Supreme Emperor of Swords - Chapter 1047

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Chapter 1047 Taking the Initiative to Confront the Enemy

“This… this is…”

In front of the Green Cloud Hall, countless people opened their mouths wide and were extremely shocked.

Even Song Shang, the head of the Blue Cloud Sect, and the head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect were full of disbelief at this moment. They looked at the light curtain in front of them blankly, feeling an impulse to not believe what they had seen.

Even the whole Blue Cloud Sect fell into a daze.

On the light curtain, a force of destruction completely penetrated the camp of the God’s Palace Army. That force burst out from Ding Hao’s sword and saber, like a heated soldering iron piercing through cheese, penetrating the camp of the God’s Palace’s Black Armored Army for hundreds of miles.

This kind of scene was too horrifying.

It was as if a transparent tunnel had been carved out in the black clouds. Everything that blocked the way of the power of destruction was neatly penetrated, whether it was people, objects, or warships. Dozens of black-armored experts at the peak of the Saint Realm had half of their bodies turned into ashes, but they didn’t even seem to feel their bodies were broken, let alone dodge at that moment.

The entire military camp of God’s Palace Army fell into dead silence.

“What… what power is this? How is it possible? Has he become so horrible?” On the flagship, Qing Miaoyi was wearing a black armored dress, and her eyes under the embossed mask became shocked, angry, frightened, and uneasy.


An ear-piercing sound tore through the air.

The saber and sword wings on Ding Hao’s back vibrated, and in an instant, he shot through the tunnel like lightning.

The experts from God’s Palace instinctively retreated while looking at him. They felt an unstoppable sense of defeat. No one had the courage to face this monster again.

Even several God Realm Masters in the army showed fear on their faces.


Ding Hao’s laughter echoed between heaven and earth.

When it fell into the ears of God’s Palace Army, it was extremely harsh, like lightning, but no one dared to step forward to stop Ding Hao.

In such laughter, Ding Hao swaggered away and crossed the entire camp of the God’s Palace.

It was not until Ding Hao’s figure disappeared into the distant sky that Qing Miaoyi, who was on the flagship, slowly came to her senses. She glanced around and saw the awe on the faces around her. She was extremely angry and slapped the ship hard.

“Ding Hao, I will definitely kill you. I will make you suffer for the rest of your life.”

She gritted her teeth, and her eyes were filled with viciousness and cruelty.

“Welcome, Chief Ding.”

Hundreds of experts from all over the Northern Region warmly welcomed Ding Hao in front of the gate of the Blue Cloud Sect. Among them, there were some experts of the older generation who used to think that Ding Hao was too young and could not bear the heavy responsibility of being the alliance chief. At this time, they were completely convinced.

Ding Hao quickly cupped his hands in return.

“Hahaha, I once heard Que’er say that our sworn brother Ding Hao has unfathomable power. After witnessing your power today, I find that you’re truly stunning. The newer generation replacing the old, we are all old,” Song Shang laughed and praised.

“Not bad. Apart from one or two experienced great warriors, almost no one in the Northern Region can fight you with such strength.” The head of the Extermination Swordsmanship Sect also praised Ding Hao.

“Greetings, seniors.” Although Ding Hao was the alliance chief, he was not arrogant at all. He was always polite in front of these former martial arts giants of the Northern Region, which made some seniors admire him even more.

“Chief Ding, you’re indeed a great fighter.”

“Haha, what a great battle. Chief Ding, you broke through the enemy’s camp with your sword and saber. It’s really exciting. We were so happy to see that. We were just about to fight with you side by side, but you’ve already killed your way over. Hahaha, that’s amazing!”

“With a young hero like Chief Ding, we must wipe out all these bastards of Divine Grace.”

Experts from all over came up to offer their congratulations.

Ding Hao smiled and responded to them one by one. He did not neglect anyone.

Although Ding Hao used to be very annoyed with this kind of social interaction, at this time, he was different from the past. If he wanted to gather the martial arts power of the Northern Region to fight against God’s Palace, he had to face all kinds of people and could no longer be grumpy and impatient.

Along the way, he talked and laughed with everyone. Ding Hao, the heads of the Blue Cloud Sect, Extermination Swordsmanship Sect, and other leaders of super forces walked side by side. The others followed them and walked toward Blue Cloud Hall.

Cheers rang in his ears.

Countless young disciples of the Blue Cloud Sect and other sects looked at Ding Hao with admiration and respect. They shouted Ding Hao’s name loudly with burning eyes as if they were looking at the god in their eyes.

The battle just now had indeed given these middle and low-level warriors endless confidence.

The invincible Saber Intent and Sword Intent not only destructed the enemy’s confidence but also made the adrenalin of the martial artists in the Northern Region flow. Countless people who were originally pessimistic believed at this moment that with such an invincible peerless expert of the new generation leading them to fight together with them, they would definitely win this battle.

Song Shang and the others smiled.

