Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 8 The powerful Byakuya, the Hundred Blossoms with bare hands

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An extremely suppressed wave escaped from Byakuya.

A black robe clashed violently without any wind.

It doesn't seem to be true qi, but it is more oppressive than true qi, and it faintly reveals a little bit of coldness.

"This is the spiritual pressure, or what it looks like after it has mutated?"

Qin Yi looked at Bai Zai in surprise, and said with interest.

Since Bai Zai's arrival, Qin Yi has completely relaxed. With Bai Zai's presence, he has no life concerns.

Although Byakuya is not at the top, defeating or even beheading this Hundred Flower Lang Jun is not a problem!

This is Byakuya's strength!

"This person cannot be beaten! Go!"

Baihua Langjun's pupils shrank, and such a thought flashed in his mind.

Whether it was the knife just now or the aura that Byakuza showed now, it was far stronger than he thought.

The nine princes actually have such a powerful warrior, what does the intelligence department of the prince do!

This matter, he never finished with the prince!

Baihua Langjun thought bitterly, and immediately stopped hesitating, turned and left.

With a movement, Baihua Langjun has flew away from Zhu's window.

"Want to go? No way!" Byakuya yelled coldly.

I saw that Byakuya didn't have any other extra moves, just a little bit under his feet.

In the next moment, the figure staying in place has gradually blurred, and he has appeared behind Baihua Langjun!


Qin Yi's eyes lit up, this is one of the Reaper's signature skills, which can greatly enhance the Reaper's speed.

Moreover, Bai Zai is a leader in this way.

"Byakuya, leave his life!"

Suddenly, Qin Yi seemed to think of something, and said quickly.

Not far away, Byakuya's figure stagnated, and the strength of Qianben Sakura in his hand could not help but weaken a little.


The shadows of the knives split, Byakuza cut several knives and slashed them on the limbs of Baihua Langjun.

Hundred Flower Langjun was protected by an infuriating shield, but when he encountered the spiritual pressure that enveloped Qianben Sakura, he would collapse like Chunxue.

"Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!"

With the sound of the knife piercing the flesh four times in a row, Baihua Langjun's tendons and hamstrings were all picked off by Byakuza.

Immediately, Bai Zai took a step forward and slapped Baihua Langjun on the chest, and a burst of spiritual pressure rushed into the opponent's body, suppressing the opponent's true energy unable to move.

After doing this, Bai Zai turned around to apologize to Qin Yi and said, "Master, Bai Zai is late!"

"A little thing, don't get in the way!"

Qin Yi waved his hand indifferently, and didn't mean to blame Bai Zai.

Had it not been for Byakuya's arrival, his life would have been long gone.

What's more, because of Byakuya's strength, he was excited.

He has overestimated Byakuya's strength enough, not wanting to underestimate it.

With just one move, Bai Zai defeated Bai Hua Langjun cleanly.

Among them, of course, there is a reason why Baihua Langjun wants to escape and neglects prevention.

But Bai Zai's strength cannot be ignored, far stronger than the average innate warrior!


Qin Yi moved a few steps and pulled the wound on his left arm, causing him to grin in pain.

However, he gritted his teeth and walked slowly to Baihua Langjun.

At this time, Baihua Langjun looked lost and despaired.

He originally thought it was a task that was tenable, but accidents occurred again and again.

He did not expect that Qin Yi could avoid his mortal trick.

What was more unexpected was that Byakuya's strength was so strong.

Wrong step by step!

Now it is making him jailed and reduced to Qin Yi's prisoner.

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