The group of wise men thought about it and came up with this solution. It seemed to be a little disappointing. It didn’t seem like a shocking plan, but in fact, it was not the case. In the case of the huge gap in the absolute strength of both sides, this seemed to be the safest method. The enemy might be able to think of it, but it might not be able to prevent such a situation from happening.

This was an overt scheme.

In fact, Ding Hao had thought so before.

At present, the only advantage of the Northern Region Martial Alliance was the number of real top experts. The Southern Heavenly Army only had four or five God Realm Masters in it, while the Northern Region Martial Alliance roughly had more than ten. If it was only a battle between God Realm Masters, the alliance was enough to crush the God’s Palace Army.

Perhaps it was because of this consideration that the Southern Heavenly Army advanced step by step steadily and was not in a hurry to launch an all-out attack.

The enemy’s commander-in-chief was not a simple character.

“Okay. That’s how we’ll do it.” Ding Hao clapped his hands and agreed.

“This is the list we drew up. Please take a look, Chief.” Song Que handed over a booklet with the names of about 4,000 people written on it. It was the operation list that the wise elders had carefully selected. Ding Hao’s name was in the first row on the first line.

This was within Ding Hao’s expectations.

After all, he had penetrated the main camp of the Black Armored Army and could be considered one of the strongest fighters. He must join.

In addition to Ding Hao, there was Song Shang, the head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, and other super sect leaders, all of whom were experts in the God Realm and the Demigod Realm. In addition, some experts at the peak of the Sage Realm were also selected, including Fang Tianyi, Zhang Fan, Xie Jieyu, and other disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and dozens of Vast Ocean physical cultivators.

This was the true reason why Song Shang had requested to draw up the list.

Because only Ding Hao could command Fang Tianyi and the others.

The 4,000 people were divided into four teams, attacking the four camps of the God’s Palace respectively. As long as they killed the deputy commander-in-chief of the God Realm in the camp, the Black Armored Army would inevitably be chaotic. Then, the 400,000 masters on Green Cloud Mountain would take the opportunity to defeat the enemies.

Ding Hao thought for a moment. He then nodded and said, “Okay, let’s do that.”

As he spoke, he took out several jade slips from his storage space and said, “That day, I went through the camp of the God’s Palace’s Southern Heavenly Army and personally experienced their tactical deployments. I gained something and then carefully studied it. I vaguely saw some secrets, which are recorded in the jade slips. Sect Leader Song, please distribute them to everyone. Once you are trapped in the tactical deployments, you may have a way to escape.”

Song Shang was overjoyed.

The tactical deployments of God’s Palace were the most troublesome threat. With these jade slips, the big problem could be solved. He knew that although Ding Hao said it so lightly, the things recorded in the jade slips would definitely come in handy.

“By the way, Sect Leader Song, where is your son now? Hasn’t he returned from the Land of Divine Graceyet?” Ding Hao changed the topic. He hadn’t seen Song Que and Bai Quanshui these days, so he missed them a little.

“If someone else asked, I might hide it. But since you asked…” Song Shang smiled and said, “To tell you the truth, my son has found something in the Land of Divine Grace that can activate the bloodline power in his body. He is now cultivating hard in our divine temple and has entered the most critical moment. Once he comes out of seclusion, he can take over my Blue Cloud Sect. The same goes for that boy from the Bai family.”

Ding Hao was shocked when he heard that. He immediately nodded and was finally relieved.

Because of what had happened to the demon star, Ding Hao had been worried about Song Que, Bai Quanshui, and the others. He was afraid that they would fall into the hands of God’s Palace. Unexpectedly, their situation seemed to be not bad. Moreover, Song Shang’s words revealed a lot of information. Obviously, Song Que’s opportunity had come. If he wanted to take charge of the Blue Cloud Sect, he had to reach the God Realm. That was to say, as long as Song Que made a breakthrough in the divine hall of the Blue Cloud Sect, he would have the power of the God Realm.

Ding Hao was also happy for this old friend.

While the two of them were discussing, a series of urgent bells was suddenly heard.

“It’s the alarm. The enemy is attacking the mountain.” Song Shang got up and his face became dignified.

Ding Hao also stood up in surprise and said, “It shouldn’t be. The encirclement of the inscriptions of the Southern Heavenly Army hasn’t formed yet. Now is not the best time for them to surround and attack. The enemy commander has been very steady before. Why did he attack in advance this time?”

“Humph. They want to break my mountain gate by force, is it? They are truly underestimating my Blue Cloud Sect. I will let them lose one-tenth of their men before they even arrive at the foot of the mountain.” Song Shang coldly smiled.

In an instant, the two of them arrived in the sky outside the place.

Sure enough, there came a deafening roar at the foot of the mountain. Layers of flowing light flashed, and the mountain-protecting tactical deployment of the Blue Cloud Sect was fully activated. Layers of it hung in the void like a water curtain, which was really beautiful.

“This is an opportunity,” Ding Hao had an idea and said, “let’s act according to the previous plan and find an opportunity to assassinate the enemy’s God Realm Masters.”

Song Shang nodded as well.

He also looked a little surprised.

The offensive of the God’s Palace Army below was very fierce. They hit the defense of the Blue Cloud Sect again and again like raging waves. They were fearless and had no end. This was not normal. The attacks of the army appeared a little impatient. They pulled their battle array out of the inscription tactical deployment and were no longer protected by it.

This was a mistake that they should not have made.

It was as if the commander of the Southern Heavenly Army had suddenly been replaced.