The election of Ding Hao as the alliance chief was a decision made by the elders. There had been a lot of controversy between them before. After all, Ding Hao did not belong to any super sect, and he didn’t come from a famous sect. Such a starting point was slightly low.

But now, they were glad that they did not give up on Ding Hao because of this.

In next to no time, everyone arrived at the Green Cloud Hall.

After the re-introduction, Ding Hao finally had a good impression of the people present. After sitting down, everyone praised him again. Ding Hao handled it with ease and always wore a smile on his face.

The heads of the Purple Spirit Sect and the other sects could only sit on the periphery. Looking at Ding Hao, they sighed in their hearts. At that time, the young man was just a disciple of a small eighth-grade sect. He was like a nobody. But now, he could sit in front of the top masters of the Northern Region to talk and laugh. His status was no small matter. In front of him, they didn’t even have the right to say a word. They could only sit far away and smile.

Ding Hao told everyone exactly what he had found in the camp.

To prevent them from thinking that they could win with ease, Ding Hao did not hide anything.

As for the strategies to deal with the enemy, that was not what Ding Hao needed to be distracted by. This was not his strength. There were many elders and wise men in each sect. They had experience fighting between the sects, so they could come up with the most reasonable strategy to fight against the enemy.

What Ding Hao had to do, in addition to being a super hatchet man, was to balance the forces in all aspects as much as possible to avoid this meeting becoming a place for competition between the big sects. As a result, the interests of many small sects were sacrificed to deter some schemers.

In the blink of an eye, another day passed.

According to news gathered by various parties, God’s Palace was still taking reinforcements. It was said that the total number of the Black Armored Army gathered around the Green Cloud Mountain Range had exceeded one million. They were constantly devouring the territory controlled by the Green Cloud Sect, gradually shrinking the territory controlled by the Northern Region Martial Alliance to a radius of fewer than 1000 kilometers within the Green Cloud Mountain Range.

“We can’t resign ourselves to this. We must take the initiative to attack.”

All the forces had reached an agreement. If the God’s Palace continued to devour the territory little by little and cast inscription tactical deployments between heaven and earth around it, as time went by, everyone in the Blue Cloud Sect would become turtles in a jar.

But as for how to take the initiative to attack, all sides had different opinions.

After all, in terms of numbers, there were only more than 400,000 masters from all the major sects working together, less than half of the Southern Heavenly Army. Moreover, they were not familiar with each other. Compared with the fully armed God’s Palace Army, their combat capability was much lower.

Once the war broke out, it was likely that many sects would be wiped out. The casualties were bound to be uncontrollable. The alliances formed by major forces were not as united as the God’s Palace Army after all. In the face of real life and death, it was inevitable that they would prevaricate, which would affect their fighting power.

Ding Hao noticed it and did not urge them.

He made the best use of his time to practice and restore the strength he had consumed when driving the Devil Saber and the Rusted Sword at the same time, trying to make another breakthrough.

He had comprehended the eighth Sword Intent of 24 Solar Terms.

These eight Sword Intents were the Beginning of Spring, Rain Water, the Waking of Insects, Spring Equinox, Pure Brightness, Grain Rain, the Beginning of Summer, and Lesser Fullness of Grain. They contained a total of 24 phenomena, including the evolution of the mystery birds, duckweeds, worms, peach blossoms, and so on. Each of these changes contained the mystery of the reincarnation of the four seasons.

Ding Hao activated the Sword Intent and integrated the concepts of the eight solar terms. There was a faint sense of reincarnation in the Sword Intent, but before the 24 Solar Terms were completely integrated, the real mystery of samsara could not be seen.

In terms of Saber Intent, Ding Hao was still comprehending the changes in weather such as wind, rain, thunder, snow, hail, and so on.

The previous battle made Ding Hao realize that the real integration of the saber and the sword was the integration of intents. The climate and solar terms complemented each other. The simultaneous use of the Sword Intent and Saber Intent in both directions was the terrible power that broke through God’s Palace Army that day.

In addition, Ding Hao tried again and again to activate the power of the momentum.

In the field of martial arts, Ding Hao’s comprehension was not as deep as he wished, but he finally came into contact with the edge. He recalled the feeling that day again and again, and he could gradually take the initiative to enter a state of momentum.

Ding Hao thought to himself, “The reason why Ding Tong showed such a horrible aura and power in the battle of Hundred Thousand Mountains is absolutely closely related to the momentum. If I know how to accumulate momentum and turn the general trend of heaven and earth into my own, it will be equivalent to the top God Realm Masters taking advantage of the rules. At that time, when I meet the top God Realm Masters, I will have the power to fight.”

Just then, there came footsteps from outside.

“Chief, Sect Leader Song asks to see you.” A disciple of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect’s voice came from outside. These days, Ding Hao had been cultivating in seclusion and did not see guests for the time being. He was served by disciples of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, who guarded outside.

“Invite him in.” Ding Hao stood up.

Song Shang came. Ding Hao believed that all the major sects were talking about how to take the initiative to fight against the enemy and they reached the final conclusion. He also wanted to know the answer.

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