Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 9 Angry boy, hit, hit hard

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"Nine Princes, I underestimated you, and the prince underestimated you!"

Seeing Qin Yi coming, Baihua Lang Junqiang up and said in a hoarse male voice.

This is Baihua Langjun's real voice. By now, he has no power to pretend to be a woman.

"Why, where did the inexorable look before?"

Qin Yi sneered, eyes frosty, looking down at Baihua Langjun.

Feng Shui turns around!

Just now Baihua Langjun was very unbelievable in front of him, alms of his mercy, now it is his turn to look down on Baihua Langjun!


Qin Yi stepped on Baihua Langjun's chest, and the weight of this foot made him spout with blood.

Bai Hua Langjun's hand muscles and hamstrings were severed by Bai Zai, and the true energy in his body was suppressed, making him unable to resist Qin Yi's movements at all.

"Nine... Nine Kings... Your Highness Nine Princes, please let me go!"

At this moment, Baihua Langjun finally panicked, he didn't want to die here.

He doesn't want to die in the hands of the waste prince, Qin Yi, he still has great years!

Therefore, he begged Qin Yi for mercy!

"Oh? Why, do you know you are afraid?"

Qin Yi sneered, bending slightly, and Huo Ran stretched out his hand to slap Baihua Langjun's face heavily!


This slap was clear and loud.

Baihua Langjun's left face swelled instantly, the corner of his mouth was bleeding, and several teeth in his mouth were fanned and fell to the ground.


Baihua Langjun's eyes were about to breathe fire, resentment and shame flooded his mind.

He is an innate warrior, and was actually slapped by the famous waste prince in the capital!

What a humiliation this is!

"I slapped Yiyi for this slap. She is my concubine. You cannot pretend to be!"

Qin Yi said with a cold tone and sneered.

A hint of anger flashed across Baihua Langjun's face, and he opened his mouth as he was about to speak.


However, Qin Yi moved his right hand and slapped Baihua Langjun's left face with his backhand!

In a moment, the corners of Baihua Langjun's mouth quickly swelled.

"This slap was done for me. I am the ninth prince of the imperial dynasty, and I am born noble.

You can be insulted at will! "


"It was me who beat the damaged books in my study room.

These are all given to me by my mother and concubine, how can you damage it! "

"Wait, can't I compare to these tattered books?"

Hearing these words, Baihua Langjun suddenly widened his eyes and struggled to say.

He is a dignified congenital warrior, can he not even compare to these broken books?

Baihua Langjun's heart is humiliated to the extreme!

"In my eyes, you can't even compare to a mouse on the ground, disgusting sissy!"

Qin Yi kept moving his hands, bowing left and right, making Baihua Langjun's face crackling!

"Ah, you are a sissy!"

When Baihua Langjun heard Qin Yi's words, he became angry and wanted to struggle to resist.

"Oh, I want to resist!"

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows, and slapped him arrogantly. He threw them on Baihua Langjun's face, leaving no effort at all!

The crisp slap in the face sounded one after another in the study.

Bai Zai was stunned. In his eyes, Qin Yi has always been the image of Young Master Pianpian.

Now, he looks so crazy.

However, this look is even more appreciated by Byakuya!

To the enemy, it should be so domineering!

After a long while, Qin Yi stopped panting, and the suffocation in his heart was slightly vented.

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