But that was what Ding Hao wanted.

Since the God’s Palace Army had been pulled out of the protection of the tactical deployment, it would be easier for the Northern Region Martial Alliance to implement the previously agreed assassination plan.

The two turned into lightning and came to the Green Cloud Hall.

The bell rang urgently, and the whole mountain gate of the Blue Cloud Sect was busy and nervous.

The experts from all sides gathered in the hall. Those wise men with gray hair and beard were all smiling. Ding Hao saw a familiar face among them. It was a young girl. Her strength was extremely weak, almost the same as that of ordinary people, but her eyes were shining with wisdom.

It was Ji Yingqi.

She also came.

“Brother Ding, long time no see.” Ji Yingqi smiled and said, “I was escorted here by Sect Leader Song’s men.”

Ding Hao laughed and said, “As a famous female sage in the Northern Region, of course, you have the right to oversee this place.”

Nowadays, Ji Yingqi had followed Kong Yiru to govern the Tranquility Academy for many years. She had read all the classics of the Northern Region and spent several years traveling in the region. She had read in the libraries of the major sects and gained a lot. She was also smart and resourceful. She had several magical experiences where she enlightened the martial artists who were trapped in their bottleneck phase to make a sudden breakthrough, so she was called a female sage.

It was said that as long as Ji Yingqi wanted to, she could help countless Primordial masters make their success with just a few words.

The little childish girl in the past could now be regarded as a big shot.

“I heard that Chief Ding and Director Ji are friends. Now it seems that their relationship is not ordinary.” Someone joked.

Ding Hao and Ji Yingqi just smiled and said nothing.

A trace of sadness flashed in the depths of Ji Yingqi’s eyes. In her heart, he had already gotten married and won four beautiful brides, but she could only give him blessings from a distance. She could only hide her memories deep in her heart and treat what had happened as a beautiful dream.

Soon, everyone began to elaborate on the battle plan.

Ji Yingqi was one of the few people who had the most right to speak. Her thoughts were extremely clear, and she seemed to have a clear understanding of the army composition, number, and fighting method of God’s Palace. In the end, most people were inadvertently convinced by her.

“Well, it’s settled then.” Ding Hao made the final decision.

Everything was being carefully planned and prepared.

When night fell, the ambush would begin.

One night later.

“How could this be?”

Ding Hao stood in the interior of the Southern Heavenly Army camp of God’s Palace, surrounded by corpses and blood flowing like water. Looking at the empty commander’s tent, he was a little stunned.

Behind him, nearly a thousand selected experts of the Northern Region Martial Alliance also revealed puzzled looks on their faces.

It had been too easy.

That night’s raid went too smoothly. From the beginning to the point where they made it to the commander’s tent, the team responsible for raiding the main camp was led by Ding Hao himself. In less than half an hour, they easily broke into the tent.

Not a single person from the Northern Region Martial Alliance had died.

They easily made their way to the commander’s tent.

Originally, they thought that it would be a fierce battle. The enemy’s commander must be a God Realm Master, and there should be powerful guards around him. In the most optimistic expectation of the crowd, after Ding Hao and the other God Realm Masters killed the powerful opponents, it would be a miracle if one-fourth of the 1,000 men could survive.

But now, what awaited them was an empty commander’s tent.

In fact, not only the commander’s tent, but the whole area within a few kilometers of the main commander’s camp was empty. The wind blew and the grass swayed. No masters of the God’s Palace could be seen in the moonlit night as if they had abandoned the place a long time ago.

“Could it be a trap? Could it be that the enemy knows we are attacking the camp?” Someone warned with vigilance.

Ding Hao shook his head.

This scene was not deliberately created. His Divine Senses had already spread out to observe everything within a radius of dozens of kilometers, but he did not find the aura of any God Realm Master of the God’s Palace.

“Did they really leave?”

“Let’s go take a look at the eastern barracks.”

Ding Hao ordered and led all the masters to the eastern barracks. Along the way, they encountered a lot of God’s Palace’s troops. Although they fought, the enemy obviously had no intention of fighting. When they saw Ding Hao and others from a distance, they turned around and fled.

“The deputy commander is dead…”

“Lord Liu is dead.”

In the distance came the frightened and angry roars of the experts from God’s Palace. The eastern barracks were also in a mess. Smoke and dust were swirling in the air, and shouts of killing could be heard.

“It’s Sect Leader Song and the others.” Ding Hao was overjoyed.

From the looks of it, Song Shang and the others had successfully killed the God Realm Masters of the God’s Palace guarding the eastern barracks. Their speed was much faster than he had imagined.

Right at this moment-




Three rays of dazzling flowing light exploded in the void, almost lighting up the night sky like daytime.

“That’s… a signal for success.” Ding Hao widened his eyes a little in disbelief. This signal meant that the experts of the Northern Region Martial Alliance who had attacked the western, northern, and southern camps had already killed or defeated the God Realm Masters in place according to the original plan.

This happened too fast.

It was a bit strange.

As expected, when they looked down from the void, they found that the campsite of the Southern Heavenly Army had been completely chaotic. The power of the inscription tactical deployments in the void was declining, and the God’s Palace’s tactical deployments between heaven and earth were quietly disintegrating.

“What the hell is going on?”

It was like a group of people trying to fight tigers in the mountains in fear, only to find that there were several old field dogs instead of tigers in the tiger cave when they entered it.

The contrast was too great.

The God’s Palace Army was in complete chaos and the defeat was inevitable.

But even Ding Hao and the others didn’t understand how they won the battle.

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